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February 14, 2018

The results are based on data from Hater, a dating app that matches you with people according to the things you both hate.

About 200 people at the Winter Olympics, including two Swiss skiers, have been infected with the germ that causes vomiting and diarrhea.

"A child of God is dead," Philip Mudd said.

As news companies come to depend on paying subscribers, their dollars will influence editorial independence just as easily as corporate advertisers once did.

Most have focused on the identity of the shooter.

Oh good God, someone is going to propose.

Ten cuidado, porque (quizá) te lo están sonsacando.

"I have an iced coffee for...Orgy."

It's time to find out.

Officials identified 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz as the suspected shooter responsible for killing at least 17 people at a Florida high school. He was described as a troubled former student who had been flagged as a potential threat.

Meet Fluide, an LGBTQ inclusive beauty collection that donates 5% of profits to charity, and just launched with liquid lips, glitters, and nail polish.

Get out your thesaurus for this one.

¿Eres un arreglo de flores en forma de osito o la flor que se convierte en tanga?

Oh, and everyone hates goatees.

They’ve been approved in San Francisco, Seattle, and Philadelphia — and some local officials are ready to fight the DEA in court.

"I think that the more people who share their true spirit with others, the more healing will spread.”

Não está claro quantos morreram e quantos estão feridos. Ataque ocorreu em uma cidade a pouco mais de 60 km ao norte de Miami.

"The One Where Phoebe Dates the Starbucks Barista"

No tendrás una cita, pero sí unas risas.

I'm not crying happy tears, you are.

Marichuy Patricio tiene mucho que decir.

"I exist and hope my crush notices me."

Celebs, they love just like us!

"Hey cancer, fuck you!"

Which one were you?

Valentine #goals!

For one thing, sexts are way, WAY different.

Und wir lernen: Wenn Frauen nicht sagen, was Daniel Völz erwartet, sind sie immer "verkopft".

It's the third time in recent years the British operation of an American news and lifestyle website has pushed for union recognition.

The band released a statement following the #outHedley2k18 hashtag.

[Meme of that guy checking out another woman in front of his girlfriend, except the other woman has a bird head and 4-foot-long arms.]

The communications director has survived the storms of the Trump White House by doing what PR gurus do best: never, ever making the story about you. Until now.

These tips'll save so much closet space, you'll be able to justify an entire shopping spree just to fill it back up!

The start and end of your life.

O conteúdo do livro foi considerado racista por muita gente, e com razão.

What will it be?

It's a dry heat.

Season 5 of the original Netflix series will premiere in 2019.

Nothing more terrifying than your expiry date recalibrating.

Time to separate the realists from the romantics.

"It's catastrophic," Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel told reporters. "There really are no words."

"Happy Valentine’s Day to all the shippers out there! ❤️😉"

Do you have a chance with the Timmy of your dreams?

¡Bajo advertencia no hay engaño!

"Queer black characters have been the sidekick for long enough," Waithe said. "It's time for us to finally take the lead.”

Um post para deixar qualquer um SEM fome.

Tell me where your love liiiiiies.

You is kind, you is smart, you is important.

Two Charles in Charge actors have now made allegations against Baio. He's denied all the claims, describing them as a "horse and pony show."

O seu critério ficou em outra fase da ovulação.

I got two words for ya: Blue's Clues.

A lot can change in a decade!

As the midterm elections approach, Ohio’s governor is keeping tabs on Republican and independent candidates. And his closest advisers acknowledge thoughts about a nonpartisan run for president: “I think there’s a growing middle.”

Meghan + Harry = MARRY.

Trump was previously criticized for not publicly condemning domestic abuse.

Spoiler: você precisa usar mais protetor solar do que imagina.

Parents pushed back against the policy.

Every personality type that has ever or will ever exist fits into two "The Good Place" characters. No exceptions.

"Me gustas más que hablarles a mis plantitas y cantar a Yuri en el karaoke".

Quem mais bateu no governo levou a melhor: Beija-Flor campeã e Tuiuti vice. Na praça da Apoteose, houve gritos de Fora Temer e críticas ao prefeito Crivella.

We're projected to spend $19.6 billion on Valentine's Day 2018.

Faça bolos como um profissional.

Love them.

Para todo mal, Ed Sheeran. Para todo bien, León Larregui.

“Tish is focused on continuing her work to be an effective Public Advocate, standing up for working families and the most vulnerable New Yorkers,” a spokesperson for New York City Public Advocate Letitia James said after a BuzzFeed News inquiry.

Because broke people deserve to be pampered!

"When in the universe will there ever be two lesbians that want to propose at the same time, the same day, the same place, and the same way?"

É o famoso "quem fala o que quer, ouve o que não quer".

Compartilhe o resultado com o mozão!

How well will you do?

T as in Troy?


The senior Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee said he's trying to persuade officials that classified information in the memo, which he wrote, should be declassified.

