21 Times Michael From "The Good Place" Said Exactly What You Were Thinking

    "People are good. Why is that so hard to remember?"

    WARNING: Mild spoilers below.

    1. When he was grossed out by kissing:

    2. When he discovered how to properly deal with his feelings:

    3. When he perfectly described Minions:

    4. When he explained emotional range:

    5. When he knew the reason behind every human error:

    6. When he asked this important philosophical question:

    7. When he explained this mystery:

    8. When he was happy:

    9. When he was sad and confused:

    10. When he revealed his guilty pleasures:

    11. When he channeled his inner college student:

    12. When he knew exactly what we were thinking:

    13. When he wore suspenders:

    14. When he called out how overrated diamonds are:

    15. When he pondered this moral dilemma:

    16. When he wanted car keys for only one reason:

    17. When he learned what it truly means to be human:

    18. When he read between the lines:

    19. When he listed the most heinous acts a human can commit:

    20. When he knew how to stand up to people:

    21. Finally, when he knew the right way to insult someone: