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September 26, 2014

This Straight Mormon Guy Photobombed An Anti-Gay Rally

Justin Anderson, a self-described 22-year-old Mormon and LGBT ally, told BuzzFeed News he has no regrets and will speak out for LGBT rights in Utah again. "If I don't stand up for someone's rights, then who am I to ask someone to stand up for me when I need it?"

People Wearing Similar "Normcore" Outfits On The Same Day

Artist Hans Eijkelboom candidly photographs the general public across the globe to identify ordinary trends, then presents them in a grid-like fashion in his new book People of the Twenty-First Century. From all denim getups to rollerblading hunks.

The Crucial Importance Of Getting Queerness Right In "Pride"

There are nearly 40 speaking roles for LGBT characters in this acclaimed film about a forgotten part of recent British history. The filmmakers explain to BuzzFeed News why it was vital to keep their characters' sexuality authentic without it ever defining them.

Xuxa ou Miley Cyrus?

A de amor, B de baixinho, C de CAME IN LIKE A WREEEECKING BAAAALL. Sugestão do leitor Eduardo Magalhães.

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