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February 15, 2018

It's Been 114 Days Since Michaelia Cash Has Answered Questions About The AWU Raids

Cash gave the media nine minutes notice that she was holding a press conference on Thursday, her first in Canberra since August.

What Brunch Food Are You?

There's nothing better than brunch!

Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Are Separating

The couple famously married in 2015 at Aniston’s Beverly Hills estate, where guests were told the party was to celebrate Theroux’s 44th birthday.

Twitter Now Says Rules About Journalists Being Impersonated In Tweets Need To Be Revised

"People kept saying, 'Don't talk to her, she's racist,' and it just kept getting worse."

No, “Sonic Weapons” Did Not Give US Diplomats In Cuba Concussions

A long-awaited medical report finds a cluster of concussion symptoms among 21 US diplomats serving in Cuba in 2016. But it offers no answers on what happened to them.

Students Who Lived Through The Florida Shooting Are Angry And They Want You To Know

“I was hiding in a closet for 2 hours. It was about guns. You weren’t there, you don’t know how it felt.”

If Only The FBI Had Asked YouTube What It Knew About Nikolas Cruz

YouTuber Ben Bennight had alerted the FBI that someone named Nikolas Cruz left a threatening remark on his channel. The FBI said Thursday it couldn't identify Cruz, but it apparently didn't ask YouTube.

There Were Vagina Wigs At New York Fashion Week, And Yep, It's What You Imagined

You know, for when you want the carpet to match the drapes.

Here’s How The Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Hedley Came Out

"I just decided to start posting these stories that I was receiving anonymously."

The Mother Of A Florida School Shooting Victim Demanded President Trump "Do Something" In An Emotional Interview

"Do something. Action, we need it now. These kids need safety now!" Lori Alhadeff said. Her daughter Alyssa was among the 17 victims in Wednesday's school shooting.

People Are Sharing Why They Didn't Make The Olympics And They're Hilarious

Weirdly, eating cake is not regulation competition yet?

18 Powerful Pictures Of Powerful 20th-Century Women

"If you pick up a camera and you look in it and looks like a picture you’ve seen before, don’t take it."

Culiacán tiene un olor MUUUY particular y es imposible no notarlo

Desde hace días, los ciudadanos no dejan de percibir un olor a caca. Sí, a CACA.

Which Member Of Team Rocket Are You?

Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light! Surrender now, or prepare to fight!

18 Objetos que vas a querer si eres un adulto obsesionado con las caricaturas

Acéptalo: mueres por unos aretes de Coraje y una taza de Hey, Arnold!

9 Beautiful Rose Gold Treats You Can Get At Disney Right Now

For when you want your food to be delicious AND Instagram-worthy.

Make Weeknight Meals Easier With The Instant Pot

Kids will love these easy recipes, which take less time to make than an episode of Peppa Pig.

Here Are The Hoaxes Going Around About The Florida School Shooting

Don’t fall for these hoaxes. Stop the misinformation being spread about the Florida school shooting 👇

Australia's Defence Department Is Suppressing The Names Of 150 Personnel Charged With Serious Criminal Offences

In an ordinary court the names of alleged offenders are generally publicly available, so why do people in the armed forces get special treatment?

Jeffrey Tambor Is Not Returning To "Transparent" After Sexual Harassment Allegations, Amazon Says

Tambor panned the decision, calling the investigation "deeply flawed and biased toward the toxic politicized atmosphere that afflicted our set."

12 Cosas que puedes hacer para celebrar el Año Nuevo Chino en la CDMX

Prepárate para comer toneladas, sacar muchas fotos y acercarte cara a cara con un dragón.

Active Shooter Training In American Schools Has Become The New Normal

Roughly 88% of all K–12 students across the US attend schools that have a plan in place for possible emergencies. Today, the vast majority of these plans include active shooters as a threat.

Nikolas Cruz Admitted He Was The Gunman In Florida School Shooting, Officials Say

Nikolas Cruz also allegedly told police how he planned to get rid of his AR-15 rifle and a vest with additional ammunition so he could blend in as one of the fleeing students.