El talento que no sabías que necesitabas.


Steamy? Dreamy? Or just sad?

Apple recommends cleaning the surface with an oiled cloth.

A pia da sua cozinha tem MIL vezes mais bactérias do que a sua privada.

Lunchtime meetings are the WORST.

Apenas essas imagens serão capazes de aquecer seu coraçãozinho nesta quarta de cinzas.

The White House chief of staff and press secretary are still telling different stories of what happened. “That’s wild even by Trump White House standards,” said one reporter.

Ariel Gomez is one of 56 defendants who say the retired Chicago detective Reynaldo Guevara, the subject of a two-year BuzzFeed News investigation, framed them for murder. Gomez spent two decades behind bars. Six other Guevara defendants have already been exonerated.

You've been warned!

Primeira brasileira a competir, Jaqueline Mourão disputa os 10 km do esqui crosscountry nesta quinta (15), às 4h30. Veja quando os outros brasileiros vão competir.

O que esse conceito significa, como ele evoluiu com o tempo e o que está em jogo se não o defendermos.

Just dump everything in and walk away.

“In a typical relationship you try to work out problems. In mine, apparently, we take photos of them."

I feel betrayed.

Because we all deserve a little yum-o in our own home.

Gracias a "Coach" ahora puedes saber cuánto tiempo les queda juntos.

Eat your heart out.

Deals on mystery boxes of sweets, self-cleaning watercoolers, cat beds, mini sandboxes, and more!

Une soirée solo passe beaucoup mieux quand on lit «Mon bulletin dans ton urne», une fan-fiction érotique avec Emmanuel Macron et Manuel Valls.

Pawnee is the perfect place to fall in love.

Si le mandan un mensajito a alguien más y después lo borran, ¿lo consideras infidelidad?

Go for the gold!

Um lugar pra beber, comer e jogar com toda sua turma.

Not all first dates have to be awkward or awful.

If you were left to babysit, what would happen?

Si te piden matrimonio en un programa o rodeada de gente, las probabilidades de que accedas, aunque no lo desees, son elevadas.

Oh, Migrastil, where have you been all my life??!?

Te van a hacer sentir incómodo por todos lados.

Version classique ou allégée, vous allez adorer !

Some of the only shows on television to feature butch characters have been canceled or left in limbo, sending the ominous message that masculine women's stories aren't worth telling.

Quanto tempo eu dormi???

"What the world needs now, is love, sweet love."

Here's looking at you, kid.

It's the 1960s and Elle realizes she might be different from her classmates when she meets — and falls for — the new girl in town. But does her crush feel the same? (An excerpt from Tee Franklin's graphic novel.)

“Espelho, espelho meu – há algum teste mais divertido do que o meu?”

Lying about whether you've box-dyed your hair recently.

From a cupcake!

An audio recording from Andrew Kearse’s arrest reveals the chilling details of his last moments before he died in police custody in New York.

Embrace dry shampoo and find your true T-shirt size, my dudes.

"Oi, pessoal, tuberculose com vocês?"

En algún punto de la vida, todos hemos sido este niño peleonero.

Sorry, dass ich nicht auf deine Nachricht geantwortet habe. Sie hat mich wahnsinnig gemacht.

Muchísimo mejor que las personas.

What's actually worth your time.

Whistle while you work!

„Auch ne Art, politische Statements zu setzen. Danke!”

Muito estilo vitoriano a sua mansão. Ou seria contemporâneo?

What's wrong with making the important people in your life feel loved??

Slow-cooker people are the best kind of people.

A young Hindu man was murdered by the family of his Muslim girlfriend simply for being in love. His family and friends are coping with their loss by calling for more love, not revenge.


Good luck getting these images out of your head.

Enfin un film qui respecte les femmes ! Ah non attendez.

These are going to ~draw~ your attention.

And yes, she has an Instagram!!!!!!!!! 🙏🙏🙏

Quand Rachel, bourrée, laisse un message sur le répondeur de Ross au lieu de lui envoyer des SMS.

Make your love as painful and permanent as it is IRL.

Travelers on a United Airlines flight were alarmed to see parts of the plane fall away, before the flight made an emergency landing in Honolulu.

Este ano a rapaziada estava empenhada em fazer o melhor possível com poucos recursos.

The couple broke the news on Instagram on Valentine's Day. A representative for Daley told BuzzFeed News: "Tom and Dustin are thrilled to share that they are expecting their first child in 2018."

Moi : Je veux vraiment un autre bébé. Moi, 10 secondes plus tard : souviens-toi du manque de sommeil.

Best. Backdrop. Ever.

This is quite a thing, by the way, and I am here for you in this time of need.

If you're gonna be sappy, be original about it.

You will now be able to watch live sports, as well as TNT, Adult Swim, TBS, CNN, Cartoon Network, truTV, and Turner Classic Movies through YouTube's cord-cutting service.

