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February 10, 2018

Chris Hemsworth Reveals Why He Moved His Family To Australia

The Marvel superstar calls Byron Bay home for good reason.

9 Photos That'll Make You Want Another Baby And 9 That'll Bring You To Your Senses

Me: I really want another baby. Also me: #neverforget

17 Jokes For Anyone Who Thrives Off Drama

Everyone has that friend that loves to start shit.

Khloé Kardashian Just Got Very Candid About Her Pregnancy

The KUWTK star is expecting her first child with her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson.

11 Men's Luge Bulges That All Deserve Gold Medals

Me yesterday: What is luge? Me today: I need luge to breathe.

25 Films Approved By Rotten Tomatoes And All Directed By Women

Just one way to celebrate the great work of the women behind the cameras.







I'm About To ~Break The Ice~ On The US Figure Skating Team's Relationship Drama

*knowingly sips tea in those frigid Pyeongchang temps*

A Transgender Woman In A Missouri Prison Will Be Allowed Life-Saving Health Care

"It’s like you’re drowning and somebody throws you the life vest."

23 Tweets About Things You Do Now, But Used To Make Fun Of Your Parents For

I'm bringing a sweater because it might be cold in the restaurant.

23 Hilarious Jokes That Are Only One Line Long

H/T to every dad everywhere.

Can We Guess What Your Best Friend's Name Is?

Let me look into my crystal ball.

Which Ghost Of Hogwarts Are You?

Which one best ~embodies~ your personality?

Two Ohio Police Officers Have Been Shot Dead In The Line Of Duty

"My husband shot, he shot the police officers."

Here's The Story Behind A Crazy Spy Swap On Russia's Border

Artem Zinchenko, a convicted spy for Russia living in Estonia, was traded in a prisoner exchange on Saturday. He's a prime example of the way Moscow’s spymasters choose who to recruit.

21 Things All Californians Will Understand

🎶 California here we come, right back where we started from 🎶

12 Things You Can Learn About Sex From Porn Stars, And They're Not What You Think

Find me someone who knows more about good sex than these people.

O gato de óculos escuros na moto virou uma fantasia de carnaval

O melhor do Brasil é o brasileiro versão carnaval.

11 Hacks For Making Your IKEA Furniture A Little Less...IKEA-Y

Make that BEKVÄM a little less böring.

Esta científica fue abusada de niña por un familiar. Ahora lucha para que otras víctimas de abuso tengan justicia

"Los depredadores confían en la vergüenza y el silencio de los niños", dijo. "Ellos saben que nadie escuchará a un niño y muchos de ellos continúan abusando".

Trendy Skin Care Company Deciem's Drama Feels A Whole Lot Like The Tech World

Erratic social posts in the name of "transparency," a cult of personality around a founder, a company that "feels like a family" — where have we heard this story before?!

Some Former Colleagues Say Rob Porter Clashed With Staff, Acted "Unhinged" In One Incident

The White House aide who resigned following allegations of domestic abuse was difficult to work with, according to some of his former Hill colleagues. One source described the office of Sen. Orrin Hatch as “a mess” under Porter.

Steve Bannon Is Worried Oprah Is Going To Destroy Trump's Presidency

"This [Golden Globe Awards] is a definitional moment in the culture. It'll never be the same going forward," said Bannon, according to a new book.

This Post Is Relatable For Anyone Who Loves Wearing Makeup, But Is Also Always Running Late

"My everyday makeup routine is also the five-minute makeup challenge."

Estas frases do diretor da PF geraram uma crise — e um ministro do STF fala até em crime

Em entrevista, Fernando Segóvia disse que inquérito sobre Temer poderá ser arquivado e que delegado do caso pode ser investigado. Advogados, peritos e delegados reagiram. E o relator no Supremo intimou Segóvia.

How Rap Became The Soundtrack To Polish Nationalism

There’s a world of rappers who make tracks about World War II, attack the EU, and endorse marches organized by white nationalists. They're big in Poland, where a new fight over the Holocaust shows how history has become a weapon.

Kim Cattrall Told Sarah Jessica Parker She Is Not Her Friend

"You are not my family. You are not my friend. ... stop exploiting our tragedy in order to restore your ‘nice girl’ persona," Cattrall wrote on Instagram.

16 Valentine's Day Gifts For People Who Aren't Into Valentine's Day

No flowers and heart-shaped chocolate boxes here.

18 Tweets From This Week That'll Make You Laugh Out Fuckin' Loud

"The hottest part of sex is when I take off my glasses and put them in a safe place."

Idris Elba Proposed To His Girlfriend At His Film Screening And She Said Yes

We're very sorry to report that Idris Elba will not be marrying you 💍

Trump Complains "People's Lives Are Being Shattered By A Mere Allegation" Of Sexual Assault

The president's tweet came a day after he defended a former aide accused of beating his two ex-wives. He has said nothing publicly about those women.

This Is What Relationship Experts Had To Say About The Importance Of Valentine's Day

Everyone weighed in, from therapists, to divorce attorneys.

Si contestas más de 60 de estas 80 preguntas sobre tu mejor amigo, lo conoces MUY bien

Este examen de amistad te dirá qué tanto conoces a tu BFF.

Here's What North Korea Lets You See When You Travel There

"With repeated visits the project became increasingly personal as I realized how limited most people’s understanding is of the country."

People Love This Nike Ad Because It Actually Shows What It's Like To Be A Young Londoner

"That Nike advert was London declaring independence from the United Kingdom."

