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February 1, 2018

19 Regalos para el 14 de febrero que les van a gustar a hombres y mujeres por igual

No le pienses tanto, aquí vas a encontrar los regalos unisex más chidos.

Andres Manuelovich: breve historia del supuesto apoyo de Rusia a López Obrador

El candidato presidencial de Morena ha hecho mofa de los señalamientos, ¿pero son reales?

Responde estas preguntas del Super Bowl y te diremos si eres un maestro del deporte

¿Eres un verdadero fan del futbol americano o nada más vas por las alitas?

“We’re Terrified”: This EPA Program On Toxic Chemicals Is Struggling To Keep Its Staff

"Believe me, I’ve shackled and imprisoned them, but they are still going,” said one EPA official.

Apple’s $88.3 Billion Quarter Is Its Biggest Ever, But It Didn’t Exceed Everyone's Expectations

In a quarter when it unveiled its most expensive iPhone in history, Apple sold fewer units than expected. Still, it recorded record sales of $88.3 billion during the holiday period.

34 Things That'll Make You Say, "There's A Product For That?!"

How have I survived this long without a bracelet fastener?!

12-Year-Old Girl In Custody After 4 Students Injured In LA School Shooting

How a 12-year-old girl obtained the firearm that left four students injured has not been determined, police said.

Octavia Spencer Is Buying Out A Screening Of "Black Panther" For Underserved Families In Mississippi And It's Inspiring People Across The Country

"I will buy out a theater in an underserved community there to ensure that all our brown children can see themselves as a superhero."

White Supremacists Are Targeting Colleges "Like Never Before," Researchers Say

A new report by the Anti-Defamation League says the amount of white supremacist messaging on college campuses increased 258% between fall 2016 and fall 2017.

29 schräge Momente von Tag 14 im Dschungelcamp, aber unvergessen bleibt: Das Alpaka-Schwein!

Tina York wird Dschungel-Queen: Kolumbien oder Australien? Hauptsache Asien!

"Glee" Actor Mark Salling's Death Was Officially Ruled A Suicide

Salling was found dead weeks before he was scheduled to be sentenced for possessing a huge library of child porn.

Portia De Rossi's Birthday Gift To Ellen DeGeneres Will Make You Cry

"That is the best gift that anybody could have given me..."

CNN Is Slashing Its Business News App

CNN MoneyStream, which CNN wanted to shape into a Bleacher Report for business news, will become an automated feed of stories.

7 Simple And Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Life In February

Share positive things with friends each day, find out exactly how much time you spend on different apps each week, and more!

16 Tried And Tested Travelling Tips From Someone Who Actually Does It For A Living

How can you not trust a man who literally gets paid to travel?

How Well Were You Able To Follow "Dark"?

Currently the most confusing and addictive German thriller.

Em dezembro, este tribunal pagou mais de R$ 100 mil para 108 juízes trabalhistas

Detalhe: esse foi o valor LÍQUIDO, depois de descontar imposto e previdência.

Teen Girl In "Slender Man" Stabbing Sentenced To 40 Years In A Mental Hospital

Morgan Geyser received the maximum commitment term for stabbing a girl in 2014. She and a friend later said they were trying to appease Slender Man, a fictional character.

23 Inspiring Pictures From Sit-Ins During The 1960s

"If there is no struggle, there is no progress." —Frederick Douglass

People Are Mad At Logan Paul Again For This Comment On Cardi B's Instagram

The YouTuber is under fire again, this time for what some believe is an insensitive comment.

The Government Could Shut Down Again Because Congress Can't Figure Out A DACA Deal

Congress and the White House are not on course to reach an immigration deal by the end of the month, meaning hundreds of thousands of people could lose their residency status and another government shutdown could be in the cards.

27 Pill Boxes And Organizers That'll Make Your Life So Much Easier

So much better than that plastic prescription bottle.

17 Personas que son pasivo-agresivas, pero también chistositas

Cuando el ingenio y la maldad van de la mano.

21 Brilliant Novels That Were Turned Into Equally Amazing Movies

Read the book, watch the movie, then read the book again.