The book, On the Other Side of Freedom: The Case for Hope, is set for a September 2018 release.

"Sis is rapping Blackpink me too."

Est-ce que vous êtes prêt-e-s pour être entrainé-e-s au bout de la nuiiiiit ?

White later apologized for his "poor choice" of words.

"We believe there is no indication that this is anything more than an isolated incident that happened," said FBI special agent Gordon Johnson, saying there appeared to be no links to terrorism.

É zoeira? Então a gente tá dentro.

Potatoes know all.

Es posible que hagan este test para entrar en la RAE (también es posible que no).

Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, Feb. 14


Love potions aren't for the faint of heart.

This is not the stuff your uncle Earl buys from Walmart.

Na tentativa de se afastar de notícias falsas e sensacionalistas que tomaram a plataforma, o Facebook ainda adota uma posição suave, indireta, que provavelmente não irá solucionar esses problemas.

"We’re all very lucky to serve," the foreign secretary said, as he made his pitch to the nation to come together over Brexit.

Natanggap ka nila sa jeje phase mo.

歌手“RYUCHELL”としての第一歩 アーティスト活動を始めた理由は

Bon, je plaide coupable pour certains trucs de cette liste.

"I knew Tristan was the one very quickly — I have never felt so comfortable or so safe with someone."

Une belle bande de bras cassés.

Hay que mantener viva la llama.

Indian women are told a lot of things about sex – when to have it, how much of it to have, who to have it with. We're just never told that it's supposed to feel good.

Êtes-vous vraiment Alsacien ?

Pierre Michonneau • 9 minutes ago


Alle deine Freunde werden dich markieren, wetten?

La photo est vraie, mais le récit qui l'accompagne est faux.

I love cheap thrills.

You're not alone.

Mein Tinder-Date wirkte gar nicht mehr wie ein netter Typ, als er mein „Nein” nicht akzeptieren konnte.

Plus d'un siècle d'exploits sportifs et d'évènements historiques.



He wins for being the coolest Bachchan though.

Si pasas más tiempo viendo a las vloggers de belleza que visitando a tus padres, esto seguro que te interesa.


Are you more Ariel or Jasmine?

¡No hay nada como volver a casa después de haber ido a comprar y no traer el artículo que habías ido a buscar!


Your child is no match for the Munchkin 360.

Tschüss, Martin.

¡¿Cómo es esto humanamente posible?!

Ils repassent chaque année à la télé, mais quand sont-ils vraiment sortis ?

Magic is clearly real, guys.

Allow me to introduce you to a life-changing and life-ruining drink.

You were doing just fine until the weather decided to become shit for half the year.

Just because you're miles apart doesn't mean you can't celebrate together.




"You heard me, curling Fool!"


Say Aloha to your new hale!



The best of the worst.

Do-it-yourself headshots at your local craft store.

The hardest #auspol quiz you will ever take.

In the fiercest, most anticipated event in all of #sports, thousands of dogs went paw-to-paw to be Best. In. Show.

"Friends" will be there for you (even if your valentine isn't).

In 2014, she wrote on Twitter, "Today I realized I could make a lot more money being a racist for @nytimes."

Michael Cohen said Tuesday that he paid $130,000 to Stormy Daniels with his own money, but did not provide a reason for the payment.

Raphael A. Sanchez admitted to using ICE's database to steal immigrants' information and opening up credit cards in their names. He also named immigrants as dependents in tax returns.

Spring 2018 is almost here.

How do I get this job?

平野綾本人も「AYA STYLEが海を渡ってしまった(笑)」と反応。

"You're going to be okay, and I'm here."


Is your head doing flips too?

Buy your own chocolate and save yourself the trouble.

Your attention to detail will reveal your true Hogwarts house.

The good old days.

Vacation sex is the best sex.

We can't all be hopeless romantics.

The best era to be a teen, TBH.

Intenta no llorar al leer esta historia.

Remember that three months when everyone debated the rights of a minority group in Australia? Let's not do that again.

Geeking the heck out over these.

Queen of clapbacks and Cap'n Crunch.

After being stabbed and left on the side of a road, Lizette Cuesta fought to survive, leading authorities to her suspected attackers before she died.

The vaping bus is comin' and everybody's jumpin' (then probably wheezing tbh).

If only they were real.

La Secretaría de Gobernación dijo que hay seguimiento a precandidatos, pero rechazó espionaje.

Pickle cupcakes, people.

She loves Kung Pao Spaghetti with Chicken from California Pizza Kitchen.

The "local, informative, and trustworthy" metrics Facebook plans to rely on likely won't be enough.

People think the move could encourage disordered eating and are using #WakeUpWeightWatchers to show their concern and outrage.

¡Ya va a haber!

Ovaries before brovaries, forever and always.

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