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Here Are 14 Things I Did That Made Becoming A Vegan Easier

It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be!

Yuriria Ávila • One year ago

FYI, These Are 25 Things That Vegans Are Sick Of Hearing

For the millionth time, no, we don't eat "just grass."

Yuriria Ávila • One year ago

These Clinics Are Offering Abortions To Women Who Aren't Pregnant

A BuzzFeed News Mexico investigation confirmed that three private clinics were offering abortion services to women who weren't pregnant.

Yuriria Ávila • One year ago

Meet The Inspiring Laundromat Employee Rebuilding His Life One Ironed Shirt At A Time

"People tell me I'm old. Yes, on the outside, but inside I have the heart and will to move on."

Yuriria Ávila • One year ago

This University Professor Who Sexually Harassed His Students Still Works For The Mexican Government

Economist Alejandro Villagómez resigned after sexually harassing his students at a top Mexican university. Now he has a high-paying job with the federal government.

Yuriria Ávila • 2 years ago