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February 23, 2018

Is This Fact About Your State Common Knowledge Or Brand New Information?

Already know your state's fact? Click another state to learn something new!

How Figure Skating Judges May Have Shaped The Olympic Podium

An analysis by BuzzFeed News shows that judges displayed a strong preference for skaters from the same country at the 2018 Winter Olympics, and that it may have made a difference in a gold medal finish.

9 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

Everyone Has A "Mamma Mia" Character Who Matches Them — Here's Yours

The original, not the sequel! Sorry, Cher fans.

Gus Kenworthy Just Rescued Another Dog At The Olympics, This Time From A Meat Farm

The 2014 freestyle skiing silver medalist found time after competing in Pyeongchang to adopt a puppy from a dog meat farm in South Korea that he and the Humane Society helped shut down.

21 Wonderful Things On Sale At Target Right Now

Including amazing deals on a Threshold sheet set, bathing suits, a KitchenAid stand mixer, and 18 other amazing products.

12 Movies Coming Out In March 2018 That Look Absolutely Awesome

Because going to the movies is self-care.

Rachel McAdams Says Her "Mean Girls" Character Regina George Haunts Her Every Day

"I like playing villains. They get away with so much."

These Are The Companies That Have Stopped Doing Business With The NRA As The Gun Debate Heats Up

First National Bank of Omaha, Enterprise, and MetLife are just some of the companies that have decided to cut ties with the NRA.

22 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week

Here are the most incredible and breathtaking pictures from the past week.

14 Tweets About J.K. Rowling Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Out Loud

"How sick would it be if J.K. Rowling's name was Just Kidding?"

Struggles Of Having A Unique Name

Do you have a nickname?




刺されて道ばたに置き去りにされたLizette Cuestaさんは、息を引き取る前に容疑者の手がかりを警察に与えた。

If You're Broke AF But Love High-End Fashion, Have We Got Some Awesome Pieces For You

'Cause you're a model / you know what I mean / and you'll do your little turn on the catwalk.

A Former NFL Player's Threatening Instagram Post Closed A High School And Led To His Arrest

Former Miami Dolphins player Jonathan Martin posted a picture of a shotgun and ammunition Thursday to his Instagram account with a threatening message about revenge against bullies.

Vote nos indicados ao prêmio BuzzFeed – "A Internet Merece um Oscar"

Os vencedores serão apresentados em um programa especial que vai ao domingo, 4 de março, às 19h00 no canal do YouTube do BuzzFeed Brasil.

What Weird American Food Have You Tried?

Kool-Aid pickles, anyone?

Você não pode fazer sexo se não passar neste teste

Finalmente, onde fica o clitóris?

17 Secrets We Learned From A Professional Matchmaker

Basic compatibility might be boring, but don't overestimate its importance.

A democracia do Camboja entrou em colapso – e tudo aconteceu ao vivo pelo Facebook

O Facebook deveria ajudar a liberdade de expressão em sociedades como o Camboja. No entanto, está fazendo exatamente o contrário — com consequências desastrosas para o futuro político.

The "Once Upon A Time" Cast In The First Episode Vs. Now

Give me whatever magic potion this cast is taking.

This College Student Wants "Justice For Bentley" After A Utility Worker Killed Her Pug With A Pry Bar

"Even if a pug is aggressive, how much harm can a pug do? Why do you have to club a little pug so hard that he dies?"

This Is Why Michael B. Jordan Is So Hot

It's because maturity looks so good on him.

A 16-Year-Old Girl Was Found Not Guilty Of Catfishing Nude Photos Of Her Teacher On Grindr

Investigators said the teen and her friend then distributed a nude photo of the teacher to other students at their school.

Here Are The Most Vicious Clapbacks To Trolls From The Parkland Students

"Emma I’m sorry love but this is business. You’re going down."

18 Datos sobre Nickelodeon que le van a volar el cerebro a tu yo de la infancia

El nombre completo de Arnold es: Arnold Phillip Shortman.

De todo el espectro de colores, este el que mejor te define

No cabe duda que el _______ es tu color.

37 Formas en las que 'Friends' sería diferente si pasara en 2018

Todos sabemos que Rachel sería una estrella de Instagram.

15 Amazing Dishware Sets You'll Want To Buy From Amazon ASAP

Time to grow up and ditch take out cartons for real dishes, damnit!

