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February 17, 2018

Build Your Dream Home And We'll Tell You Which Room Is Haunted

SpoOoOoOoOky dreEeEeEeEeam hoOoOoOoOoOome.

This Florida School Shooting Survivor Just Called Out Trump And The NRA

"To every politician who is taking donations from the NRA — shame on you," Marjory Stoneman Douglas student Emma González said.

Can You Match The US City To Its Nickname?

Hopefully this quiz isn't a Big Easy ;).

Here Are 18 Facts About Nickelodeon That'll Blow Childhood You's Mind

Have you ever wondered what the slime was made of?

Lionel Richie Threw Mega-Shade At Daughter Sophia's Relationship With Scott Disick

"This is a well-oiled machine, the Kardashian machine...I’m going to stand real still in the corner, get me a good drink and not make too much noise."

This Diabetes-Related Viral Tweet Shows How Clueless People Can Be

PSA: Try not to ask people with diabetes to skip checking their blood sugar, adjusting their insulin pump, or injecting insulin because you think it’s ~gross~.

Trump Uses Facebook Exec Tweet To Call Media "Fake News"

"The Fake News Media never fails," Trump said after Facebook ads Vice President Rob Goldman tweeted that news outlets are not reporting on aspects of the Russian ad spend because it "doesn’t align with the main media narrative of Tump and the election."

Behati Prinsloo And Adam Levine Just Had Another Baby, And, I Have To Say, I'm Into The Name

With Prinsloo, Dusty Rose, and the new baby, we're at Maroon 8 now.

Which American Food Decade Matches Your Taste?

Americans' taste in food has changed a lot over the years. Which period would've suited you the best?

Kris Jenner Opened Up About Kendall's Anxiety After Getting An Emergency Call

"Kendall struggles [with] anxiety and I think she has so much going on that she gets herself really worked up."

16 Times "The Golden Girls" Were Progressive As Hell

From menopause to homelessness, The Golden Girls always kept it real.

29 Secrets Competitive Figure Skaters Will Never Tell You

"Sometimes you have to plastic wrap your boobs because you can't wear a bra with most costumes — some people even duct tape them."

John Legend And Chrissy Teigen Singing "L.O.V.E." Together Is Undeniably The Best Thing Ever

Chrissy and John, I just want you to know that whoever's name came up first in the headline was chosen by an algorithm so you should totally roast each other over it.

Audrey Worboys • 1 hour ago

The Florida School Shooting Suspect Snapped Into A Jealous Rage When Another Student Began Dating His Ex-Girlfriend

Former friends and classmates of suspected Florida high school shooter Nikolas Cruz said they received threats from him shortly after a breakup.

They Survived Mexico's Earthquake Only To Die When A Helicopter Crashed Into Them

The helicopter was trying to assess damage from Friday's earthquake, but crashed and killed at least 13 people on the ground, including three children. There have been no recorded victims from the quake.

Harry Potter Dueling Wands Exist Now And Merlin's Beard, I Want One

Guys, it's like Harry Potter laser tag. HARRY POTTER LASER TAG.

Do You Know How Old These Cartoon Characters Are Supposed To Be?

Honestly stunned by Mario's real age. Stunned.

9 Black Health Disparities That You Should Definitely Know About

Black people make up only 12% of the US population, and yet a higher proportion of this group is affected by health issues than other races/ethnicities.

What % Assertive And What % Passive Are You?

Would you call someone out if they interrupt you?

UKIP Leader Henry Bolton Has Just Been Ousted By Party Members

After a short and tumultuous time in charge of the right-wing, nationalist party, Henry Bolton has been removed after 63% of delegates voted to remove him.

These 9 Parents Have Perfectly Mastered Co-Parenting And My Heart Is Bursting

"My mom said that although her marriage to my dad didn't work out, I was the best thing to come from it."

Which Black Female TV Characters Are Your Favorite?

Sisters are doing it for themselves.

Fox News' Judge Jeanine Accidentally Said The FBI Should Have Investigated Nicolas Cage

I mean, the guy did say he was going to steal the Declaration of Independence.

12 Rice Hacks That'll Make Sure It Comes Out Perfect Every Time

From properly measuring it out to steaming it with a towel.

Gold Medal Or Not, Adam Rippon Has Won The Olympics

Nothing but praise for America's most mesmerizing figure skater.

Can You Name Every Girl Scout Cookies Just By Looking At Them?

Do you know your Tagalongs from your Samoas?

Trump's National Security Adviser: Indictment Shows Evidence Of Russian Meddling Is "Incontrovertible"

But the Russian foreign minister isn't buying it. "Until we see the facts, everything else is just blabber," Sergey Lavrov said.

Here's Everything You Need To Know About These Badass Team USA Teens

Just a few days into the Olympics and two of them have already won gold.