17 Hilariously Candid Moments From Sonakshi Sinha And Manish Malhotra's Episode Of "BFFs With Vogue"

"Tell them what you call your home, Manish." "I call it a simple, middle-class home."

11 Cake Decorators Who Should Probably Be Fired And 11 Who Deserve A Promotion

Making cakes isn't a piece of...well, you get it.

These Women Just Met With The FDA Chief To Try To Ban A Birth Control Option They Say Is Dangerous

The leaders of a large Facebook group about Essure argued that doctors aren’t warning women about the serious risks of the device, which got the FDA’s black box warning in 2016.

Die Leute feiern diesen SPD-Ortsverband für diesen Tweet, weil er so herrlich ehrlich ist

„Neubrandenburg war mir als erstklassiger Humorstandort noch gar nicht bekannt. Grossartig.”

22 Sexting Tips You’ll Want To Put To Good Use Immediately


31 Books That Portray Love In A Realistic Way

Because sometimes, love is messy, crazy, confusing, and wonderful – sometimes all at the same time.

19 People Who Missed The Joke So Hard, They Became The Joke

"There was no internet during Lincoln's presidency?"

A Turkish Helicopter Has Been Shot Down On The Syria–Turkey Border, Killing At Least 2

The attack comes hours after Israel said one of its jets was shot down in Syria.

Country Music Has Found Its Weinstein Scandal. So Why Hasn’t There Been A Reckoning?

Three more people have accused country music publicist Kirt Webster of sexually harassing employees, putting the number of people who have spoken out at over two dozen. But saying #MeToo has changed little for victims in Nashville.

An 18-Year-Old Asylum-Seeker Who Hardly Speaks English Had To Fight His Appeal Without A Lawyer

The number of people given public funding to fight an immigration case is lower than in any previous quarter on record, BuzzFeed News can reveal.

Indians Can Now Send Money To Each Other Via WhatsApp

The feature is still in beta but will eventually roll out to every WhatsApp user in India.

Sex Workers Who Go To The Police After Being Robbed Or Assaulted Are Finding Themselves Under Investigation

Sex workers and entertainers claim that police are more interested in criminalising them than investigating crimes committed against them, and also have reported vastly different approaches in policing up and down the country.

Kim Jong Un Has Invited The South Korean President To Pyongyang

"President Moon responded by saying that the two sides should work on establishing the right conditions to realize the meeting," a spokesperson for Seoul's presidential office said on Saturday.

Goa CM Says He's Afraid Of Women Drinking Beer. Women Don't Give A Shit.

Your weekend drinking plans are now officially a form of protest against the patriarchy. Bottoms up for freedom.



13 Reasons Malia Obama Is Literally The Best Obama

LOL @ her being wingwoman for Sasha.

Abortion Is Still Illegal On This British Isle, But That Could Be About To Change

UK law on abortion was never extended to the Isle of Man, off the northwest coast of England, but the island might be about to decriminalise it entirely.

Israel's Military Says One Of Its Jets Has Been Shot Down After New Raids In Syria

The Israeli military carried out strikes on Saturday in response to an Iranian drone launched from Syria into Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Israel will do "whatever is necessary to protect our sovereignty and our security."

19 finales de películas que enfadaron a la gente

Incluso las mejores películas pueden tener finales decepcionantes.

14 consejos prácticos para cualquiera que esté pensando en hacerse vegetariano

No tienes que pasar inmediatamente de comer carne ~a omitirla del todo~.



A Unified Korean Olympic Team Walked In The Opening Ceremonies — But These Koreans Weren't Fans

“We want President Trump to bomb the shit out of North Korea,” they yelled outside of the Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium Friday night.

Design Your Dream House And We'll Tell You Which Musical You Should Star In

Get ready to see your name in lights [insert jazz hands]

Flash Briefing For February 10-11, 2018

It’s the weekend. Go live your life.

How Many Of These Polarizing Foods Do You Actually Like?

All right, who's **actually** into liver though??







実質的な中止状態が続くHPVワクチン 再開に向けて何を考えるべきか




People Are Mourning The Death Of "House Of Cards" And "The Wire" Actor Reg E. Cathey

The Wire creator David Simon tweeted Friday that the 59-year-old actor who played Freddy on House of Cards has died.

Gloria Allred Thinks #MeToo Hasn’t Made It Necessarily Safer For Victims To Come Forward

The victims’ rights attorney, who is the subject of the new Netflix documentary Seeing Allred, also declined to address Anthony Rapp’s claim to BuzzFeed News that she advised him that it was too risky to come forward about Kevin Spacey.

The White House Has Delayed The Release Of A Democratic Memo On The Russia Investigation, Citing National Security

The House Intelligence Committee sent the Democratic memo to the White House on Monday night so the president could decide whether to make it public, as he did with a Republican memo the week before.

Go On A Top Secret Mission And We'll Recommend A Spy Movie

Your mission, should you choose to accept it...

A Second White House Staffer Has Resigned Over Domestic Abuse Allegations

The former wife of White House speechwriter David Sorensen said he ran over her foot with a car and put out a cigarette on her hand. He denied the allegations.

25 Of The Best Journals You Can Get On Amazon

Get all your thoughts on the page with the best of the best.

Hit The Mall And We'll Guess Your Favorite Makeup Product

Lipstick? Maybe bronzer? Maybe even mascara?

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