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7 More Scottish Independence Polls Before The Referendum

Polls drive the campaign, which drives the polls, which drive the campaign, etc.

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The Scottish referendum is a nervous time for the politicians involved. But it's also make-or-break for polling companies, since their research is influencing how people vote and professional reputations are on the line.

And the interest is absolutely enormous, with employees of polling companies saying they've "never had so much attention" and describing the experience as "fun and slightly terrifying".

Calls to leading British pollsters suggest there may be as many as seven polls in the final week of the campaign, all of which will in turn shape the campaign and the willingness of volunteers to make their case for their respective sides on the doorstep. It was YouGov's poll for The Sunday Times showing Yes in the lead for the first time that sent panic through Westminster and the financial markets.

YouGov confirmed it has two more Scotland-wide opinion polls to come. One will be released on Thursday night in conjunction with The Times, and another will be released next Wednesday night, on the eve of the referendum vote.

The company's Scotland polls generally take three days of research to complete, meaning Friday's poll will be one of the first to test whether the Yes side really has gained momentum in the penultimate week of the campaign.

Meanwhile, online pollster Survation released a poll on Wednesday night for the Daily Record showing a narrow lead for No, and confirmed it intends to carry out at least one more survey before the end of the campaign.

In addition, IPSOS Mori says it will release one poll next Wednesday, ICM is expected produce at least one more poll, and Panelbase, which has conducted regular research throughout the campaign, could also be involved.

But research firm TNS, whose surveys are done face-to-face, confirmed it will not be doing any more polling. Its final poll had the two sides neck-and-neck.

Jim Waterson is a politics editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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