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Westminster Parties Are Desperately Raising Money To Fight To Keep Scotland In The UK

"You have to fight for every vote," a Labour spokesperson told BuzzFeed News. "It's all to play for."

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There's just eight days left until Scotland votes on whether to become independent, and Britain's three main political parties are desperately invading the inboxes of their members and supporters to raise more money to upgrade their campaigns in the country.

The Conservatives, Labour, and the Lib Dems, which are running separate pro-union campaigns, have been increasingly asking supporters for help as shock polls suggest Scottish voters may choose independence next Thursday.

Earlier today, the leaders of the three parties rushed to Scotland to convince voters to stay in the union. David Cameron, the prime minister, went as far as to beg Scots not to vote for independence just to "get rid of the effing Tories".

Meanwhile, it is expected that more than 100 Labour MPs will head up to Scotland tomorrow to bolster the party's campaign.

Here's a brief insight into how each of the parties are approaching their members to ask for help:


And the Conservatives are asking their voters to put window stickers up in their homes and to send postcards to friends and family in Scotland urging them to vote No.

Play YOUR part in keeping the UK together - use the app & order your free campaign material at


Play YOUR part in keeping the UK together - use the app & order your free campaign material at

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A Labour spokesperson downplayed the impact of recent polls and said the party was confident, and focused on targeting undecided voters. "There's still a considerable amount of people who have yet to make up their mind, and you have to fight for every vote," they said.

"It's all to play for."

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