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September 10, 2014

What Went Wrong For Rosetta Stone

A second activist hedge fund has bought up a large stake in the struggling language-learning company. Here's why the two activists say change is needed — and fast.

NFL Received Ray Rice Video In April, Law Enforcement Source Says

But in a letter to team leadership on Wednesday, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell again denied seeing the clip of a domestic violence incident between the former Baltimore Raven and his then-fiancée. He said laws governing ongoing investigations by law enforcement prevented the league from obtaining video.

Texas Carries Out Its Eighth Execution Of The Year

Update: Willie Trottie was executed on Wednesday after the Supreme Court denied his stay requests. His lawyers had contended that Texas is using expired drugs to kill him and that he received inadequate legal representation at trial.

Apple Wants Women To Want Smartwatches

Companies are making smartwatches and wearables that are smaller and more fashion-conscious in the hopes of targeting women. "The industry hasn't traditionally focused on women as the foremost consumer at all."

Piecing Together My Abusive Ex-Boyfriend's Final Summer

I thought if I could figure out why he'd stabbed someone, then died in a motorcycle crash, I'd be able to find closure with our abusive relationship. But the story of his death was just as complicated as his life was.

How Jon Stewart Learned To Be A Director

With Rosewater, based on the true story of a tortured journalist, the Daily Show frontman stepped behind the camera for the first time. “I think the best decision I made was to be cognizant of my own ignorance.”

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