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February 28, 2018

Some Parkland Students Returned To School With New Tattoos To Remember Their Classmates Who Were Killed

The first day of classes was an emotional one for both students and parents, complete with coping animals. “I pet the goat,” one student, a senior, told BuzzFeed News. “I don’t know if it’s like a therapy goat or what, but there was a goat.”

Trump's Justice Department Just Filed Its First Employment Discrimination Case Under The Civil Rights Act

The department hadn’t brought any cases under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to support a local government worker since Jeff Sessions became attorney general.

18 Momentos que pasaron en 'Call Me By Your Name' pero también en tu vida si eres gay

Cuando llevaste a cenar a tu novio con tus papás pero seguías en el clóset entonces decías que era tu "amigo".

Twitter Lost It After Hope Hicks Resigned

"Hope Hicks lasted approximately 19.6 Scaramuccis as communications director."

25 Of The Best Things You Can Get On Overstock For Under $25

Hair-repair kits, cheap mattress pads, and face masks that you won't believe are so cheap!

These Powerful Photos Capture Life For Black Americans During The 20th Century

"Look at the times that we’re living in today; some of these pictures look like they could have been taken last year."

A Top Gun Control Group Said It Will Campaign Against Republicans In Six Races

The group founded by former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords plans to spend in races this year to advance gun restrictions, specifically in a few highly competitive House and Senate races.

Build Your Perfect Life And We'll Tell You Your Personality Type

If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

A Top US Youth Volleyball Coach Is Accused Of Raping Teenage Girls Hundreds Of Times

A recent lawsuit claims he raped girls in his car, his apartment, the weight room of a gym, and in one instance, on a train during a team trip in Germany.

I Have Tumors In My Uterus

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, anywhere from 20-80% of women will develop fibroids before they reach 50.

Paramount Is Delaying The "Heathers" Premiere In Light Of The Florida School Shooting

"While we stand firmly behind the show, in light of the recent tragic events in Florida ... we feel the right thing to do is delay the premiere," Paramount Network announced.

18 Tumblr Posts About Dreams That Will Keep You Awake Tonight

“I had a dream where I worked for a place that tried to genetically engineer ducks to speak English, except the ducks only criticized people’s fashion sense.”

Why Doctors Are Now Recommending Depression Screenings For All Teens

One in five teens experiences depression at some point, but many go undiagnosed.

What Happened After Standing Rock?

For many people, tearing down the camp at Standing Rock was just the beginning.

STF vai liberar alteração de nome e gênero no RG para pessoas trans mesmo sem cirurgia

Julgamento foi iniciado hoje (28) e deve ser concluído nesta quinta-feira.

10 Things I Wish I'd Known Before I Started Cutting Meat From My Diet

It's totally doable — but there are a lot of ways to make the change easier.

Hope Hicks Is Leaving The White House

The communications director has been Trump’s confidante since the beginning of his unlikely presidential campaign.



51 schräge Momente vom Bachelor bei den Dream Dates in Vietnam

Und Carina so: "Kultur interessiert mich nicht."

23 Fascinating Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Academy Awards

The Oscars red carpet is 900 FEET LONG.

再生回数、なんと40億回 YouTubeを蝕む陰謀論





男って?女って?あの頃、まだ若かった私はいろんなことがわかっていなくて、 いつもモヤッとしたりズキッとしたりで、今よりもずっと息をするのが苦しかった。 もし今の私が「あのときのわたし」に会えたなら、こんなことを言ってあげたい。

Trump Just Told Lawmakers: "Take The Guns First, Go Through Due Process Second"

President Trump also said authorities should have confiscated firearms from the Florida school shooter, "whether they had a right to or not."

15 notícias que servem perfeitamente para você justificar o seu estilo de vida

Quer continuar vivendo como um lixo, mas sem peso na consciência?

Why Omarosa Really Won Big Brother

Though she didn't get the grand prize on Big Brother: Celebrity Edition, Omarosa exploited the show’s intimacy to show off her more sympathetic side.

11 Historias que demuestran que las abuelas y abuelos de Argentina son los mejores

Válido para abuelas y abuelos nacidos en cualquier parte del mundo pero que hayan ejercido su 'abuelitud' en Argentina.

