FYI, These Are 25 Things That Vegans Are Sick Of Hearing

    For the millionth time, no, we don't eat "just grass."

    1. "Don't you feel sorry for plants, though?"

    2. "Are you sure you're getting actual nutrients?"

    3. "You're taking supplements, right?"

    4. "So do you just eat, like, grass?"

    5. "Can't you just eat this one non-vegan thing today? Nothing will happen to you."

    6. "It's not a meal without meat, though!"

    7. "Okay, but don't you miss tacos/pizza/cake??"

    8. "I could NEVER go vegan."

    9. "Do you hate me for being a carnivore?"

    10. "If you are a vegan, you must be intense."

    11. "Vegans complain about everything!"

    12. "Do you feel like you're better than everyone else?"

    13. "Vegans are always talking about being vegan."

    14. "I hate that vegans are always trying to convert me."

    15. "Being a vegan is just a trend."

    16. "Being a vegan is too expensive."

    17. "Why do you have to make everything 'vegan'? Can't you leave pizza alone?"

    18. "It's not a hamburger if there's no meat in it!"

    19. "I've thought about eating less meat, but going vegan is just too extreme."

    20. "Eating meat is a natural part of the food chain".

    21. "Did you know that human beings evolved because of meat?"

    22. "Could you date someone who isn't vegan?"

    23. "Will you make your kids eat vegan?"

    24. "Can you drink alcohol?"

    25. "Aren't you tired all the time?"

    This post was translated from Spanish.