Global Press Freedom Groups Are Condemning Australia's New Gag Laws As A "Clear And Present Danger" To Journalists

"Journalists who report on national security issues can easily be ensnared by it."

La única encuesta que favorece a Meade fue hecha por un contratista del Gobierno de EPN

La encuestadora Suasor Consultores publicó ayer los resultados en El Heraldo de México.

A Dad Stole This Toddler's Identity To Open Credit Cards. Here's How The System Failed Him.

Minors are attractive targets for identity theft. Because they’re young, they have clean credit reports, and most don't discover the theft until they reach adulthood.

Want To Learn About Boundaries And Consent? Listen To Sex Workers.

Opinion: Their work demands the constant creation and affirmation of sexual limits in a professional setting — something most people clearly struggle with.


独自記事:BuzzFeed Newsは、英国政府がEU離脱(ブレグジット)からの影響についての分析をまとめた評価報告書を目にする機会を得た。報告書によると、英国のほぼ全ての産業と地域がEU離脱から悪影響を受けるという。



30 Of The Best Prom Dresses You Can Get On Amazon

Dress to impress without draining your bank account!

14 estudantes de direito que cometeram o crime de se amar demais

A primeira matéria do curso de Direito só pode ser "Autoestima I".

15 Exámenes visuales que revelarán una verdad profunda sobre ti

Desde cuántas parejas sexuales tendrás este año hasta lo que más te importa en la vida.

27 Things From "Friends" That Are So Outdated It Physically Hurts

When Rachel left a drunk voicemail for Ross instead of some regrettable texts.

The War In Syria Has Gotten More Unstable As Turkey Fights US Allies For Control

It's been slow going in the 11 days since Turkey launched what it calls "Operation Olive Branch" inside Syria. It could take many, many more, to the detriment of both its relations with the US and the lives of civilians.

Here's What The Cast Of "One Tree Hill" Looks Like 15 Years Later

"There is only one Tree Hill, and it's your home."

Suspicion, Not Proof, Is Enough For A FISA Warrant

The House Intelligence Committee's Republican-written memo is expected to be made public on Friday. It's expected to accuse the FBI of acting improperly in targeting Trump foreign policy adviser Carter Page.

16 Tweets que entenderás si sentiste que enero de 2018 duró 3978 años

¿Esto es un mes o un capítulo de La Dimensión Desconocida?

¿Los aspirantes presidenciales de verdad quieren acabar con la corrupción? Estas organizaciones les lanzaron un reto

El colectivo #VamosPorUnaFiscalíaQueSirva propuso a los precandidatos impulsar una reforma constitucional para que la PGR se convierta en una Fiscalía independiente.

Os comentários racistas destas rappers levantaram um debate sobre racismo no feminismo

"Ele é aquele cara que você vai encontrar saindo do camburão e você não sabe se entrega o telefone ou se tira a calcinha".

Meet the Blogger Priest Firing Red Pills At the Vatican

Fr. Z’s critics say he’s an “alt-right” priest. He says they’re snowflakes who should toughen up. His surprising rise to prominence shows that in 2018, even the longest-lasting institution in the Western world isn’t immune to the strains of the social internet.

You'll Only Get Over 10 On This NFL Quiz If You Grew Up In The '90s

Who needs the Patriots? All the true stars played back in the '90s.

9 Game-Changing Things For Your Home That Are Worth Every Penny

Here's what BuzzFeed editors and writers are loving this month.

Este quiz te dirá si eres más Phineas o Ferb

O tal vez eres una mezcla de los dos.

This City Has 4 Million People And Might Become The First In The World To Run Out Of Water

People in Cape Town, South Africa, have two and a half months to conserve as much water as they can before it all runs out on "Day Zero."

Eu estou passando mal com este spoiler da próxima temporada de "Game of Thrones"

Se já não estiver óbvio: este post contém spoilers sobre a última temporada de "Game of Thrones".

Na contramão do Facebook, cresce importância do Twitter para sites de notícias

Atualmente, o Facebook envia 2,5 visitantes a sites de notícias para cada visitante enviado pelo Twitter. No entanto, o Twitter tem se tornado uma ferramenta cada vez mais valiosa para o ramo jornalístico.

