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February 6, 2018

Because, there's nothing wrong with being your own Valentine!

You might think you know, but do you really know?

Nada como estar en la cama, listo para dormir, y recordar un oso que hiciste hace ocho años.

Salling's death also muddles any path for victims filing for financial restitution, experts say.

"I know that nothing I did was inherently special, moms do this every day. But it’s magical."

And now there is an investigation.

"When I die, lay me in a giant piece of garlic bread that engulfs my body."

The 27-year-old died shortly after arriving at hospital.

"The senior officer stood on my jaw while the other hit my head in and restrained me," an Indigenous prisoner with a psychosocial disability said.

How well do you remember the non-Simpson folks of Springfield?

Luiz Fux tomou posse na noite desta terça-feira e prometeu dura aplicação da Lei da Ficha Limpa e combate a fake news.

¿Eres más como el Ladrón de hamburguesas o como Ronald?

Channel your inner Meredith Grey...

He's growing more irritated with the bad press as his administration draws to a close.

"I had a DREAM last night that my SAINT of a friend PENELOPE was holding out a MASON jar catching REIGN..."

Hotties voicing hotties.

They were the space heroes we didn't deserve.

Lo que un hombre puede hacer con unos guantes de látex es magia, ¡MAGIA!

"Hope I don't have to parallel park up here."

It's just one of those mysteries of the multiverse.

Nintendo has been lying to us for decades.


Woof of a lifetime.

The institute also plans to sign similar agreements with Google and Twitter.

"When my 9 year old son sat in the movie theater SHOOK seeing a black superhero on a big screen."

China's government says that the Nobel Prize winner is an agitator for an independent Tibet.

A positive earnings report sends Snap Inc.'s stock up, up, and away.


¿Tú qué sabes del amor si nunca has brindado con una caguama ni has salido a tocar timbres con tu ser amado?

It's not to late to plan the perfect date!

Are you more mermaid or ball gown?

Moony R. • 11 hours ago

Sweet or savory?

Welcome to the world, Stormi!

"I hope with the public sacrifice I make now that some attention to the plight of the drivers and the people will be done to save them," Douglas Schifter wrote on Facebook.

We are not worthy.

Tarantino told Howard Stern in 2003 that Roman Polanski's 13-year-old victim "wanted to have it."

Ummmm, holy fandom crossover.

Se recurso for negado, ex-presidente pode ter prisão decretada. Entre julgamento e publicação da sentença correram 9 dias úteis – prazo normal do tribunal, segundo advogados ouvidos pelo BuzzFeed News.

"Silly, fun things are important," Musk said.

Rest in Peace, John Mahoney.

You go girls!!!! 👑 💪

It's glam time!

Several gymnasts said John Geddert was physically and emotionally abusive to them.

Come on, you know all of these, I know you do!

La supuesta noticia ha sido compartida más de 80 mil veces desde un grupo de apoyo al precandidato presidencial de Morena.

*Screams the "Mission: Impossible" theme song.*

Ele disse isso depois de se reunir com FHC e Doria, jogando água fria na eventual aliança do DEM com Alckmin.

Del mismísimo.

"One must protect the good name of Poland and Poles," said the Polish president when announcing he would sign the law.

The director is defending his controversial filming practices, which have drawn the ire of many people on social media.

El instituto también planea firmar convenios similares con Google y Twitter.

Your choices will help us.

O pessoal precisa tomar um suquinho de maracujá.


We're never wrong.

Who needs a date for Valentine's Day when you're surrounded by the best group of friends anyone could ask for?!

Uma fruta de respeito.

Because sometimes you just need a little swig with your swag!

Queen of puns and the Upper East Side.

Desde el pasado viernes, un juez ordenó resguardar la información para no criminalizar al joven. Medios como Excélsior, La Razón o López Dóriga han difundido las imágenes.

Quem tem mãe tem tudo!

Who could possibly live up to this?

Fish sauce is the nectar of the gods and it makes our food taste better.

Tan NSFW que no querrás tener a tu mamá cerca cuando los veas.

A wet-to-straight flat iron, anti-frizz sheets, no-heat curls hack, and 23 other ways to get hair that's ready to go in no time.

Viel Glück!

Let's see if the magic is real.

*The Cranberries play softly in the distance.*

Byeeee, girl. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Como o antecessor Teori Zavascki, Alexandre Moraes defende as prisões após condenação confirmada em segunda instância. Tal posição, no entanto, deve ser minoritária porque Gilmar Mendes mudou de ideia...