25 Muertes de la televisión que casi te hacen llamar al trabajo para pedir el día

No existen suficientes Kleenex en el mundo para frenar estas lágrimas.

Todos tenemos un pastel que va con nuestra personalidad, ¿quieres saber el tuyo?

Las preguntas necesarias para determinar qué pastel eres son MUY intensas. De antemano, mil disculpas.

13 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

Adam Rippon updated his Tinder bio, Diddy practiced self-care, and more!

15 Datos que harán que no vuelvas a usar una bolsa de plástico nunca

Si continuamos al ritmo que vamos, los estudios estiman que podría haber más plástico que peces en el océano para el año 2050.

Podemos adivinar tu edad por todas las modas de oso que has usado

Los dueños de los pantalones capri, ¡que den un paso al frente!

Entrei em contato com pessoas que me ofenderam on-line para perguntar o porquê

Um dia, escrevi um post sobre "Os Simpsons". Depois, recebi ameaças de morte e estupro. Rastrear as pessoas que me ofenderam acabou sendo inesperadamente emocionante.

15 Inventos simples pero brillantes que nos hacen falta en México

La tecnología de los elevadores ha avanzado mucho, pero no aquí :(

Planea tu boda y te diremos el peor defecto de tu personalidad

Solo estamos confirmando lo que ya sabes.

The White House Went On Lockdown Friday After A Woman Drove A Van Into A Security Barrier

The US Secret Service said on Twitter that a female driver was apprehended, and that the vehicle did not breach security.

Respondé estas preguntas y te decimos qué chimentero argentino sos

Carisma, sed de rating, muchísimo drama y una mínima pizca de humanidad.

This Controversial Ivy League Scientist Left His Kickstarter Donors High And Dry

Cornell University food scientist Brian Wansink, who’s embroiled in research misconduct allegations, now has another problem: Kickstarter donors who say they never got what they were promised. Wansink apologized to them after an inquiry from BuzzFeed News.

Florida Governor Wants To Raise Age For Buying A Firearm To 21 And Require Armed Officers At All Schools

Gov. Rick Scott also wants to ban the sale of "bump stocks," which allow semiautomatic weapons to fire nearly as fast as machine guns, in response to the school shooting in Parkland.

Shooting Survivors Take Down Internet Trolls

If you come for teen survivors of a mass shooting with conspiracy theories about crisis actors, be prepared to get trolled right back.

31 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About "Black Panther"

🚨Warning: Black Panther spoilers ahead. 🚨

21 Truths Every Late Bloomer Will Painfully Relate To

I didn't choose this life, it chose me.

21 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

Here's what you missed this week!

If You Get 3/7 On This Quiz, You're Getting Knocked Out By Internet Bullshit

This week we have stories about gun control, KFC, and Sylvester Stallone.

Target Has Created The Best Sheets Known To Man, And I Firmly Stand By That Statement

Trust me — your bed, body, and everyone in your family needs these.

These Facts About Popular Toys Will Make You Say "Wait, What?"

Bet you didn't know that doll couple Barbie and Ken were actually named after siblings.

Here Are 19 US Female Olympians, Then Vs. Now

Started at the bunny hill now we here.

31 coisas que só quem teve uma infância evangélica vai entender

Você morria de medo que CERTAS PESSOAS revelassem os seus podres durante o culto.

18 Simple Kitchen Hacks That Will Save You A Ton Of Time

Get ready to spend a lot less time in the kitchen.

Los ciudadanos de Monterrey lanzaron una campaña para exigir mejor calidad de aire

Con el HT #RespiraMonterrey piden que la capital de Nuevo León deje de ser la ciudad más contaminada del país.

Katie Holmes Posted A Heartfelt Message And #TBT Photo In Honor Of "Dawson's Creek"

Excuse me while I listen to "I Don't Want to Wait" over and over.

This Man Helped Peter Thiel Demolish Gawker

Billionaire venture capitalist Peter Thiel did not come up with the idea to covertly fund lawsuits against Gawker Media. That credit belongs to an Oxford-educated man who Thiel's inner circle calls “Mr. A.”

