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17 Sign Fails That'll Either Make You Laugh Or Make Your Head Hurt

Whatever happened to reading left to right? H/T r/dontdeadopeninside.

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1. All you need is SASA LELE.

2. So what I'm seeing is that I should leave the litter here?

3. This is grammatically incorrect. It should be "The is A best open beer beer."

4. Technically they didn't say that THEY know how to design.


5. Buy 2 get a cans free? Sign me up!

6. Did Frankenstein's monster make this sign?

7. Is possible anything.

8. I attended the wedding of Mrs. Mister and Always Right Right, it was beautiful.


9. You are not our trollies? You are allowed not to take our to help?

10. The hungry the for holiness.

11. A lotta snack YOUR GRILL. No guilt attack OUR DILL.

12. Oh I enter or exit? DO I ENTER OR EXIT?!?!?!


13. Just turn at the corn light.


15. "When should I ask you, DirecTV?" "About.....NOW."

16. Dog crust?

17. You know what? I'm not even gonna try.