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    16 Things That'll Make You Say, "Behold: We Have Entered The Future!"

    It's a whole new world...

    1. These people who use their shoes to hold their place in line so they can sit down and relax.

    2. This person who figured out the sunglasses holder in a car works better as a taco holder.

    3. This person who uses an empty two liter bottle to shield their hand from grease splatters.

    4. This bar that offers 3-D Tinder.

    5. This Chick-fil-A employee that takes orders with a strap-on umbrella to shade themselves from the sun.

    6. And this Chick-fil-A goer who figured out how to eat in the car without messes.

    7. This person who perfectly mastered the Facebook cover photo.

    8. This person who found an affordable way to make a "hands free" cell phone.

    9. And this person who found an affordable way to eat a meal when you don't want to buy a table.

    10. This Dollar General that has a freakin' gas station.

    11. This person who puts baggies over bowls before eating so they don't have to clean them.

    12. And this person who doesn't even need to use dishes at all.

    13. This person who figured out how to shower without ruining her eye makeup.

    14. This person who gets instant hot water from the Keurig to make soup.

    15. This person who simply needs a hairdryer and a plastic bottle to inflate an air mattress.

    16. And this person who has invented the Snickle.

    The future is here and it's wild, y'all!