Policial armado chegou a escola na Flórida durante tiroteio, mas não entrou no prédio

Segundo a polícia, Scott Peterson chegou ao local 1 minuto após tiros começarem, mas se posicionou na saída da escola e ficou 4 minutos esperando. Ao todo, o ataque durou cerca de 6 minutos.

Have You Seen These USA Network Shows?

And if you haven't. now is the time!

Order From McDonald's And We'll Tell You Which Celeb You Are

Everyone loves McDonald's, even celebs!

¿Estas cosas te parecen sexy o solo muy, muy incómodas?

¿Te prende que alguien te guiñe el ojo?

Trump Just Delivered A Speech Transporting Us All Back To 2016

The president broke out his greatest campaign hits and audience members chanted "Lock her up" at the Conservative Political Action Conference. The Rolling Stones played him off.

18 redes wifi que oferecem muito mais do que acesso à internet

Talvez você encontre inspiração pra mudar o nome da sua.

Las mexicanas están compartiendo los motivos por los que no han denunciado a sus agresores sexuales

Usando el hashtag #YoNoDenuncioPorque, muchas mujeres están evidenciando que las trabas para alzar la voz existen, a veces, dentro de la propia familia.

Jennifer Lawrence Says She Doesn't Regret Dropping Out Of Middle School At 14

"I don't technically have a GED or a diploma. I am self-educated."

O vídeo do Gusttavo Lima em apoio ao Bolsonaro foi um tiro no meu coração

Muito pior que a sofrência depois de escutar "Fui Fiel".

Rallies Are Happening Across Canada Calling For Justice For Tina Fontaine

Raymond Cormier was found not guilty of second-degree murder in the death of the 15-year-old girl.

Sofía Niño de Rivera acusó al conductor Ricardo Rocha de haberla acosado en más de una ocasión

En una entrevista con Carmen Aristegui, la comediante relató su experiencia.

What Happens To A Family When Its Larger-Than-Life Patriarch Dies?

"If he was anything, Big Angel was the father and patriarch of the entire clan. And, by the way (bi de guey), the de La Cruz family has been around here since before your grandparents were even born." (An excerpt from Luís Alberto Urrea's novel The House of Broken Angels)

This Hiking Trail Submerged In Clear Water Looks Like A Magical Underwater Wonderland

Gorgeous and rare footage of a submerged private hiking trail in Brazil captured in crystal clear water.

27 Best Friends That Have Glowed The Fuck Up

Best friends for life, like for real.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on adjustable standing desks, cold therapy eye masks, solar-powered rainbow makers, electric detangling brushes, and more!

The Broward Sheriff's Office Received Two Calls That Nikolas Cruz Was A Potential School Shooter. They Never Contacted Him.

The sheriff's office received at least 18 calls about Cruz's violent behavior and arsenal of weapons from 2008 to 2017. One warned he was "a school shooter in the making," and another said he "planned to shoot up" the school.

30 Stores That Are Having Great Sales This Weekend

Deals at Nordstrom, Tobi, Yandy, and more!

Quem é você nos grupos de WhatsApp?

Todo mundo tem uma personalidade no aplicativo. Este teste vai dizer qual é a sua.

Trump Says Teachers Should Be Armed Because They Love Their Students

"The teacher would have shot the hell out of him before he knew what happened," said Trump. An armed deputy sheriff was at the school and did not attempt to stop the shooter.

Aparentemente o corpo de Killmonger de "Pantera Negra" atacou a tripofobia de algumas pessoas

Aviso: este post contém imagens que podem causar muito desconforto em pessoas com tripofobia.

Dilma e o ministro da Educação brigaram no Twitter por causa de uma disciplina da UnB

Mendonça Filho (DEM) quer questionar na Justiça a matéria "O Golpe de 2016 e o Futuro da Democracia no Brasil", que estreará no próximo semestre.

Former Trump Campaign Adviser Rick Gates Pleaded Guilty To Conspiracy And Lying To Investigators

Special counsel Robert Mueller's office earlier this week announced that a federal grand jury in Virginia had returned a second, 32-count indictment against Gates and his longtime associate Paul Manafort.

Everyone Needs A Bottle Of Travel Poo-Pourri In Their Purse

You gotta be prepared for when you have to go on the go.

Así es la Villa Olímpica de Pyeongchang por adentro

Visto a través de los ojos de los atletas en sus tiempos libres.