You Can Now Bookmark Tweets Privately To Read Later And People Are Stoked

No more faving things that you don't actually like or DM'ing them to yourself in some dual-personality meme chain.

21 Tweets About This Year's Oscar Movies That Are Almost Better Than The Oscars

"Every person in this screening of Darkest Hour looks like Winston Churchill..."

16 motivos pelos quais mulheres só deveriam usar salto alto

Atenção: post com alta dose de ironia.

Can You Successfully Bake A Macaron?

Do you have what it takes to make it through the recipe for these deceptively tricky little cookies?

Se você acha que sabe o que é hipster, espere para ver esta versão de 1790

Pessoas que literalmente arriscavam sua vida pela ironia.

Seu humor é bissexual?

Descubra se teu humor é independente de estilo de piada.

Michael Sukkar Claimed His Flights While He Was Campaigning Against Same-Sex Marriage

"Minister Sukkar’s travel was clearly within parliamentary travel guidelines,” his office has said.

Se você já fez alguma destas coisas, é machismo

E não importa se você é homem ou mulher.

El Tec de Monterrey campus CCM dijo adiós y los mensajes de despedida fueron muy emotivos

"Los mejores ocho años los pasé en estos edificios, pasaba mas tiempo aquí que en mi casa. Conocí a los mejores amigos del mundo."

YouTuber Plays A Bassline That Deadmau5 Called "Impossible"

Downgraded from "Impossible" to "Impressively Difficult." And fun to watch!

Stop Blaming Russian Bots For Everything

“I’m not convinced on this bot thing,” said one of the men behind the Russian bot thing.

34 Products That'll Help You Get A Jump Start On Spring Cleaning

Because if you do it right the first time, you can avoid cleaning again until *next* spring.

17 Cosas que entenderás si cumples años el 29 de febrero

Si te dieran un peso por cada vez que te hacen la broma de que eres un bebé, tendrías una fortuna.

Escolha um look e adivinharemos sua idade real e emocional

Suas roupas dizem muito sobre você.

These Instagram-Famous Sisters Are Secretly The Daughters Of A Prominent Anti-Muslim Activist

Viral meme Instagrammer @girlwithnojob has three sisters, nearly 3 million followers, a family-run social media empire...and a mom who got banned from the UK for her outspoken hatred of Islam.

Qual tipo de flor melhor representa sua verdadeira personalidade?

Que você é uma flor, todo mundo sabe. Mas qual?

18 Iconic Movie Roles That Were Almost Played By Other People

Matthew McConaughey was a favourite to play Jack in Titanic.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on shaving kits, essential oil diffusers, stemless glasses, wireless sport headphones, and more!

Só quem já viu 'Friends" mais de 1000 vezes vai acertar mais de 9 perguntas deste teste

"Aquele em que Ross e Rachel Dão um Tempo" ou "Aquele em que Todos Descobrem"?

Design A House And We'll Give You A Kind-Of Obscure TV Show To Watch

It's about time for your next Netflix binge.

Which Global Food City Matches Your Personality?

Let your stomach lead the way.

Create A Sim And We'll Tell You Which Job They'll Have

Because money is everything, right? ;)

14 pessoas que claramente gostam mais de bicho do que de gente

"Às vezes fico pensando se estou mimando meu gato, ao vê-lo com seu iPad em sua cabana."

7-Eleven le respondió de una forma monumental a OXXO en Twitter y las risas no han parado desde entonces

Es momento de hablar sobre un tema importante: la segunda caja abierta en las tiendas.

17 Dog Owners Who Set The Bar Extremely High

A breed reveal party? Count me in.

Qual refeição você é?

Café da manhã, brunch, almoço, lanchinho, jantar ou ceia?

41 Memes de Felipe Calderón que te pondrán pedo de la risa

¡Que no pare la fie... *hip* ...sta!

19 Room Transformations That Will Make You Say "Right, It's Time For A Home Makeover"

These are so good that even Bobby from Queer Eye would be impressed.

21 Shower Thoughts That'll Blow Every Twentysomething's Goddamn Mind

*runs out of hot water because I couldn't pay my utilities*

Strength, Hugs, And Therapy Dogs: Stoneman Douglas Students Return To Classes For The First Time Since The Shooting

The survivors of the Feb. 14 Florida school shooting were greeted by large numbers of police officers and well-wishers as they resumed classes for the first time in two weeks.

