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February 19, 2018

Can You Ace This Impossible Yes-Or-No Color Quiz?

Are these triangles the same color?

18 Things All Extroverted Introverts Know To Be True

"I feel like going out." - Me, five minutes after saying I'm staying in.

15 People Who Are So Much More Painfully Shy Than You Ever Will Be

Just in case you were worried that you might be the shyest person in the world... you're not.

This Quiz Will Reveal How Your Personality Should Manage Stress

It's all about balancing out your strongest quality.

Diretor da PF coloca a culpa na imprensa, mas promete que não vai mais opinar em inquérito de Temer

Diretor-Geral da corporação, Fernando Segovia, prestou esclarecimentos sobre entrevista ao ministro do STF Luís Roberto Barroso.

Esta es la versión de la cafetería acusada de discriminar a una pareja LGBT en Tepoztlán

"No toleramos ningún tipo de trato discriminatorio a ningún colectivo, por ningún motivo... pero tampoco toleramos ningún tipo de injusticia".

17 Figure Skating Pictures That Are Lowkey Sexual AF

My mind lives in the gutter at this point.

14 People Who Know How To Eat Eggs The Right Way And 1 Person Who Doesn't

♫I want to run, I want to hide, I want to eat all the eggs in sight♫

Estas son las propuestas de los candidatos presidenciales sobre corrupción, inseguridad, empleo y más

Por si todavía no sabes por quién votar a un mes de las elecciones.

Michelle Obama Is A "Black Panther" Fan Just Like The Rest Of Us

"I loved this movie and I know it will inspire people of all backgrounds to dig deep and find the courage to be heroes of their own stories."

Olympic Skier Elizabeth Swaney Does No Tricks And People Are Loving It

Elizabeth Swaney is your new favorite Olympic skier. Trust me.

Este estilista fez um post dizendo que o "radicalismo" é pior que assassinato

Amir Slama entrou no vagão do metrô exclusivo para mulheres e reclamou da reação das... mulheres.

Celebrity Magazine Grazia Has Cut Ties With Its Editor Amid Falling Circulation And Unhappy Staff

The magazine's publisher would not comment publicly in response to questions about whether Natasha Pearlman remained Grazia's editor.



Everyone Has A Cake That Matches Their Personality. Wanna Know Yours?

The questions necessary for determining your cake are...kinda intense. Apologies in advance.

Em evento de jornal, Gilmar diz que jornalistas "palpitam sobre o que não conhecem"

Ministro criticou a preparação dos profissionais de imprensa que, segundo ele, é "cúmplice" em vazamentos e "festeja criminosos".

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Issues New Congressional Map For 2018 Elections

The map is the result of a January decision that the existing map violated the state's constitution.

How Do You Maintain A Side Hustle While Working A Full-Time Job?

Is it a mind trick? Or a more strategic use of your mornings?

The Hardest Trivia Quiz You'll Ever Take, Unless You Take The Easy Way Out

Choose your difficulty and become the quiz master.

14 corpos que não seguiram padrão algum

O importante é ser feliz.

22 Dulces que te harán sentir nostalgia si fuiste a una primaria mexicana

Si desayunaste Burbu Soda y cigarros de dulce en el recreo, bienvenido.

Você não está preparado para o submundo dos livros preparatórios para concursos

A gente ainda não conseguiu descobrir se este livro é real ou não.

These 16 Mom Tweets Are So Funny, They Should Be Hanging Somewhere

"On Wednesdays we wear what we were wearing on Tuesday."

21 Times Michael From "The Good Place" Said Exactly What You Were Thinking

"People are good. Why is that so hard to remember?"

Meade prometió crear un "Registro Nacional de Necesidades de Cada Persona" y le están lloviendo peticiones

Los Reyes Magos, Santa Claus, el Ratón de los Dientes y el Conejo de Pascua se encuentran listos para apoyar al candidato del PRI a la Presidencia.

What Disney Moment Infuriates You The Most?

Not all Disney magic makes sense.

22 Amazing Products With Over 1,000 Reviews On Amazon

A game of Bananagrams, swimsuit cover-up, Breville juicer, and 19 other products on Amazon that hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people absolutely *adore*.

Angel The Cat Is Living Her Best Life, And She Has The Pictures To Prove It

Sure, Angel Bengal is cute, but what is vastly more important is that she has figured out how to live life to the fullest, and we can all learn something from her.