Republicans In Early Voting States Don’t See A Path For A Donald Trump Primary Challenger

“I ain’t running into any South Carolina Republicans who are looking to buy anything right now that ain’t Donald Trump," that state’s GOP chair told BuzzFeed News.

Actor Robert Wagner Has Been Named As A "Person Of Interest" In Natalie Wood's Death

New updates in the investigation point to Wagner as the last person who saw the West Side Story star before she drowned, investigators said.

Justina Machado From "One Day At A Time" Slammed Trump Over Puerto Rico

"He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has brought a lot of awful things, but he also has made it so that people have come together in a way that I’ve never seen before," said Isabella Gomez.

These Random Questions Will Reveal What Your Wardrobe Looks Like

Is your wardrobe a black vortex or technicolour?

Não é possível que um homem possa ser tão lixo!

A gente achou que ia ler sobre um relacionamento ruim, mas fomos surpreendidos por uma verdadeira ALEGORIA DO HOMEM EMBUSTE.

Acabo de encontrar un spoiler ENORME de 'Game of Thrones' y no, no estoy nada bien

¡MADRE DE DIOOOOOOOS! Cuidado: este post OBVIAMENTE contiene spoilers.

Sólo un verdadero fan de "Los Simpson" sabe cómo se llaman estos personajes

No cualquiera recuerda el nombre de la esposa de Apu ni del niño que siempre vomita.

16 modas malucas da história que vão explodir a sua cabeça

Curte um salto alto? Então que tal um com 60 centímetros de altura?

Der Bundestag wird über den umstrittenen Abtreibungsparagrafen debattieren

Politikerinnen aus SPD, FDP, Grüne und Linke reagieren damit auf die Verurteilung der Abtreibungsärztin Kristina Hänel

Nove fotos que desafiam a imagem que fazemos do feminismo

Qual é a aparência de um(a) feminista? Pense duas vezes antes de responder.

22 Signs You And Your Partner Are Slightly Obsessed With Food

The way to each of your hearts is through your stomachs.

23 Pairs Of Boots You'll Want To Wear With Basically Every Outfit

These boots were made for walking (and to wear with everything in your closet).

Filtraciones a los medios, la estrategia del Gobierno de la CDMX para culpar a las víctimas

El caso de Marco Antonio Sánchez Flores muestra que las autoridades locales filtran información clasificada, como ocurrió en el caso Narvarte o Lesvy Osorio.

18 Moments From "Arthur" That Are Absolutely Brutal

"Arthur said my face looks like a watermelon except for the bad haircut."

Everyone Has A Cocktail That Matches Their Personality – Here's Yours

You can tell a lot about someone by their cocktail choice.

Se você faz estas coisas, é uma mulher 100% normal

Atire a primeira pedra quem nunca tirou o sutiã sem tirar a camiseta.

28 Meatless, Dairy-Free Recipes For Every Night In February

No meat, no dairy, all of the flavor.

Die Leute regt dieses Foto auf, weil es so deutlich zeigt, dass du als gesetzlich Versicherter gearscht bist

Nächster Termin als Kassenpatient: September. Nächste Termin als Privatpatient: Freitag.

The Legal Consequences Of Sending Disappearing Messages At Work

A judge’s ruling on Uber employees’ use of ephemeral messaging apps like Wickr and Signal could impact other companies that use communication tools that auto-delete.

Die unfassbar traurige Geschichte der ersten Hunde im Weltraum wird dir das Herz brechen

"Bitte vergib uns", waren die letzte Worte, die der erste Hund im Weltall hörte, bevor die Rakete startete.

What Dad Joke Always Makes You Laugh?

What does a vegetarian zombie eat? “GRRRAAAAAIIIINNNNS!”

11 Things That Annoy You About Your Sister And 11 Things That You Kind Of Love About Her

She's annoying, but if anyone else calls her that then they're dead.

O que sua caligrafia diz sobre você?

Suas letras falam por si só.

¿Puedes resolver el crimen más misterioso del siglo XXI?

Hay que tener una mente detectivesca.