9 trucs un peu crado que tous les couples font

Parler de votre dernier caca ? Check.

Meghan Markle Isn't Going To Stop Championing Women's Rights Just Because She's Joining The Royal Family

"[Women] have a voice – they need to feel empowered to use it and people need to be encouraged to listen."

Progressives Are Determined To Prove In 2018 What They Couldn’t In 2016: Bernie Would’ve Won

Groups aligned with Sen. Bernie Sanders are boosting progressive House candidates across the country, betting that liberal energy can get wins even in swing districts.

I Fell In Love With The First Girl I Dated After Coming Out

"I couldn’t believe that I’d had such a great first date (and second, and third...) with the first woman I’d gone out with." An excerpt from Katie Heaney's memoir Would You Rather.

18 Stellenanzeigen, die dich ratlos zurücklassen

Stellenausschreibungen aus der Hölle!

¿Sabes qué falta en estas famosas escenas de películas?

Probemos qué tan buena es tu atención al detalle.

This TV Reporter Challenged Beauty Standards By Going On Air Without Makeup

"Women have so much to offer. It is silly to think a shade of lipstick would make me a better reporter."

This Video Weakens The Alibi Of An Oxford Scholar Accused Of Rape

Newly uncovered footage shows Tariq Ramadan, a noted professor of Islam at Oxford University, was in Spain the day before a women says he raped her.

13 scènes de sexe qui ont été très gênantes pendant leur tournage

Imaginez si vous deviez tourner une scène de sexe et que votre mère était présente sur le plateau.

14 Ways To Make Puppy Chow Even Better

For all the non-Midwesterners reading this, puppy chow is NOT dog food.

The Father Of A Parkland Student Admitted He Altered An Email From CNN

"There was nothing malicious behind it,” said Glenn Haab after his claim that CNN gave his 17-year-old son Colton a scripted question dominated the pro-Trump media cycle.

19 Dads Who Out-Dadded Everyone Else

"Come do a line of coke with me!"

15 Tweets That'll Give Single People A Little Taste Of What Marriage Is Like

*flips coin to see if I should shave above the knee*

24 Of The Cutest Beauty Products You've Ever Seen

Prepare yourself for unicorn body wash, a Golden Girls chapstick holder, and a lipstick that looks like a bottle of wine.

14 Secretos que Disney nos contó sobre 'Wi-Fi Ralph', la secuela de 'Ralph, el demoledor'

La película incluirá dos de tus cosas favoritas: memes y a las princesas de Disney (¡!).

14 Signs You're A Millennial Tita

Tara sa Mary Grace, mga beshie!

13 imagens assustadoras que mostram como é escalar uma montanha de gelo

Igualzinho a uma montanha comum, só que congelado.

Arriverez-vous à deviner l'âge de ces célébrités ?

C'est plus difficile que vous le pensez.

28 Geheimnisse über die Entstehung von „Hannah Montana"

Der Schauspieler, der Jackson spielte, war zu Beginn der Serie 29.

12 Tipps zum Backen mit Schokolade, die direkt von einem Konditor kommen

Wie du Klumpen vermeidest, den perfekten Keks machst – und was du tun kannst, wenn die Außenseite deiner Schokolade weiß wird.

14 häufige Fehler, die du eventuell beim Backen machst

All die Dinge, die zwischen dir und dem besten Kuchen deines Lebens stehen.

25 Products People Swear By For Getting More Sleep

The gadgets, apps, natural remedies, and more that people swear by for getting in some serious shut-eye.

Scalloped Potato Roll

Scalloped Potato Roll

26 melhores tuítes sobre a saída do fiel de Taubaté do "BBB18"

Incluindo Marília Mendonça, cantora do hit "Infiel", gritando CHUPAAAAA.

Major Gun Retailers Are Raising The Age For Buying Guns To 21 In Response To The Florida Shooting

Two of the nation's largest gun sellers said they were taking the steps in response to the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Oprah Sent Mindy Kaling The Most Epic Baby Present And It's So Freakin' Adorable

"Two men are going to be coming to your house ... with a U-Haul truck."

Esta torta é a melhor sobremesa depois daquele almoço em família

A união perfeita de creme de limão com doce de leite.