Incluindo a que tirou a roupa sem motivo, a lésbica que nunca fala sobre sua sexualidade e a que, por amor, ficou para trás com o personagem masculino ferido e morreu por causa disso.

"Visitei a região produtora de grafite de Miracatu (SP) e vi muita gente de olho puxado que está ali fazendo pesquisa há décadas, não podemos permitir isso", ele afirmou.

Die offizielle Statistik zeigt: Obwohl nicht mehr Waffen registriert werden, werden immer mehr Verbote ausgesprochen.

"I don't remember the title, but the cover was red."

Digamos que tu percepción de los albaricoques cambió radicalmente.

"With the way things are, it could easily end up as a Valentine's Day massacre," one government source told BuzzFeed News.

Você sabe quais destas frases são de Jesus?

The upcoming games have caused a thaw in relations on the Korean Peninsula. But it's not clear that it will last after the torch is extinguished.

Deals on bedside lamps, iMacs, double-ended art markers, and more!

This is the greatest show!

It's ok to poop in the office bathroom.

Were you keeping up or keeping out?

"It's more inclusive," Trudeau said.

The director called the incident "one of the biggest regrets" of his life.

Time to explore!

The Senate still needs to address a sexual harassment overhaul of its own, but several changes will take effect within the House immediately.

We are so sure about this.

"Dá só um golinho! Só para brindar, vai!"

We can't all have Blair!

Play-Doh and chlorine.

"After 10 years of success in the spotlight, being happy is something you have to work for every single day."

Ah, van vesua! Cummuns nala!

The suit, filed in federal court, says there’s a policy in place that says transgender people have to prove they’ve had surgery in order to change the gender on their licenses.


"Man, you're imperfect, and isn't that amazing?"

In the words of Clairee Belcher: "The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize."

Imágenes aptas para almas puras.

Auf Instagram berühmt zu sein, ist nicht so leicht, wie es aussieht.

Em qual época você acha que a história se passa?!

New house, new you!

Up. Down! Up? Down...Up! Shock waves from the Dow's biggest-ever single-day drop threw the markets into turmoil again on Tuesday. They eventually closed on a positive note.

«Je suis plus moi que jamais auparavant.»

„Meine Mutter hat sich durch das schwere Heben in der Pflege zwei künstliche Kniegelenke erarbeitet.”

**fills cart with glitter**

Je suis hyper sereine à l'idée que tant de tueurs en série n'aient jamais été retrouvés.

We've really never deserved animals.

Glass half-empty or full?

Warning: spider.

His little hooves!!!

Todo lo brillante.

Because what goes better together than food and literature?

"Whatever happened to Woody from the suite life?"

Spoiler alert: They're all big as hell.

El tampón lleva siglos inventado: en el Antiguo Egipto las mujeres de clases altas utilizaban papiro enrollado para absorber la sangre menstrual.

Ugh, hard relate.

Tired of making PB&J every day?

If you're beer, I'm beer.

Milhares de pessoas passam pelo trecho todos os dias — incluindo deputados, senadores e ministros. Informações preliminares apontam que não houve vítimas.

I can't believe Facebook is free.

"Before I met you, I was not lonely, but now I’m so lonely I talk to the walls and sing to the ceiling." (An excerpt from Tayari Jones' new novel, An American Marriage.)

Esto no es un análisis en profundidad ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Remplacer vos œufs par un tas d'autres choses !

Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently rising in the ranking. This week: bamboo washcloths, a salad cutter, and Tide Pods not for eating.

Conservative billionaire Charles Koch's foundation has been giving millions to colleges to study criminal justice and foreign policy.

Perguntamos a descendentes de etnias que geralmente viram fantasias no carnaval como eles se sentem ao se verem representados assim.

Hack your loaf pan and make a breakfast bake that will WOW everyone!

Who knew you could make delicious macarons that are ALSO free of animal products?!

We asked readers for the characters who helped them understand who they are.

And you thought they only sold flowers!

Em audiência, o ex-ministro de Temer negou acusações de tentar barrar delação de operador de PMDB e disse que já está "condenado à morte civil".

Go *behind the seams* for the latest and best jeans!!

Edwin Jackson was killed Sunday morning in a car accident. The driver of the vehicle has been identified by authorities as an undocumented immigrant from Guatemala.

