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September 24, 2014

Bill Nighy Examines 10 Of His Film Roles

From Love Actually to this month's Pride. "I did think at one point that I'd reached an age where I could only play men from other dimensions," the beloved English actor told BuzzFeed News.

Georgia Dad Won't Face The Death Penalty For Leaving Son In Hot Car

Justin Ross Harris, 33, was charged with murder, cruelty to children, and other crimes this month after his 22-month old son died sitting in a hot car for seven hours. Prosecutors said they will not seek the death penalty against Harris, who they believe left his son in the car intentionally.

26 White People

They probably don't need to be stopped or anything, but that's up to you.

18 Angry White Women

If you didn't know that the Angry White Woman exists, it's because they're usually celebrated as empowered, strong-willed, and generally kick-ass. Here are 18 white women allowed to have a natural range of emotions without being stereotyped as angry the way black women often are.

38 Parents Who Have Mastered The Art Of Texting

If texting is the 21st century's most significant contribution to human literary achievement, moms and dads are the first great pioneers of this new art form. Behold some of the greatest works they have achieved so far.

Merger Mayhem

Comcast hit back at critics of its impending $45 billion merger with Time Warner Cable in a strongly worded filing with federal regulators. The company, which ranks as the nation's largest cable provider, accused Netflix, Discovery Communications, and others of attempting to extort it in return for sweetheart deals and abstaining from opposing the merger.

Meet Television's Groundbreaking Intersex Character

In the Season 2 premiere of MTV's Faking It, which explores the spectrum of sexuality, a main character reveals that she was born with an intersex condition. Here's what went into that decision — and why it was so important to get it right. WARNING: This post contains spoilers about the Faking It Season 2 premiere.

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