Time To Redecorate! Overstock's Having A Spring Home Sale

It's time to get your home in order.

Diese News über Angela Merkel und die Essener Tafel ist falsch — aber erfolgreicher als echte Nachrichten

Diese Falschmeldung ist der erfolgreichste Artikel zu diesem Thema auf Facebook und überholt damit sogar oder

Caste Broke Our Hearts And Love Cannot Put Them Back Together

I had been trained to know what good looks are (Brahmin) and what good queerness is (English-speaking).

19 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

A cute tunic dress, a jar of Lime Crime semipermanent hair dye, adjustable kick mats, and 16 other favorite products from our recent posts.

21 Ways In Which British People Reacted To The Snow

There's a red weather alert in Scotland and transport chaos across the UK, but at least some people can see the bright side of things ❄️

Emma Thompson Revealed How She Made That "Love Actually" Crying Scene So Fucking Real

She drew on her own experiences after her first husband had an affair.

24 Facts About India's Longest Running And Most Beloved TV Show "CID"

You can love it or hate it, but you definitely can't ignore it.


『オトナミューズ』の付録は、FRAY I.Dの感動レベルで使えるメイクパレット。正直、ここまで秀逸なパレットを手にしちゃうと、他のコスメを買う意味が見出せなくなりそう。

もう一度見たい! 2018年平昌オリンピックの名シーン


Para cualquiera que crea que Simba está buenorro

Es la atracción de la melena.

A Rehab Owner Drugged And Sexually Assaulted Patients At His Clinics

Christopher Bathum, a self-proclaimed "rehab mogul" with no background in health care, was found guilty of sexually abusing seven female patients in California drug treatment facilities he owned.

A Teenage Boy Pleaded With Triple Zero For Help After Finding His Relative's Body

Kirralee Paepaerei was 37 and pregnant when she was allegedly stabbed to death by her partner in 2015.

Tell Us Your Preferences And We'll Reveal What Professor Trelawney Will See In Your Tea Leaves

Enter the foggy and dimly-lit Divination classroom and let Professor Trelawney read your tea leaves.

Shop Makeup Under $20 And Get A Dress Under $20

You don't have to spend a million to look like a million.

Erin Moynihan • 1 hour ago

Flash Briefing For February 28, 2018

A new face on the Trump team, the man at the center of the Trump-Russia probe is missing, Ryan Seacrest is hosting the Oscars despite misconduct allegations, and Barbra Streisand cloned her dead dog!

「22年の営業、犯罪だったと思うと悲しい」 青山蜂の経営者が明かした思い

警察官は言った。「DJは楽しませるためにいるんじゃないんですか? 楽しませるということは遊興なんですよ」

People Are Laughing At This Girl's Boyfriend Struggling To Buy Her Leggings

"I fail to understand the need for eight thousand different types of black leggings."

デザートタイムをおしゃれに演出♪ マジックチョコレートボール


A Man Posing As A Ride-Hail Driver Allegedly Raped Seven Women

The 44-year-old man is accused of raping the women across Los Angeles over a 15-month span. And police think there could be other victims.

This Spicy Drama About Facebook CPMs Has People Like "Wahh?" And "Whoaaa"

First we were like WHOA, and then we were like OH WAIT WHOAAAAA, then like, OH DAMN!

Michaelia Cash Just Threatened To Name Young Labor Women She's Heard Rumours About

Until two months ago she was the minister for women.

A Mother Says A Daycare Center Waxed Her Daughter's Eyebrows

"I didn't take my daughter there for them to alter the way she looks because she is absolutely beautiful the way she is."

1 In 6 Australian Women Have Suffered Physical Or Sexual Violence From A Current Or Ex-Partner

Intimate partner violence causes more illness, disability and deaths than any other risk factor for women aged 25 to 44.

Have You Heard Of These Hollywood Conspiracy Theories?

A little ~unscientific~ research.

Show Creator Says Amazon Told Her To "Tone It Down" About Politics On Twitter

Shadi Petosky, the co-creator of Danger & Eggs, said Amazon executives told her that her political tweets "weren't becoming of someone running one of their shows."

Labour Is Facing 43 Separate Allegations Of Abuse And Harrassment, According To This Report

The dossier was compiled from anonymous reports from female party members.

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