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February 7, 2018

Should We Forgive Logan Paul

. Basically those days have very been tuff one some people in the entertainment platform and good for other one . As all we know logan paul few days ago ,filmed a video in a suicide forest were he found a died man and made fun of him . I think for sure he made a big mistake while looking for views or some other reasons ..maybe he just wanted to be different and do something beyond the norm which turned into the end of his career.. Now I’m not defending logan Paul cause I’m not that big fan of him but i recently noticed that manny people took advantage off his mistake to ruin his future .. they where commenting on how inhuman he is and careless about the others . So now guys to all people that are hating on a wrong person yess his wrong we all know that but I’m asking you guys When have we become that heartless and insensitive to the point that we can’t forgive a human being . its so funny how easily we forgot how much he made people laugh ,, from kids to grandparents .. for minutes , days and years people enjoyed his presence in their life .. it’s so funny how people called logan’s friends have turned there back while he needed a hand to hold him .... I’m not blaming any one ,i am not defending any one ,I am just crying blood on our word where we lost the art the beauty off forgiveness and just letting things go .. n while looking in the net i didn’t find any video saying its ok were all here for each other and everyone will learn from his faults . It is so unbelievable i didn’t even find a video about the died man and how much suicide is destroying families lives .. all i heard is the voice of haters talking about what logan should have done .. to all the people how are reading this , i would like to say that there is no worst punishment for someone then the voice of remorse ...there is no hurting feeling more then knowing that your dream is in peaces ..there is nothing more stifling then the disappointment of people about you ... yes I’m so disgusted of what logan did but I’m more disgusted of how easily people betray their friends ... Nowadays we find a talented guy .. the social media makes him so big to the point where we thing he’s a god, he’s never wrong he’s perfect funny cool etc... Till the day when he make a mistake and suddenly we remember he’s a human . He is a broken human reminded of how much our world is unforgiving The fault of logan is filming a died person Our fault is just blaming and not forgiving The fault of social media is just seating there making money of all this drama. The fault of our world is that we stopped loving each other from a long time now..

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