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    16 Ways To Use Your Dishwasher To Clean Almost Everything You Own

    Toys, boots, potatoes, and more.

    1. Clean your sweaty baseball hats on the racks so they don't lose their shape.

    Spray them with vinegar 10 minutes before putting them in the dishwasher to pre-treat the stink and stains. You can use vinegar for the wash cycle too! Learn more here.

    2. Do a load of your kid's sticky toys so they can wash and dry in the same place.

    3. Stick the grates of your stovetop in the racks to scrub off all that grease.

    It's way too hard to scrub those things by hand! Just make sure the grates are enamel-coated before you try this trick. Learn more here.

    4. Wash fresh produce in the top rack by putting it through a quick rinse cycle.

    No detergent needed, of course. Learn more here.

    5. Clean all that old caked-on toothpaste off the bottom of your toothbrush holder.

    I know this seems obvious, but it's easy to forget to clean those regularly. Everyone could do with a reminder every once in a while, right? Learn more here.

    6. Clean the shoes that have been stinking up your closet.

    7. Put breast pump parts inside a mesh bag and into the dishwasher for a hassle-free clean.

    You're supposed to wash the parts every time you pump, which can be challenging, especially with complicated systems. Just make sure your pump is dishwasher-safe first! Learn more here.

    8. Use the dishwasher to properly clean the switch plates and outlet covers that you touch every day.

    Scukrov / Getty Images

    If you're removing an outlet cover, turn the power off first so there's no risk of electrocution. Then, remove the screws and keep them safe until the covers and plates are completely clean, dry, and ready to be reinstalled.

    9. Hook your key ring on one of the racks to get your keys squeaky clean.

    Peepo / Getty Images

    Your sweaty hands have been all over those keys and they've been accumulating an unsightly amount of dirt. Use a cup to hold the keys from flying off the rack.

    10. Stick metal tools in the silverware basket if they're looking a little worse for wear.

    Metal vents can also go in the dishwasher! Learn more here.

    11. Eliminate the stink of sweaty sports gear with a hot rinse cycle.

    tshortell / Getty Images

    Switch out the detergent for a drop of dish soap and a tablespoon of baking soda. Learn more here.

    12. Put removable drawer pulls and cabinet knobs in a mesh bag before putting them in the dishwasher to sanitize them.

    Yipengge / Getty Images

    As long as they are not made of wood, they can go in the dishwasher.

    13. Wash water stains and soap scum off your shower head.

    Andhal / Getty Images

    An easy way to clean one of the grossest places in your bathroom!

    14. Turn the sanitize setting on to deep clean your sex toys.

    Silicone, metal, and pyrex can handle the heat. Any toy that is rubber, jelly, or battery-powered is a no-go. And don't use detergent because that can be too abrasive for the materials. But just to be safe, always check the care instructions before determining how you're going to clean your toys. Learn more here.

    15. Sanitize makeup brushes and other beauty tools in the silverware basket.

    Makeup brushes, contact cases, combs, brushes, nail clippers — you name it. Por everything in a mesh bag if you're worried about things falling through the cracks. Learn more here.

    16. Do an entire load with the fridge shelves and drawers to clean off sticky residue and spills.

    Emily Shwake

    Even if you do this every month or so (like you should!), the gunk will still be pretty stuck on there. Put the shelves and drawers in the dishwasher, and wipe down the interior while you wait.

    And please, make sure that your cats and other furry friends have not found their way in. They are not dishwasher-safe.

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