Former performers and staff at the wildly popular immersive theater production say the show’s fantasy environment emboldens some audience members to commit sexual misconduct.

Uber's former CEO resigned in June, but answered questions under oath on Tuesday about his role in acquiring a self-driving car startup that's now at the center of a billion-dollar lawsuit.

Elles sont réservées aux innocents.

Trois célèbres instagrameuses racontent les coulisses de leurs comptes.

A diverse range of classics, contemporary must-reads, and memoirs you'll definitely wanna fill your time with!

A treta entre Jaqueline e Mahmoud teve fofoca, berros, mentiras, choro e o dilema: "Se eu ganhasse o anjo eu te dava" é promessa ou não?

It's been 10 years since we've had a classic album, fam. Weep with me.

Trop c'est trop.

Inspiration awaits.

"It’s a really good example of creating criminal laws for no reason except signalling," a leading human rights barrister told BuzzFeed News.

The HomePod is a Siri-powered speaker with powerful bass and killer features for iPhone users, but it has flawed “smart” functionality that falls short of its competitors.


Leftover pizza four nights in a row? Don't mind if I do!

The comment section is GOLD.

With the opening ceremony days away, South Korean officials have drafted in the army after 1,200 security staff were removed from work.

Do you like things to be ~just so~?

"You find the weirdest things on Snapchat maps."

The biggest star of Infinity War? Chris Evans and his full-daddy beard.

Bauarbeiter sind das Salz der Erde.

The curator of a new exhibition at the Museum of London said the death threats and hate mail were "definitely" comparable to the threats that female politicians receive on Facebook and Twitter today.

Everyone should be protesting the film – except the Karni Sena.

Love Actually or Mean Girls?

Vous préférez lécher l'orteil d'un inconnu ou mettre votre langue dans sa narine ?

"If there is no struggle, there is no progress." —Frederick Douglass

Notre attitude ou notre apparence ne sont ni une invitation, ni une excuse.

What could it possibly mean?

Was du hier siehst, wirst du nie wieder vergessen.

Pizza ist ein Grundnahrungsmittel


Greasy hair, kind of care.


Plutôt Mamie Suze ou Wilfried ?



Mettez-le en favoris pour votre prochaine visite chez le géant suédois.

Que celui qui n’a jamais collé de sticker Nirvana sur son Eastpak me jette la première pierre.



The British-born actor died on Sunday in a hospice in Chicago.



Calvin Klein underwear, San Pellegrino, Tide Pods, and 17 other things you'll want to stock up on ASAP.

Aviso: hay contenido perturbador. Va en serio, no digáis que no avisamos.

Cuando Rachel está borracha y deja un mensaje en el buzón de voz de Ross en vez de enviar unos mensajes de texto de los que arrepentirse.

The seemingly wholesome challenge started from a viral tweet, but some veterinarians are concerned.


"It’s easy to take women in our life for granted... so it’s nice to see that photo where someone is valued and celebrated in such a public way."

Nothing is sacred.





This is your life!



Labour MP Jess Phillips said that legislation aimed at stopping abusive former partners from cross-examining their victims in family courts was put on hold due to the snap election and has fallen by the wayside.

Update: H&M has apologised and deleted the Instagram post.

Nug life.

Lawley's role in the movie, which is based on the 2017 YA novel, will be recast.

"It’s time to trust my instincts close my eyes and leap!"

The Dow’s plunge overshadowed Trump’s tax speech, Hurricane Maria’s effect on Puerto Rico’s tourism industry, and the Philadelphia Eagles players who won’t be visiting the White House

"I am every bit as gratified as the youngest of you here that the fossilized bedrock of many of Hollywood’s worst abuses are being jackhammered into oblivion," said Academy president John Bailey.

Will you also end up in London?


Reports suggest the video began to spread late last week.

Protection or beauty?

Police in Seattle say Jess Cliffe paid a teenager for sex multiple times and recorded her without her consent. His attorneys say he thought she was 23.

TFW you stop to turn on the fan...


New generation, who dis?

Central Perk? More like products that'll Central Work!

Australian copyright law currently catches them all.

"Honey! Where's my the planet Earth?"

*clicks follow*

"Then and only then will I know that I have achieved my ultimate goal: to be able to stand aside and let them run our mission."

Get baking!


FYI, love isn't for everybody.

iKONICs, here's your personal ~love scenario~ (ok, or just Q&A) with the boys.

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