Estas son las tendencias en bodas más populares para 2018 según Pinterest

Regreso enseguida, voy a ponerme una capa de boda cada día.

Urban Outfitters' Home Sale Is Here And I'm Gonna Need A Bigger Apartment

Take an extra 40% off on bedding, furniture, plants, decor, and everything else in UO's home goods sale! Because home (sale) is where the heart is.

Voici comment fabriquer un Mont Blanc, ce délicieux dessert à base de crème de marrons

De la meringue, de la crème fouettée, de la crème de marron... Le dessert parfait pour l'hiver !

A Texas Democratic Primary Has Turned Ugly — And It Could Be A Preview Of What Competitive Races Look Like

In a rare move, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee dropped a harsh statement against a progressive candidate running in a crowded Texas race. The primary offers a look at how both wings of the party are battling it out in real time.

Turkey Has Gone More Than A Year Without A Major Terror Attack. This Is How.

In a rare interview with a Western journalist, a security official reveals how Turkey has been taking on militants, and – for now at least – winning.

This American Learned Why You Don't Troll Canada

Yeah, well, how about you beat us in health care.

Esto no es un simulacro, Gael García y Natalia Lafourcade van a cantar en los Oscar ♥‿‿♥

Los mexicanos interpretarán "Remember Me" del soundtrack de Coco.

12 Tips To Up Your Chocolate Game Straight From A Pastry Chef

How to avoid clumping, nail the perfect cookie — and what to do if the outside of your chocolate turns white.

The US Flu Season Has Now Peaked, But Children Are Still Dying From The Virus

Federal health officials reported another 13 young children died of flu in February.

The Pentagon Just Gave Trump Recommendations On Transgender Military Service

The defense secretary has made his recommendation, but the Pentagon isn’t saying what it is — and it’s not a formal policy until President Trump approves it. Even then, its future could be tied up in court.

Marion Brown Accused Rep. John Conyers Of Harassing Her. Here’s What Happened After.

“It’s just been really hard. It’s been really hard surviving,” says Brown. “Nobody wants to touch you, no one wants to hire you.”

What Do You Want To Know About Relationships And Dating?

It's almost like free relationship therapy.

17 Simple But Life-Changing Hair Tips And Hacks Every Curly-Haired Person Should Know

"Make sure your hair is COMPLETELY dry before you take out your braids or bantu knots."

Fast-Growing Citizen App Will Alert You To Danger. And Send You Into It.

If you could know about the crime taking place around you, would you want to know? With Citizen, that’s no longer a hypothetical.

19 Little Things That'll Actually Lower Your Utility Bills

Easy, affordable changes. Real results.

Give Us Your Coffee Preferences And We'll Tell You What To Order From Starbucks

For when it's just too hard to decide on your own.

Avery B. Tyson • 3 hours ago

Niñas que actuaron en la biopic de Gloria Trevi fueron acosadas sexualmente, reveló la escritora Sabina Berman

Un integrante del equipo de arte obligaba a niñas de 12 y 14 años a que se desnudaran como parte de la prueba para entrar a la película, reveló Berman a la periodista Carmen Aristegui.

24 problèmes que toutes les filles grandes comprendront

«Wow, t'es vachement grande !» Nooooooon, tu crois ?

17 Photos You’re Going To Feel Terrible For Laughing At

If you can make it through these pictures without laughing, you're a better person than me.

22 conseils si vous voulez vraiment améliorer vos sextos

Règle numéro 1 : PAS DE PHOTOS DE BITE NON SOLLICITÉES. Règle numéro 2 : voir la règle numéro 1.

22 petits trucs simples qui vont permettront de vous endormir facilement

Écouter des vidéos ASMR ou faire des exercices de respiration, par exemple.

Avez-vous les même habitudes que les autres en ce qui concerne votre vulve et votre vagin ?

À quelle fréquence vous masturbez-vous ? Comment vous lavez-vous la vulve ?

Has A Documentary Changed You?

*readies the Netflix queue*

18 photos qui ne sont pas ce que vous croyez

Comme un arbre qui ressemble à un brocoli ou un rocher qui ressemble à du bacon. 🤔

Como um quadro machista derrubou um programa de TV sobre futebol

Depois de duras críticas à forma com que o quadro "Desafio das Musas" tratava as mulheres, a TV Goiânia resolveu cancelar o programa "Os Donos da Bola".