La chute de l'immigration européenne va nuire au Royaume-Uni, selon un rapport confidentiel

Info BuzzFeed – Un rapport secret sur le Brexit de janvier 2018, consulté par BuzzFeed News, estime que la chute du nombre d'immigrés issus de l'Union européenne coûtera plus cher au pays que ce qu'un accord avec les États-Unis ne rapportera.

Quantas dessas simpatias você já fez?

Admita: você já escreveu o nome do crush na sola do pé.

What's The Craziest Thing You've Done While Drunk?

Our drunk selves can have minds of their own.

The Publisher of Newsweek And The International Business Times Has Been Buying Traffic And Engaging In Ad Fraud

Several of Newsweek Media Group’s business websites are buying and manipulating traffic that originates on pirated video streaming sites. The company acknowledged buying traffic, but denies engaging in ad fraud.

30 Cosas que seguramente entenderás si estuviste en una PrepaTec

"¡Ayuda, esto no es igual a la secundaria!"

The Second Trailer For "Game Night" Is Here

"This will be a game night to remember."

Sephora Weekly Wow Deals Are Here, So It's Time To Stock Up!

Up to 50% off Stila, Cover FX, and Anastasia Beverly Hills!

20 Jodel, die beweisen, dass Mitbewohner die großartigsten Menschen sind

Freund und Helfer in jeder WG: Dein Mitbewohner.

Faça este teste sobre coisas estressantes e revelaremos seu ponto mais forte

Porque quando você está estressado pode dar o melhor de si (ou surtar, chorar e comer tudo o que ver pela frente).

Assim é a vida num lugar onde o frio chega a -71 graus Celsius

Nunca mais vou reclamar que esfriou, juro.

Design Your Dream Home And We'll Give You An Asian City To Travel To This Year

Your chance to finally live your millionaire dream and own your very own dream house!

17 filles qui ont un look sublime avec des tresses peules

Tellement de variations et de coiffures possibles 😍

Isso é o que acontece quando você vai para o "BBB" com seu pai

A Ana Clara só queria dar uns beijos na festa, o pai não queria, mas rolou mesmo assim.

22 Ways To Feel Like An Adult In February

It's February, so you're a good adult if you got out of bed today, IMO.

Esta foto mostra por que é tão difícil punir políticos investigados por corrupção

Na abertura do "ano Judiciário", investigados, investigadores e juízes dividem a mesma mesa e repetem discursos sobre uma maior efetividade da Justiça — que parece nunca chegar.

¿Podéis tu mejor amiga y tú sacar la misma puntuación en este test sobre vuestra amistad?

Solo si respondéis exactamente lo mismo, sacaréis la misma puntuación.

Trump Incorrectly Claimed His State Of The Union Had The Largest Viewership In History

Two million more people watched President Barack Obama deliver the same speech in 2010.

Here Are Kim K's Most-Liked Instagram Posts In 2018, But Which Is The Most Popular?

These are her top 10 most-liked posts so far, but which one is the most popular?

16 Useful Makeup Tips That Can Actually Help You Save Money

A makeup addiction doesn't have to be too expensive.

The Mail Online Has Been Cleared Over Tweets That Suggested A Car Driver Deliberately Targeted Pedestrians

Prominent right-wing Twitter users were among those who sparked panic online after the car had hit pedestrians last year.

Do You Know A Little Bit About A Lot Of Movies?

What is Violet's super strength in The Incredibles?

Brexit Minister Steve Baker Has Apologised For Suggesting He'd Heard About A Pro-Remain Plot

The Brexit minister apologised to the Commons for his remarks on Friday.

14 Quotes From “Skam” That You Won't Stop Thinking About

Why did this show only last four seasons?

30 Momente, die jede kleine Frau kennt

Auf Gruppenselfies ist dein Kinn immer abgeschnitten.

YouTube Star Logan Paul Said Parents Should Monitor What Their Kids Watch

Following backlash over Paul's posting of a video showing a dead body, the viral star said he is now "thinking twice" over what to post to the platform.

24 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

A heat-changing mug, mini waffle makers, A-line dresses, and 21 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

30 Subscription Boxes That Are Like Getting A Present Every Month

French snacks delivered to my doorstep every month? Sign👏 me👏 up👏 .

