A fixer-upper is definitely worth the effort.

Emily Shwake • 3 hours ago

Build a storage ottoman, side table, or coffee table.

Emily Shwake • 2 days ago

Line this whole house with fuzzy blankets and string lights.

Emily Shwake • 2 days ago

Whether it's an Ikea hack, set of floating shelves, or total bathroom renovation.

Emily Shwake • 6 days ago

Put out your lights and ornaments without having to drag in a Christmas tree.

Emily Shwake • 8 days ago

Label wine glasses with a Sharpie and wash it off later!

Emily Shwake • 10 days ago

Why are ornaments so expensive?????

Emily Shwake • 12 days ago

Dry out used coffee grounds, sprinkle baking soda, and simmer vinegar.

Emily Shwake • 15 days ago

Everyone needs a spot to hang their hat (or coat or umbrella or whatever).

Emily Shwake • 16 days ago

You'll be able to find basically everything you need at the dollar store, or lying around your house.

Emily Shwake • 19 days ago

A supply list for the guest room, a fridge storage guide, and a conversion chart!

Emily Shwake • 25 days ago

Plumbers get 50% more calls on the day after Thanksgiving — aka Brown Friday — than any other day.

Emily Shwake • 25 days ago

Purchase extra filters because you'll need to switch them out way more frequently.

Emily Shwake • 26 days ago

Always leave your shoes by the front door, so you aren't tracking pollen through your home.

Emily Shwake • One month ago

Blue accents, lavender, and softer lightbulbs.

Emily Shwake • One month ago

Stay away from that two-in-one paint primer...

Emily Shwake • One month ago

From stews and soups to frittatas and lasagna, the Instant Pot can do it all.

Emily Shwake • One month ago

Hire a realtor who lives in the area you're hoping to buy in.

Emily Shwake • One month ago

Haute haunted house.

Emily Shwake • One month ago


Emily Shwake • 2 months ago