Which Famous Athlete Would Be Your Coach?

Going to practice is the best part of the day.

Tell Us Your Most Burning Questions For "The Office's" Creed Bratton

You're lying if you say that he wasn't your fave.

32 Super Gay Reasons The 2018 Olympic Gaymes Are The Gayest Ever

We're here, we're queer, and we're going for the gold.

Everyone Has A Soulmate In "The Good Place" – Here's Yours

Who are you destined to spend the afterlife with?

While The World Celebrated Valentine's Day, These Women Held A "Missing Lovers Day"

Years after Sri Lanka's decades-long civil war ended, there are still thousands of families waiting to learn the fate of people who went missing.

He Was Charged With A Hate Crime In Canada, And Welcomed By The Government Of Myanmar

Kevin J. Johnston has gained notoriety for his anti-Muslim tirades, but was welcomed into Myanmar, even as foreign journalists were banned.

The Senate Failed To Pass Anything To Fix DACA, Leaving DREAMers In Limbo

The Senate voted on four different options to save the program that protects the children of undocumented immigrants from deportation. They couldn't pass any of them.

14 problemas que só quem tem a mão suada reconhece

Todo um pânico do crush querer pegar na sua mão!

医師たちの #MeToo  医療の世界にも蔓延するセクハラ



「オリンピックで最も重要なことは、勝つことではなく参加することである。同様に、人生において最も重要なことは、勝つことではなく奮励努力することである」- 国際オリンピック委員会創立者、ピエール・ド・クーベルタン

24 Travel Situations That Only People Shorter Than 5"2 Have Experienced

Yeah, there’s a whole world up there to explore.

Bannon Again Refuses To Answer Questions. Contempt Finding May Be Next.

Members of both parties expressed frustration that the former Trump adviser refused to answer queries beyond 25 questions preapproved by the White House.

People Traveled From Around The World To Be Photographed For This Stunning Photoseries About Freckles

Freckles are gorgeous, and these photos show them in all their glory and variety. (via DYT)

16 Practical IKEA Hacks To Make Your Life All-Around Better

The fastest and simplest Ikea tips and tricks.

Estos profesores son recordados por sacrificarse para salvar a sus alumnos en el tiroteo en Florida

"El señor Beigel fue mi héroe y él siempre será mi héroe", dijo una estudiante.

Somente um brasileiro poderia reagir à uma enchente desta forma

O rondoniense Alex disse que aproveitou a chuva forte para "tomar um banho de rio".

An RCMP Officer Reportedly Said Colten Boushie "Got What He Deserved"

The comment was written in a Facebook group for RCMP officers.

Como uma brincadeira racista fez um estagiário ser demitido pelo chefe negro

Lucas tirou selfie com um grupo de rapazes negros, reproduziu um meme racista no Instagram e foi desligado da academia onde trabalhava – que é de propriedade de um empresário negro.

What Movie Based On A Book Is So Bad It Fills You With Rage?

Those times when saying, "The book was better," is a giant understatement.

31 Painful And Ridiculous Ways People Have Broken Their Body Parts

"There was a sound like uncooked sausages snapping."

16 Formas en las que no sabías que estás perturbando a una persona tímida

No llames... si puedes decirlo en un mensaje de texto.

One Of Trump’s Judicial Nominees Once Wrote That Diversity Is “Code For Relaxed Standards”

Wisconsin lawyer Gordon Giampietro, nominated for a federal district court seat, also made critical remarks on the radio about same-sex relationships and Justice Anthony Kennedy’s rulings on LGBT issues.

“Black Panther” Is A Pan-African Medley Aiming To Reframe The Narrative

Coming from a largely African-American perspective, the creative team behind Black Panther molded Wakanda into a country that spans a continent. (Warning: Light spoilers ahead.)

These Teachers Died Protecting Their Students During The Florida School Shooting

"Mr. Beigel was my hero and he still will forever be my hero.”

34 Things That’ll Make You Say, “Why Don’t I Own That Already?”

From awesome children's books to cute dresses to the perfect collection of makeup brushes: an eclectic mix of some *really awesome* things.