So Many Democrats Are Running For Office They Might Run Themselves Out Of The Race

Southern California Democrats are jumping at the chance to help their party take control of the House by knocking Republicans out of long-held seats. But the boom in candidates could keep key districts in GOP hands.

9 datos curiosísimos sobre el cine español con los que se te va a volar la peluca

El director de 'Verónica' es también el director de 'OT: la película'. GRACIAS POR TANTO.

F1グリッドガール廃止 ネットでは「グリッドボーイの時代」を呼びかける声も


These Black Panther-Inspired Sneakers Are Truly Perfection

Your journey to Wakanda will be SO much better in these limited-edition kicks.

21 hechos que son tan locos como cortos

Los bebés no pueden soñar. OMG.

売れすぎて完売間近! ユニクロの超人気アイテム




WhatsApp Family Groups Are Keeping Indian Families Together — And Driving Some Apart

Family WhatsApp groups are now inseparable from the notion of the modern Indian family itself. But some Indians say they're also an insufferable obligation.

【ランキング】Tasty Japan 1月に最も見られた動画は…


Conservative Commentator Tomi Lahren Apologized For Calling Joe Kennedy A “Limp Dick”

She also called Kennedy a “nasty little ginger” and compared him to Caitlyn Jenner after he gave the Democrats' response to the State of the Union.

「義理チョコをやめよう」ゴディバのバレンタイン広告に賛否の声 狙いは?


Australian Counter Terrorism Police Are Asking The Classification Board To Ban ISIS Propaganda

The banned material from ISIS and Al-Qaeda now sits along such titles as "Choked and Soaked 2", "Sluts & Their Sex Slave Boys" and "Hogtied Volume 10".

Democrat Accuses Republicans Of Secretly Changing Memo, Demands They Withdraw It

Rep. Adam Schiff said a Republican-written memo that questions the propriety of the FBI's Trump-Russia probe was changed before it was submitted to the White House for possible release.

アイドル雑誌「Top Yell」が休刊を発表


People Are Spending Less Time On Facebook, But Investors Are Still Backing The Company

Facebook's stock initially dropped on the news that people were spending 50 million fewer hours on the platform each day. But then the market showed it could stomach it.


「絵の勉強をどうやってすればいいのか」「絵が上手くなりたい」と思いながらも、絵描きが上達しなかったのに、イラスト学習サイトで練習したら、むちゃくちゃ絵が描けるようになって画力が上がりました! 初心者が、お絵かきにどう入門すればいいのか、そのやり方全部教えます。

Are You More Moana Or Ariel Based On Your Food Opinions?

Do you want to go to land or the ocean?

ネコ産んじゃった! あるカップルとネコの愛溢れる写真が話題に




The New York Times Ran A Front-Page Story About LA And People Are Pissed

"I've read stupid LA takes from NYT before but man does this one beat out Peas in Guacamole."

What Tips Do You Recommend For Keeping Active While Working A Full-Time Job?

Share your advice so we can all be happy and healthy!

Flash Briefing For February 1, 2018

The FBI vs. #ReleaseTheMemo, a train carrying members of Congress collides with a truck, Simone Biles addresses Nassar questions, and House of Cards is filming again.

Another Politician Has Quit Federal Politics Over Dual Citizenship

Labor's David Feeney is the latest in a long line of federal politicians to come unstuck by dual citizenship.

I Just Found Out A Huge "Game Of Thrones" Spoiler And I'm Not OK

OH MY GOD! Warning: This post contains spoilers!

19 Secrets Girls Who Make Money On Instagram Want You To Know

Being Insta-famous isn't as easy as it seems.

Women Try Boscia’s Pink Charcoal Peel-Off Mask

"There's some baby hairs that got caught in this one"

It's Come To This: ICE Tells Its Agents It's Not Cool To Arrest Witnesses Testifying At Trials

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement said courthouse arrests are necessary because of so-called sanctuary city policies.

19 Things That Will Make Picky Eaters Scream, "Me"

"I'll have the chicken fingers with fries, please."

Which Form Of Art Would You Be Best At?

Access your creative side.

Why "Black Panther" Could Be A Box Office God

Early projections for the groundbreaking Marvel Studios film suggest it could make as much as $140 million over the four-day Presidents Day weekend.

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