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September 27, 2014

Woman Accuses YouTube Star Sam Pepper Of Rape

BuzzFeed News exclusive: A 20-year-old woman says Pepper forced himself on her in April 2013, while he was performing in Toronto. The woman never filed formal charges because "I thought it was my fault," she said. Pepper did not respond to requests for comment.

Chelsea Gives Birth To A New Clinton: Charlotte

Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky, Bill and Hillary Clinton's first grandchild, was born on Friday, Sept. 26. "Marc and I are full of love, awe and gratitude," Chelsea tweets. In a statement on Saturday, the new grandparents add, “Chelsea is well and glowing. Marc is bursting with pride. Charlotte’s life is off to a good start.”

Clinton Foundation Denies Sending Press Escorts Inside Bathrooms

At CGI this week, like at a lot of big events, reporters were tailed by escorts — including one inside a restroom. Officials say they conducted a review and found no proof that a volunteer "deliberately" followed a reporter into the bathroom or "was asked to" do so.

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