What Was Your Weirdest Pregnancy Craving?

We won't gag, we promise.

Wie Alice Weidel zum „Bitcoin Entrepreneur“ wurde

Alice Weidel, Fraktionsvorsitzende der AfD im Bundestag, sollte im Frühling auf einer Bitcoin-Konferenz sprechen. Angeblich plane sie die Gründung eines eigenen Startups für Bitcoins. Als das öffentlich wird, verschwindet Weidel aus dem Programm.

«Photo de petites fessées»: le message menaçant d'un cadre du FN à un proche de Philippot

Conseiller régional du Front national, Jean-Lin Lacapelle a menacé Aloïs Navarro d’exhumer une photo compromettante. À BuzzFeed News, l'élu parle «d'une plaisanterie».

Os melhores conselhos que pessoas já receberam na terapia

Não compare o que acontece nos bastidores da sua vida com o que os outros expõe para o mundo.

Video: Students Are Protesting Outside The White House To Call For Stricter Gun Laws

Following the mass shooting at a Parkland, Florida high school that killed 17 people, a demonstration was held on Monday outside the White House.

Estos hacks en tu iPhone harán que SkyAlert te notifique de un sismo durante la madrugada

Es necesario conceder todos los permisos que solicite la app y deshabilitar el modo ahorro de energía y el modo nocturno para recibir la alerta de sismo.

Trago verdades muito duras sobre morar sozinho

Mas você vai me agradecer por dar de cara com a realidade.

19 Productos de belleza libres de crueldad animal

Puedes verte increíble sin hacerle daño a los animalitos. <3

Concoctez un philtre d'amour et on vous dit quelle qualité vous attire le plus

200 g de poudre de ventricule de dragon. Vous avez ?

Fergie Botched The National Anthem And The Faces Of The Players Say It All

"Fergie’s NBA All Stars performance was far, far more disrespectful to our nation’s anthem than all of the NFL protests combined."

Saurez-vous identifier des œuvres d'art à l'aide de ces (tout petits) indices ?

On vous donne un petit bout de tableau, à vous de nous dire d'où il vient.

30 märchenhafte Orte in Deutschland, die wirklich alle echt sind

Deutschland ist einfach zauberhaft schön!

26 Preguntas para Siri que te darán un resultado muy inesperado

Tal vez no te has dado cuenta, pero tu celular viene con personalidad incluida.

17 choses que vous avez sans doute faites bourré en soirée

Vous méritez vous aussi un 9/10 en note technique. Quand vous n'êtes pas totalement torché.

Fewer Women Will Do Science Degrees If They're More Expensive Than Arts Courses, The Government Has Been Told

"We'll end up with a country that is even less able to fill its skills needs than it is at the moment."

¿Qué dios del Olimpo reencarnado en un simple mortal eres?

El test más importante que harás hoy.

Which "Queer Eye" Coach Are You?

There's space for one more member of the Fab Five.

Newsweek Was Banned From A Major Reddit Community Due To Link Spamming

Influential Reddit accounts have been submitting Newsweek links at high volume, but the company says it does “not engage in any form of paid promotion on this platform.”

White House Says Trump Supports Bipartisan Efforts To Improve Background Checks For Guns

The "Fix NICS Act" was introduced after the 2017 mass shooting at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

Arriverez-vous à faire plus de 7 sur 10 à ce quiz de vocabulaire ?

On ne triche pas et on repose ce dictionnaire !

Fettuccine Alfredo sem lactose

Totalmente delicioso.

24 Tweets By Women That Are All Funny, No Filler And Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

"'LIVE. LAUGH. LOVE.' commands the small cushion. You whisper 'I'm trying' but that only makes it angrier."

Their Parents Fought With ISIS. Now France Is Trying To Figure Out What To Do With Them.

Forty-four are in a government program that houses and educates them and is evaluating them for extremist beliefs or trauma. But government officials say the program is inadequate.

He tenido un hijo, ¿puedo seguir siendo mujer antes que madre? ¿No iba de eso el feminismo?

Curiosamente, en el debate en torno a maternidad y feminismo, la figura de la mujer se diluye poco a poco.

“Black Panther” Forces Africans And Black Americans To Reconcile The Past

In Black Panther, the black American experience is prioritized, raising the question of what blackness and identity mean beyond one’s borders. Spoilers below!