A Divorced Mom Turned Her Wedding Ring From Her Ex Into A Meaningful Birthday Gift For Their Daughter

"Coming from divorced parents, this is the best thing I've ever seen. Turning something horrible into something so beautiful."

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on decorative stacking blocks, desktop humidifiers, vintage gift bags, macrame planters, and more!

28 coisas que você talvez não saiba sobre "Choque de Cultura"

Na ideia original o programa chamava “Julinho da Van Talk Show” e o Bruno Medina, da banda Los Hermanos, era um dos participantes.

¿Eres más como Elio o como Oliver de 'Call Me by Your Name'?

En una de esas, eres como el melocotón ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

McDonald’s And Uber Eats Need Each Other Now More Than Ever

The two companies both desire a bigger share of the world. They found each other.

McDonald's Is Cutting Cheeseburgers And Chocolate Milk From Happy Meals And That Makes People Sad

You can still get them by special request though, if you really want.

Catt Sadler Explains How She Really Found Out She Was Being "Severely Underpaid" At E!

"I knew if I just accepted what was offered to me, that would conflict with who I was."

¿Puedes adivinar de qué parte de Asia son estos platillos?

¿Sabes de dónde es el chop suey? Probablemente, no.

Difficult Men Meet Their Match In “Fifty Shades” And “Phantom Thread”

The Best Picture nominee and the erotic trilogy don’t banish the aspirational fairy tale of what happens to women who marry powerful men, but they do both hold it up to a new light. Spoilers below!

El 99% de la gente no puede sacar 16/16 en este quiz de películas infantiles

Las viste cuando eras niño, ¿pero qué tan bien las recuerdas?

10 Pasteleros que deberían ser despedidos y 10 que se merecen un premio

Hacer pasteles no es pan comido... badum tss.

UKIP Is Facing Financial Ruin Over Legal Bill

The party can't currently afford to pay its leader – and now has to pay a large legal bill after one of its MEPs libelled three Labour politicians.

28 Secretos de "America's Next Top Model" que te dejarán helado

Nadie puede hablar hasta que las cámaras estén filmando.

21 Señales de que ser femenina no es tu fuerte

Tú faltaste a esa clase de corte y confección, amiga.

17 Mentiras que todos decimos todo el tiempo

Nadie ha leído todos esos términos y condiciones.

16 Pequeños trucos que te ayudarán a ahorrar dinero en el súper

Lo que sea con tal de ahorrar un poco de $$$.

9 Plantas que puedes tener en tu casa aunque mates todo lo que tocas

La atención, agua y luz que necesitan son mínimas.

Estos son todos los tipos de personaje femeninos en las películas de acción

La prueba de que hombres y mujeres PUEDEN ser amigos, siempre y cuando ella no sea muy guapa.

17 Trucos facilísimos de cocina que toooooodos deberían saber

En sus marcas, listos y a cocinar un millón de veces más fácil que antes.

La forma en que preparas tu café dice tu mejorsísima cualidad

¿Prefieres azúcar o tú pura estevia?

Estas 15 preguntas revelarán que tipo de roomie eres

¿El súper estricto o al que le vale madres la vida?

21 Consejos para mantenerte en forma aunque tu trabajo te quite mucho tiempo

Puedes estar súper fit aunque tengas una chamba de tiempo completo.

This Might Be The Most Savage Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Exchange Ever

"Ever since Ashley Madison closed I've been so lonely..."

A Anitta tirou sarro de "influenciadores" que vivem pedindo ingresso de graça

Ela fez Stories no Instagram para debochar sem dó de quem pede coisas porque tem "vários seguidores".

"Bloody Nose" Attack On North Korea Not Being Considered, White House Confirms

A quick strike to deal with North Korea's nuclear and missile programs is one option bandied about in Washington. But the White House confirmed Thursday it is not being considered.

Here's The Full Transcript Of Trump's Address To The Nation After The Florida School Shooting

"No child, no teacher should ever be in danger in an American school."

