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    FYI, These Are 25 Things That Vegans Are Sick Of Hearing

    For the millionth time, no, we don't eat "just grass."

    1. "Don't you feel sorry for plants, though?"

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    2. "Are you sure you're getting actual nutrients?"

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    Vegan foods can provide pretty much all of the nutrients our body needs. We just have to make an extra effort to get certain nutrients, such as vitamin B12, from fortified foods or supplements. For the record, a more carnivorous diet might also lack nutrients, especially when it isn't balanced with whole grains, legumes and fruit and vegetables.

    3. "You're taking supplements, right?"

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    As I mentioned before, vegans often make an extra effort to get certain nutrients like vitamin B12, either from fortified foods or supplements, because the vitamin is usually found in animal-based foods.

    4. "So do you just eat, like, grass?"

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    NO. The choices are infinite and delicious.

    5. "Can't you just eat this one non-vegan thing today? Nothing will happen to you."

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    First of all, being a vegan isn't about denying ourselves of something — it's a decision that we make, and we like it.

    6. "It's not a meal without meat, though!"

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    That may be your belief, but it def. isn't mine.

    7. "Okay, but don't you miss tacos/pizza/cake??"

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    TBH, there are many delicious vegan options. I don't remember what non-vegan food tastes like anymore, and if I smell it, it's a little yucky and if I eat it, my stomach hurts. So no, I don't really miss certain foods.

    8. "I could NEVER go vegan."

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    It's actually not difficult if you actually want to try it.

    9. "Do you hate me for being a carnivore?"

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    Honestly, I don't care one way or the other what you do with your mouth and your stomach :)

    10. "If you are a vegan, you must be intense."


    That's like saying that just because you eat meat, you must be masculine or aggressive. #stereotypes!

    11. "Vegans complain about everything!"

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    Usually it's only in response to getting absurd questions or comments about our eating habits!

    12. "Do you feel like you're better than everyone else?"

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    People stop eating meat and animal products for a lot of reasons. In general, some of us do so to bring about a change in ourselves and the environment, not to compare ourselves to others.

    13. "Vegans are always talking about being vegan."

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    Some of us are pretty chatty, sure, but most of us don't talk about it more than you talk about your eating habits.

    14. "I hate that vegans are always trying to convert me."

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    Many of us believe that the consumption of animal-based products can leave g a big footprint on the environment, but you are free to decide what you eat and what you don't. We don't want to convert you. We are just sharing our way of thinking with you.

    15. "Being a vegan is just a trend."

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    The first vegan society originated in England in1944, and the number of vegans in the world has increased since the new millennium. If it's really "just a trend," it's been a pretty long one.

    16. "Being a vegan is too expensive."


    It's expensive if you buy processed food only. Otherwise, it's a lot cheaper than regularly eating meat.

    17. "Why do you have to make everything 'vegan'? Can't you leave pizza alone?"

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    Why do we have to give up on our favorite foods when we have the choice to make them vegan and tasty, too?

    18. "It's not a hamburger if there's no meat in it!"

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    Ok, we got a purist here...

    19. "I've thought about eating less meat, but going vegan is just too extreme."

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    Climbing Mount Everest is extreme. What we do is not as hard as it looks, and it makes us feel good.

    20. "Eating meat is a natural part of the food chain".

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    LOL but so is eating plants??

    21. "Did you know that human beings evolved because of meat?"

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    So, what happened to the entire class of actual carnivores?

    22. "Could you date someone who isn't vegan?"

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    As far as I know, both carnivores and vegans are compatible human beings.

    23. "Will you make your kids eat vegan?"

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    No, it will be a decision as free as the one we made for ourselves.

    24. "Can you drink alcohol?"

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    Yes! You just need to be careful, because several brands of wine and beer out there use products of animal origin as additives to their products.

    25. "Aren't you tired all the time?"

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    Not in my experience. If that happens to you, though, you should definitely see a doctor!

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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