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February 1, 2018

The Guide To Chatbots, Data, Security, And Risk

Everywhere we look, technology continues to transform and impact. It alters the course of everyday activities, human interaction, business engagement, and travel. There is unprecedented growth of new technologies. Here, we focus on several transformational technologies suitable for business. These are things like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain that produce products such as Chatbots. The research and development field are full of studies examining the potential of Chatbots to replace mobile applications in the near future. As more technological advances occur, it is only a matter of time and task complexity that Chatbot can be applied to more and more contexts. It is really important that we realize technology is not neutral. With every inch of progress, emerges new unintended consequences. One of these consequences for business is the increased security threat in their environment. With the deployment of any new technology, we need to consider the security threat. The previous two articles provided information on training and subsequent performance of the Chatbot. Today, our attention shifts to Chatbot security and reliable measures to secure your Chatbot. There is power inherent in all inventions. Humans are behind every invention. Where humans have an advantage over a Chatbot is in the ability to use logic, senses, and natural thought. A Chatbot will not be able to detect threats unless you train it as such. You need to put measures in place for the Chatbot to consider threats. A chatbot interacts with the most important part of your business, data. This data is the heart and soul of your business. Any tampering, loss, or misuse of data can result in significant revenue loss, branding damages litigation risks, and additional unintended consequences over time. The way to minimize potential data issues is through IT security. Therefore, equipping your Chatbot with the ability to operate with security should be a central piece of any implementation plan. This is true of any industry, but especially industries with outside regulations. What follows are possible measures that you could deploy in your Chatbot based on your security requirements.

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