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Paolo From "The Lizzie McGuire Movie" Was In One Of My Favorite Shows For Years, And I Didn't Even Know It

Garrett, is that you?!

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1. He's still very attractive.

2. He still acts.

He recently starred in 47 Meters Down alongside Claire Holt and Mandy Moore. He's also had guest roles on TV shows such as iZombie, Major Crimes, and Castle.

3. And one of his roles was playing Garrett Reynolds in Pretty Little Liars, and OMG HOW DID I NOT REALIZE THIS?!?!

So, can someone please explain to me how I had NO IDEA that Paolo and Garrett were the same person?!?! When I found out this morning, I basically lost my mind for several minutes.

Paolo Valisari. Garrett Reynolds. Same person.

Evil lip-syncher/heartthrob. Shitty Rosewood police officer. SAME PERSON.

Am I crazy? Am I the only one who missed this? Did YOU know that Yani/Paolo/Garrett were the same person?? Tell me in the comments!