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Contracts And Chaos: Inside Uber's Customer Service Struggles

Uber’s customer support staff is the company’s first line of defense against driver and rider misconduct. But a BuzzFeed News investigation reveals that during Uber’s transition from a local customer support operation to a global one, these employees worked under conditions that sometimes made it difficult for them to do their jobs.

Johana Bhuiyan 3 years ago

Internal Data Offers Glimpse At Uber Sex Assault Complaints

BuzzFeed News obtained internal data on rapes and sexual assaults lodged via Uber's customer service system, as the company attempted to find the leaker.

Charlie Warzel 3 years ago

Uber Is Building Out A Customer Support Center In Manila, Philippines

According to job listings posted earlier this month, Uber is seeking candidates to fill managerial roles in what will be the company's sixth "Center of Excellence" outside of the U.S.

Johana Bhuiyan 3 years ago

Uber Settles Case, Won't Claim It Has "Safest Ride On The Road" Anymore

Should a judge approve the terms of the settlement, Uber will pay $28.5 million to some 25 million riders who used the service between Jan. 1, 2013, and Jan. 31, 2016.

Johana Bhuiyan 3 years ago

What Striking Uber Drivers Are Up Against

Drivers protested in their highest numbers ever this weekend. But the strikes cause higher prices, bringing more drivers back onto the road.

Cora Lewis 3 years ago
Johana Bhuiyan 3 years ago

The New Ridesharing Battlefield: Southeast Asia

Grab (formerly GrabTaxi) is battling Uber in a little-talked-about but densely populated market and winning — for the moment, anyway.

Johana Bhuiyan 3 years ago

Google's Self-Driving Cars Roll Into Washington State

Google taps Kirkland as its next self-driving car test site.

Johana Bhuiyan 3 years ago

Video Shows Uber Employee Recording Footage Of Protesting Drivers

Drivers expressed concern that the employee, identified as Tyler Blum, was recording their license plates.

Johana Bhuiyan 3 years ago

Uber Is Making Sure Those Bad Driver Ratings Are Correct

Since November, the company has been using smartphone sensors to analyze rides that have resulted in complaints or poor ratings.

Johana Bhuiyan 3 years ago

Taxi Drivers In France Protest Uber Yet Again

As they lit tires on fire and blocked major roads, taxi drivers complained of unfair competition from private car-hailing services like Uber.

Johana Bhuiyan 3 years ago

Here's What Lyft's Driverless Future Might Look Like

It’ll be customized, rider-focused — and here sooner than you think.

Johana Bhuiyan 3 years ago

7 Reasons Why Tesla Doesn't Want To Sell Through Dealerships

"Our opposition comes from two groups, primarily from dealer groups and secondarily from General Motors," Tesla General Counsel Todd Maron said at an FTC conference on Tuesday.

Johana Bhuiyan 3 years ago

Disability Rights Advocate Files Discrimination Complaint Against Uber

Disability rights advocate Dustin Jones alleges an Uber driver refused to give him a ride because he could not accommodate his wheelchair.

Johana Bhuiyan 3 years ago

Lyft Matches Uber's Winter Fare Cuts

The cuts will occur in 33 cities across the country including Washington D.C., Denver Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Detroit, and Baltimore.

Johana Bhuiyan 3 years ago

GrabTaxi Is Opening Its First U.S. Engineering Center In Seattle

The move comes a few months after the company formalized a global partnership with Lyft, India's Ola, and China's Didi Kuaidi.

Johana Bhuiyan 3 years ago

Philadelphia Uber Black Drivers Sue Over Independent Contractor Status

The suit alleges Uber has misclassified drivers as independent contractors in order to avoid providing them with proper wages and benefits.

Johana Bhuiyan 3 years ago

Uber Settles With New York Attorney General Over “God View” Tracking Program

The ride-hailing company agrees to adopt more rigorous privacy and security practices, and pay a $20,000 fine following an investigation prompted by a BuzzFeed News report.

Johana Bhuiyan 3 years ago

Faraday Wants To Take On Tesla With This 1,000-Horsepower Supercar

Faraday claims the concept car will go from 0 to 60 mph in under three seconds and reach top speeds of 200 mph.

Brendan Klinkenberg 3 years ago

Lyft Will Have Driverless Cars On Its Platform Within 10 Years

"I think it's fair to say [we'll see a fleet of autonomous vehicles on the Lyft platform] within the next 10 years, likely sooner," Lyft co-founder John Zimmer told BuzzFeed News.

Johana Bhuiyan 3 years ago