Des employés d'Auchan se déguisent «en Chinois», l'enseigne s'excuse

Les employés apparaissaient affublés de chapeaux pointus, dans des poses caricaturales, pour le Nouvel An lunaire.

19 extrem interessante Karten von Europa, die dir eine komplett neue Perspektive geben

Wo gibt es das langsamste Internet und wer hat wieviele Panzer?

Great Ormond Street Hospital Might Not Be Able To Give The Presidents Club Money Back

The charity vowed to return more than half a million pounds after allegations of sexual harassment emerged around the fundraiser in January.

8 Magnificent Products Created By Genius Kid Entrepreneurs

These young Black entrepreneurs are already business LEGENDS.

What's A Face Mask You Absolutely Swear By?

Sheet masks, clay masks, face peels, best face masks for acne, I want them all.

ひとりじゃなかった! ママたちがこっそりやってる17のこと


13 Abnehm-Lügen, denen du ab jetzt nie wieder glauben solltest

Zum Beispiel, dass du überhaupt abnehmen musst.

45 Pieces Of Winter Clothing You Can Get On Sale Right Now

Stock up on sweaters, boots, jackets, and more — all on super sale, baby.

21 tuits que resumen cómo es estudiar en España para que leas mientras finges que estudias

*Bailaré y me preocuparé al mismo tiempo* Cualquier estudiante en época de exámenes.

23 neue geniale Lifehacks, die alle Eltern kennen sollten

"Warum bin ich eigentlich nicht selbst darauf gekommen???" – Du so.

A Russian Curler At The Winter Olympics Has Failed A Drug Test

Aleksandr Krushelnitckii, who competed with his wife, Anastasia Bryzgalova, won bronze in the mixed curling doubles.

Seuls les Bretons auront plus de 10 à ce test

Êtes-vous vraiment Breton ?

19 trucs qui ne sont romantiques que dans les comédies romantiques

Embrassez-vous sous la pluie si ça vous chante, mais ne venez pas vous plaindre quand vous aurez chopé une tuberculose.



50 photos encore plus perturbantes que votre lundi matin

Bonne chance pour les faire disparaître de votre mémoire.



27 Things From Walmart You Never Knew You Needed For Your Bathroom

A set of owl towels, a gold vanity organizer, a poop emoji toilet plunger, and 24 other things from Walmart you never knew your bathroom needed!

18 imágenes poderosas de mujeres poderosas del siglo XX

"Si coges una cámara, miras y ves una imagen que ya has visto con anterioridad, no hagas la foto".

The Most Delicious Chestnut Dessert (Mont Blanc)

Does anyone recognize this delicious chestnut dessert?

A Catering Company Accused Of Funding Russian Meddling In The US Election Was A Supplier To The UK Embassy In Moscow

The company supplied catering services to the British Embassy in Moscow until December 2013, just a few months before the operation to interfere in the US election allegedly began.

The Moments We Don't Instagram

"Nobody wants to talk about their dirty thoughts or anxiety disorders or their wild desires publicly because we're afraid of being judged."

Australia's Medicinal Cannabis Movement Has Also Increased Epilepsy Awareness

The CEO of Epilepsy Action Australia says the spotlight on the drug has raised the profile and understanding of epilepsy in the country.

15 Beauty Hacks You Can Do With Good Old-Fashioned Vaseline

This is one multitasking beauty product for sure.

Australia’s Secret Military Prosecutions Could Soon Be Made Public

Defence will review how it publishes the names and court listings of personnel charged with serious offences.

Please Enjoy The Transcript Of This Nationals Politician Refusing 9 Times To Give Barnaby Joyce His Support

"At the moment, Barnaby Joyce has the support of the National Party."

Just 18 Tweets About Going To Therapy That Will Make You Cackle

Wait until my therapist hears about this.

Answer These Seven Questions And We'll Reveal Which "Full House" Character You Are

"When you're lost out there and you're all alone..."

Which Book Perfectly Matches Your Personality?

Are you more like Harry Potter or The Perks of Being a Wallflower?

ジャニーズのネット解禁 広告業界にどう影響する?


Pretend To Order Some In In-N-Out And We'll Predict How Many Kids You'll Have

"Welcome to may I take your order?"

Only True Emo/Pop-Punk Fans Can Get 13/16 On This Quiz

Put your music skills to the test.

UN Officials Warn Australia Against Imposing "Extreme Penalties" For Journalists

Three United Nations rapporteurs warn Australia's laws will have a chilling effect on investigative reporting.

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