Escritório de advogados de Lula é citado em pagamento de R$ 1 mi em cash para resolver "questão política"

Depoimento afirma que Roberto Teixeira, compadre do ex-presidente, cobrou o valor para resolver um pedido do então presidente da Fecomércio-RJ, preso pela Lava Jato, e que um doleiro foi utilizado para viabilizar o dinheiro.

32 Fakten, nach denen du dich sofort alt fühlst

Achtung: Emotionale Achterbahn!

Vídeo compartilhado 820 mil vezes no Facebook diz que comentarista comanda o Exército

As imagens mostram um comentário de Marco Antonio Villa no Jornal da Cultura, mas a legenda afirma, falsamente, que se trata do "comandante do Exército".

The Energy Department Took Down Anti-Leaking Posters After An Investigation

"The poster raised concerns that, among others, lawful whistleblowing was being chilled,” a spokesperson for the Office of Special Counsel, an independent federal agency protecting government workers, told BuzzFeed News.

Voici ce que ça donnerait si on parlait aux hommes comme on parle aux femmes

«Je veux pas de garçon, j'ai peur qu'il finisse mal.»

We'll Tell You Which Rachel McAdams Movie You Are, Based On How You Plan A Date

Your favorite actress in all your favorite movies!

21 choses que les personnes mal à l'aise en société comprendront

Quand le serveur vous dit «bon appétit»t et que vous répondez «vous aussi».

17 Dinge, die du schon immer über Asexualität wissen wolltest

„Sex ist irgendwie wie ein Museumsbesuch — ich hab nicht viel davon, aber es stört mich auch nicht wirklich.”

14 großartige Ratschläge, die dir Menschen aus ihrer Psychotherapie weitergeben

„Du bist nicht der emotionale Tampon irgendeiner Person.”

21 photos des Jeux olympiques d'hiver à Pyeongchang qui sont vraiment impressionantes

En intégrant plusieurs clichés dans une seule image, des photographes subliment l'effort des athlètes olympiques.

What Is Your WhatsApp Group Personality?

Everyone has their own role in a WhatsApp group. What's yours?



33 Things That'll Bring A Bachelorette Party To A Whole New Level

Consider this a survival kit: hangover baggies, piñatas, and games to make sure your weekend is memorable for all the right reasons!

Here Are All The References To Stormi In Kylie Jenner's New Makeup Line

There are so many cute Stormi-related details in the line.

31 Dinge, die du wahrscheinlich nicht über Frankreich weißt

Wusstest du, dass die Guillotine bis 1977 in Gebrauch war?

Stephen Fry Announced He's Been Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer

The TV presenter announced the news in a video explaining his absence from the public eye.

An Apple Repair Center Has Been Making Hundreds Of Accidental 911 Calls

Emergency dispatchers in Sacramento County have been flooded with more than 1,600 accidental calls since October 2017.



Die Streichung des Abtreibungsgesetzes 219a wird zur Kompromisslösung

Nach der ersten Lesung im Bundestag zeigt sich: Es gibt keine eindeutige Lösung für den umstrittenen Abtreibungsparagrafen. Die SPD wirbt deshalb für eine „Gewissensentscheidung“.

People Are Absolutely Loving KFC's Apology For Running Out Of Chicken

"A chicken restaurant without any chicken. It's not ideal."

16 Toothbrushes You Can Buy On Amazon That'll Make Your Mouth Say, "OMG, Thank You"

From multifunctional electric toothbrushes to eco-friendly bamboo ones, brushes for a range of needs and budgets that might make your next dentist visit a *little* less teeth-chattering.

17 Lifehacks, Tipps und Tricks, die alle frischgebackenen Eltern kennen sollten

Frischgebackene Eltern brauchen JEDE HILFE, die sie kriegen können!

16 Products From Target Our Readers Absolutely Swear By

Truly hit the bullseye with these products.

Il faut tout simplement être un génie en histoire pour obtenir plus de 6/8 à ce quiz

C'est plus dur que la date de la Révolution française, on vous prévient.

Así serían los concursantes de OT si fueran como los dibujan sus fans

No eres un verdadero fan si no dibujas a tus ídolos.

