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21 Hilariously Well-Timed Photos That You Won't Believe Actually Happened

Timing is everything!

1. First, there's this unforgettable wedding shot:

2. And this unfortunate on-the-job mishap:

verticallobotomy / Via

3. This hard fall:

robaanrobio / Via

4. This super-awk perspective:

5. And this defining moment:

It's kind of mesmerizing, actually.

6. There's this sea sighting:

7. This woodland wobble:

PatrioticImgurian / Via


8. This beer shower:

9. And this moment of truth:

10. This is what we call a ~snap~ shot:

11. And this selfie couldn't have been better timed:

12. Same goes for this ice cream pic:

sophielola_ / Via

13. And this pregame pic:

14. Spotted: questionable service...

15. One action-packed family outing...

16. This precision landing...

17. Here's a scientifically accurate picture of college, probably:

18. Meanwhile, this could be a Renaissance painting:

19. And this is just pure art:

20. This comedic timing is straight out of an animated movie:

PMme_slave_leia_pics / Via

21. And this? It's just iconic.

AdamE89 / Via

This post was translated from German.