17 Things You Know If You've Never Once Been On Time In Your Entire Life

No matter how hard you try, you're always at least five minutes late.

«Je vais devenir un pro des attaques d'écoles»: le FBI avait été alerté d'un message menaçant posté sur Youtube avant la tuerie en Floride

En septembre, un utilisateur de YouTube qui porte le même nom que l'auteur de la fusillade en Floride, Nikolas Cruz, avait laissé un message particulièrement inquiétant sous une vidéo : «Je vais devenir un professionnel des attaques d'écoles avec une arme à feu». Le FBI avait été alerté.

16 coisinhas que conseguem irritar qualquer um

Quando você muda de fila no caixa de supermercado porque a outra parece mais rápida, mas daí a que você estava começa a andar.

Este quiz te dirá qué tan clavado estás con tu pareja

¿Te ríes de todos sus chistes aunque no sean graciosos y tienes quinientas fotos de su carita hermosa?

32 Bathing Suits You 100% Need For Your Next Vacation

I'll take a oneway ticket to literally anywhere, please!

Voici 12 dupes de beauté à connaître absolument

Pour toutes les fins de mois difficiles.

El FBI fue advertido sobre una amenaza de tiroteo escolar por un usuario de YouTube llamado Nikolas Cruz, mismo nombre del agresor en Florida

En septiembre, un usuario de YouTube llamado Nikolas Cruz dejó un comentario en un video: "Voy a ser un tirador escolar profesional". Ayer, un joven con el mismo nombre mató a 17 personas en una preparatoria. No se ha confirmado que sea el mismo.

How I Cracked Facebook’s New Algorithm And Tortured My Friends

Or, how to lose friends and influence people.

Départ de Mennel Ibtissem: «c'est bien elle qui a choisi de partir», affirme son avocat

Info BuzzFeed - Pour la première fois depuis la polémique, l'avocat de la candidate de «The Voice» s'exprime. Elle «est déterminée à devenir artiste», même si c'est elle qui a choisi de quitter le télé-crochet, affirme-t-il.

Everyone Has A Bread Type That Matches Their Personality — Here's Yours

Get ~bready~ to learn the truth about yourself.

Former White House Officials Say Trump Aides’ Story On Clearances Doesn’t Add Up

"If bad judgment was used, then just own it," said a former Bush administration official.

Kelly Ripa Said She Had To Talk Her Kids "Off A Ledge This Morning Because They Were Afraid To Go To School," After The Florida Mass Shooting

"You don't want to mislead your kids and say this is never going to happen," Ripa said. "You hope and pray it doesn't happen, but when they are inundated with these images every day, day after day, all the time, you start to feel like a liar."

'Fake news' a la mexicana: por qué Facebook es incapaz de controlar la desinformación

La red social creada por Mark Zuckerberg delegó la responsabilidad a la audiencia para que esta elija qué medios leer y en cuales creer.

16 Tweets über GERMANY'S NEXT TOPMODEL, die dich perfekt auf die nächste Folge einstimmen

GNTM mit Heidi und den „MÄÄÄÄÄÄÄDEEEEEEEEELS” geht heute in die nächste Runde.

25 Low-Maintenance Beauty Tips And Products Made For Lazy People

Or anyone who wants an actual effortless, effortless look.

A Federal Appeals Court Ruled That Trump's Third Travel Ban Is Likely Unconstitutional

"To the objective observer, the Proclamation continues to exhibit a primarily religious anti-Muslim objective," a judge wrote in the main opinion.

"Máfia do lixo" gera inquérito contra relator da reforma da Previdência

Deputado Arthur Maia (PPS-BA) é acusado de receber mensalinho com dinheiro desviado da cidade de Bom Jesus da Lapa, onde já foi prefeito.

18 Estándares de belleza absolutamente imposibles de cumplir

¿Quién podría estar a la altura? ¡NADIE!

Puerto Rico's Governor Didn't Want To Answer Questions About The Death Toll After The Hurricane. We Asked Anyway.

The death toll from the hurricane currently stands at 64 people, a figure met with skepticism by funeral directors on the island.