When She Pursued A Rape Charge, The Cop On The Case Pursued Her

The Florida woman felt she had to have sex with Detective Michel Toro to ensure he worked on her case. Investigators agreed and said he'd violated state law, but Toro was never charged.

大杉漣さん出演「バイプレイヤーズ」 最終話まで予定通り放送決定


11 insultes très distinguées que toutes les femmes devraient utiliser

«C'est pas joli un gros mot dans la bouche d'une femme.»



The Hardest Ever "Would You Rather" For People Who Love Clothes

Would you rather always be over-dressed or under-dressed?

5 choses que j’ai essayées et aimées en février

Avec une bonne solution pour les rouges à lèvres asséchants.



El éxito histórico de "Black Panther" debería cambiar Hollywood para siempre

Esta película de Marvel Studios, cuyo estreno mundial se estima que llegó a los 370,8 millones de dólares, ha roto los récords de taquilla y esperemos que haya demostrado de una vez por todas que las tramas protagonizadas por personas negras pueden convertirse en éxitos a nivel mundial.



【鬼ムズ】 #福岡人しかわからないクイズ


34 Songs From Your Favorite Teen Movies That'll Make You Feel Like You're Back In The '00s

Back when the soundtrack was just as important as the movie.

16 momentos en los que "Las Chicas de Oro" fueron progresistas a tope

De la menopausia al no tener hogar, Las Chicas de Oro siempre reflejaron la realidad.

MPs Call For Change After BuzzFeed Reveals Hidden Homeless Slaves

"It’s shocking that we can walk down the street and not know that this is happening, that it’s hiding in plain sight."

These NHS Staff Were Told The Swine Flu Vaccine Was Safe, And Now They're Suffering The Consequences

Dozens of NHS workers are fighting for compensation after developing narcolepsy from a swine flu vaccine that was rushed into service without the usual testing when the disease spread across the globe in 2009. They say it has destroyed their careers and their health.

「無許可でダンス」警察が有名バー立ち入り 風営法の拡大解釈に経営者は反発




Are You More Cheeseburger Or Hamburger?

I like big BUNS and I cannot lie!

Tell Us How You'd React To These Roommate Scenarios And We'll Guess Your Zodiac Sign

What would you do if your roommate had sex in your bed?

What Kind Of Procrastinator Are You?

Are you procrastinating right now?

37 Things From Target Everyone Will Think You Got At Some Fancy AF Store

Oh, this? It's from a super-exclusive store you've probably never heard of before. It's called Tarjay.

22 Things You'll Just Get If You've Been Single For Like, A Long Time

You delete Tinder only to download it again three days later.

The Highly Secretive Review Into Religious Freedom In Australia Is Being Accused Of "Bias"

An LGBTI group is concerned that the panel is hearing only one side of the story.

This Mother Says The Image Of Her Daughter's Death Will Stay With Her Forever

Australian woman Naomi Watson-Ley killed herself two days after she was released from a psychiatric ward in June 2015.

14 Great Celebrity #TBT Photos You Should Definitely Check Out This Week

Will Smith in head-to-toe leopard print kicks off this week’s #ThrowbackThursday!

Facebook Promised Political Advertising Changes After 2016. Now, Campaigns Are Anxiously Waiting For Them.

As TV’s influence continues to wane, political campaigns spend big money on the platform. Operatives on both Democratic and Republican campaigns are closely watching what kinds of rule changes Facebook makes to disclosure — and publishing algorithms — ahead of the contentious 2018 mid-term election.

23 Dresses From Amazon To Add To Your Work Wardrobe

Time to give your wardrobe a promotion!

Students Face Suspension If They Walk Out In Support Of The Pro Gun Control Movement "Never Again"

Some school districts have threatened to suspend students who participate in walkouts over gun violence, prompting lawyers to offer advice and help.

Flash Briefing For February 23, 2018

GWU experts tapped to lead Puerto Rico storm death review, countdown clock to net neutrality repeal begins, Kylie Jenner calls Snapchat app “sad” and curling mania sweeps the world!

Los 13 estrenos de Netflix en marzo que de verdad valen la pena

Nominadas al Oscar, una de las películas más esperadas del año y hasta Jessica Jones.

En México, los derechos de las trabajadoras del hogar no son reconocidos

El 97% no tiene acceso a servicios de salud y el 96% no cuenta con contrato laboral.