Nathan Chen Landed A Historic 5 Quads After Placing 17th Because He “Just Decided To Try It”

"If at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and Nathan Chen."

22 Very Doable Things That Will Get You To Sleep Faster

Simple tips and tricks for getting some quality shut-eye.

Trump Staffers Describe A Chaotic Process Getting Security Clearances, Which May Have Led To Issues

The “Standard Form 86” or “SF-86" is a lengthy and complicated form every White House staffer is required to turn in to get security clearance, but Trump staff had little time or guidance filling it out. Members of previous administrations say that’s unusual.

Mental Health Fixes Won’t Stop Mass Shootings, Experts Warn

But sensible policies to keep guns temporarily out of the hands of people going through psychiatric crises could reduce the annual toll from suicide.

34 Tweets That I Think Are Funny And Maybe You Will Too

"The Lord is my shepherd, He shaves my entire body to make sweaters."

14 Tips For Buying A Cheap(ish) Engagement Ring

Everything you need to know to get the most bling for your buck.

Margot Robbie Told The Most Australian Story Ever About A Python In Her House

This is exactly what I imagine growing up in Australia is like.

Trump Transition Records, A Source Of Friction With Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Were Almost Destroyed

President Trump complained when Mueller obtained transition team emails from the General Services Administration. But GSA documents show it would normally “destroy the records and wipe the machines.” News reports prompted GSA officials to inquire about preserving the transition team records.



Answer These 9 Questions And We'll Give You A Meme You'll Love

Laughing is the only outcome in this quiz.





16 Cringeworthy Things That Have Happened To Actual People At Disney Parks

"I had peed myself on the ride and didn't realise it."

Theresa May Just Warned Of "Damaging" Consequences If The EU Doesn't Collaborate On Security Post-Brexit

The PM warned of "real-world consequences for the security of all our people in the UK and the EU".

ソチの浅田真央と平昌のネイサン・チェン 最後まで諦めない「王者の演技」




This Man Is Taking On The World’s Biggest Cruise Operator In Protest At Bermuda Repealing Same-Sex Marriage

Exclusive: Jamison Firestone cancelled a cruise in protest over Cunard's refusal to stop flying the flag of Bermuda, which recently became the first jurisdiction in the world to repeal same-sex marriage.

Only A Baker Can Get 5/7 In This Tricky Quiz

Dough you have what it takes to pass?

しょこたん、吉田沙保里... フィギュア羽生、宇野の2人に祝福の声




Are You More Meredith, Maggie, Or Amelia From "Grey's Anatomy"?

Cardiothoracic surgeon, neurosurgeon, or general surgeon?

Are These Sports Actually Part Of The Olympics?

Let's test your Olympics knowledge!

羽生が金メダル、66年ぶりの連覇達成 伝説のフィギュアスケーターも祝福


Are You More Chicken Nugget Or Chicken Wing?

Chicken nuggets is like my family.

Lena Dunham Got A Hysterectomy For Endometriosis. Here's Why That's Unusual.

There are many different therapies for endometriosis, a condition that causes severe pelvic pain and bleeding, but hysterectomies typically aren't one of them.

Special Counsel Prosecutors Say They've Found New Evidence Of Criminal Activity By Paul Manafort

Prosecutors said in a previously sealed court filing made public Friday night that the new allegations concerning Manafort include "a series of bank frauds and bank fraud conspiracies."



El video que circula sobre un huésped atrapado por el sismo de hoy en un hotel de Juchitán, Oaxaca, es FALSO

Las imágenes corresponden a un incidente ocurrido en la CDMX durante el sismo del 19 de septiembre pasado.

Answer These Random Questions And We'll Tell You Your Olympic Fate

Did you medal in figure skating or fall off the ski lift before the race?

Andrew Ziegler • 11 hours ago

Investigators Didn't Pursue A Sexual Assault Against The Texas Church Gunman

"The report should have been reviewed and arrest warrants probably should have been issued and the suspect questioned," the sheriff said regarding the allegations against church shooter Devin Patrick Kelley.

22 Struggles Of Being An Over-Thinker

"Are they mad at me?" — You, probably.



This Artist Makes Insanely Accurate Knitted People

Each one takes at least three months to make.

What Would You Win A Medal For At The Winter Olympics?

Go for the gold! (But you might get silver or bronze.)

Un sismo de magnitud de 7.2 se registró esta tarde en la CDMX

El epicentro se registró en Pinotepa Nacional, Oaxaca. No se reportan daños graves hasta el momento.

This Company Refused To Repair Or Recall Its Strollers, And Now It's Getting Sued

A federal consumer product safety agency is suing Britax after it declined to recall or repair 17 stroller models whose front wheels can detach while in use.

16 Mensajes de oso que segurito has mandado por culpa de la peda

"Wey, nos estábamos peleando por una caguama... que ya ni tenía".

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