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September 1, 2014

The end of summer hath destroyed many famous relationships. Here's the official tally.

Ah the land of the rising sun

Sempre com você.

Engineered to be the teen-movie equivalent of the mid-'90s alt-rock zeitgeist, Empire Records flopped in the theaters, only to become a cult classic a generation later. For the first time, the people who made the movie talk about how it came together, why it bombed, and how it found its second life.

Nada mesmo.

These would give Batman vs Superman a run for its money.

The country star's sixth album will play through one time only, from 8-9 p.m. ET, via BuzzFeed and Spotify.

Live from New York, it's incredibly hard comedy trivia.

The real question: What are we typing into our smartphones on the regular that is making autocorrect learn such language?!

Conta tudo pra sua mãe Kiko!

The protest lasted several minutes as a group of people moved onto Interstate 270 making the familiar "hands up, don't shoot" gesture.

It's the unofficial end of Summer. Let's talk about why this is awesome.

BRB, starting a manicure fund.

Un grandioso trasero conlleva una grandiosa responsabilidad.

The Hulu Original series East Los High is like Degrassi meets Step Up meets your abuela's wildest telenovela.

A nosotros no se nos paga lo suficiente para lidiar con tus tonterías.

The Readiness Action Plan is a response to Russia's "aggressive behavior," NATO's secretary general said Monday, Sept. 1.

*Still waiting on my letter*

¡Castiguen a los niños!

Uhh yeah, of COURSE I don't mind if you fart for seven hours straight.

"I feel a shaking of the ground I stand on," says Mr. Carson. This can't be good.

Venha para este bingo das eleições você também!

¡No todas las versiones son más oscuras e inquietantes! Solo la mayoría de ellas.

Ou a gente vai ficar louco.

For those who prefer just a little dash of color.

Oops... you spilled again.

Ballena, ballena, ballena ¿qué es lo que tenemos aquí?

A spokesperson for the BBC told BuzzFeed that the “brief edit” was made to comply with “broadcast regulations in Asia". Update: The broadcasting code the BBC has to abide by says that homosexual subplots are only suitable for over-18s.

You want them? WE GOT THEM! Here are 6 juicy leaked photos from the set of the upcoming Star Wars movie!

These guys are about to find out where babies come from. Someone brought Cup Noodles.

Self-styled "Lady Apostle" Helen Ukpabio is suing the British Humanist Association and Human Rights Information Network.

¿Buenos días? Eso no existe.

You might know, but can this extremely scientific method figure it out?

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? No.

Memory is hard, you guys.

Officers wore the body cameras during a protest rally for Michael Brown on Saturday, Aug. 30.

RNLI volunteers performed a dramatic rescue after spotting the spaniel at the bottom of a sheer cliff in Devon.

Instagram's new video editing app is seriously the bee's knees.

Aqui tem um bando de loucos. E todos parabenizam o Corinthians pelos 105 anos.

¡Vamos!, tú sabes que así debería ser.

Leandra Becerra Lumreras is 127 years old, and was a freedom fighter in the Mexican Revolution.

He deleted the tweet almost immediately.

Why go for a pint, when you can go for a cheeky pint?

They boldly went where no sex geckos had gone before. RIP sex geckos.

2014 has been a terrible year so far. From the war in Syria, to the crisis in Ukraine, 2014 is on track to pretty much be the worst year ever. It's been so bad in fact, that by almost any metric, 1914 was a better year (with the glaring exception of World War I). Here are 14 things that prove 1914 was better than 2014.

WARNING: Do not read at night. Or alone. Or with your eyes open.

Bryan Hamade, a 27-year-old from Georgia, told BuzzFeed his scheme to make some easy bitcoins backfired and that now he's being harassed by 4chan users.

Hmm... Are you the president?

Why Jennifer Lawrence's "dirty" photos shouldn't — and probably won't — make you think differently about her.

Three protesters were killed and at least 500 more wounded during clashes with police over the weekend.

Ahhhh, agora faz sentido.

No lo cuestiones, solo maravíllate de su belleza.

Un peu de douceur pour bien commencer la rentrée.

The technical term is "fatberg".

Yes, again.

Ligar o chuveiro e o ferro de passar e cair a força.

CNN spoke to Kenneth Bae, Matthew Todd Miller and Jeffrey Edward Fowle at a hotel in Pyongyang

I'm sayin' woof.

So don't worry. There's still hope for you.

Why is this not a national holiday?

Voyagez à travers votre plateau repas.

I look forward to sweater season every year because it means I can eat more.

You can use this smart cart a myriad of ways.

Movie scenes are brutal when dubbed over. With text.

Keep these in your back pocket. (Get it?)

"Throughout my life I was able to adapt my body to the world. Right now, I don’t see myself as being different."

A veces es poco conveniente estar tan cerca del suelo.

Is that a Blackpool rock in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?

Philip Hammond has condemned Israel's appropriation of nearly 990 acres of land near Bethlehem on Sunday.

"Do you regret the killings in Ukraine?" asked the BBC's John Sweeney.

¡Vamos perros!

Les futurs leaders de ce monde.

Unscrew your face. It's OK.

Do you know your numerator from your denominator? No cheating.

This could well be what social media managers are secretly thinking.

Reports of fighting between the Russian and Ukrainian armed forces come ahead of a key meeting about the crisis in east Ukraine.

On se ressemble plus que ce qu'on pourrait croire.


Baking is Gangsta With Rapper Cookie Stamps.


A lot of everyday weirdness, but very few nudes.

A lot of people are unhappy about a headline the newspaper carried yesterday.

Through the power of SOCIAL MEDIA!!!!

A pole pierced Christina Jahnz's thigh and buttocks after she started texting and crashed.

My fiancée and I have been best friends for ten years. Kim and I started dating in high school and while we had some on-again, off-again situations, we've been going strong for seven years. Now, we're finally engaged and it was a magical experience. She knew about a month in advance that we had a date planned but never did the idea of me proposing to her cross her mind. The details are as followed.

Stormy weather + cute dog = perfection.

Cats are not man's best friend. They're too judgmental.

Abs, abs everywhere.

Sorry boys.

Your friends may go through the five stages of grief, and that's an acceptable reaction.



Autumn is coming.

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