30 Insanely Delicious NYC Eats To Try Before Winter Ends

How many can you check off your list?

Can You Actually Guess How Old These 2018 Olympians Are?

What were you doing when you were 17?

A Live Lounge Failed To Go Ahead After A Brits Nominee Accused Radio 1 Of Not Being Allowed To Play The Covers He Wanted

Loyle Carner decided not to perform on Radio 1's Live Lounge, and two live previously-recorded songs were broadcasted on the station instead.

136 Pflegekräfte berichten gegenüber BuzzFeed News, sexuell belästigt worden zu sein

Fast der Hälfte passiert dies regelmäßig. Viele Arbeitgeber kümmern sich nicht ausreichend um den Schutz ihrer Angestellten. Eine Recherche von BuzzFeed News.

Quão FUDIDO você é?

Vamos comprovar cientificamente se você nasceu pra se dar mal.

16 Of The Best Snowshoes You Can Get Online

Get where you need to go in unfriendly terrain with this footwear.

This Tory Minister Belonged To A Private Facebook Group That Wants To Bring Back Workhouses For The Poor

The closed group called "The Ultras" also argues for privatising healthcare and the return of workhouses for debtors. Dominic Raab says he wasn't aware he was part of it.

Aqui está uma ótima ideia para seu próximo churrasco de galera

Projetor + FIFA + prédio vizinho em construção = curtição.

The Latest: Students Resume Classes At Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Amid An Increased Security Presence

Debate and protests continue to rage over how to respond to the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, that left 17 students and faculty members dead.

Florida Shooting, Zuma Out, A Plane Falls Apart Mid-Flight

Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, Feb. 15

Here Are All Of The Victims Of The Florida School Shooting

At least 17 people died Wednesday after a shooter opened fire inside of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

FBI foi alertado em setembro sobre ameaça de atirador em escola na Flórida

Em comentário postado no YouTube, um usuário chamado Nikolas Cruz — mesmo nome do suspeito preso — dizia: "Eu serei um atirador de escola profissional". Ao menos 17 pessoas foram mortas.

7 coisas importantes sobre o tempo que você passa no celular

Em resumo: não precisa se preocupar tanto assim.

17 Quotes From Literature That Will Help You Through Darker Days

"Love lights more fires than hate extinguishes." – Ella Wheeler Wilcox

21 Dirt Destroying Vacuums That People Actually Swear By

Get ready to have the cleanest floor of all time.

Nelson Mandela's Chief Negotiator Was Just Declared President Of South Africa

The former businessman is the fifth president of post-apartheid South Africa, replacing Jacob Zuma, who resigned amid pressure from his own party.

What Episode From A TV Show Royally Pissed You Off?

Let this article be your place to vent.

21 Dinge, die passieren, wenn du total pleite bist

Geschrieben von einer mittellosen Person für andere Mittellose.

Nikolas Cruz Has Been Charged With Premeditated Murder After The Florida School Shooting

The 19-year-old has been charged in relation to the deaths of at least 17 people at a high school in Parkland, Florida.

23 fantastische Orte, die du wirklich alle in Ostdeutschland findest

Deutschland ist schön. Aber besonders Ostdeutschland ist eine Reise wert.

17 rührend liebe Dinge, die Schwestern füreinander getan haben

"Ich hatte gerade einen meiner vielen traurigen Tage, als meine Schwester in mein Zimmer platzte, sich auf mich drauflegte und behauptete, sie würde die Traurigkeit aus mir rausquetschen. Sie ist 25."



What Are Your Favorite Products For Traveling With Kids?

Because children are wonderful — but long trips with children, sometimes not so much.

29 Of The Best Places To Buy Inexpensive Coats Online

Places to buy parkas, puffers, and peacoats that are *not* a million dollars.



27 Things You Can Get At Overstock That People Actually Swear By

A slow cooker, an inexpensive mattress pad, facial moisturizer, and other affordable things that people just can't seem to live without!!

20 Things All Indians Must Do In Their 20s

Master the art of not giving a fuck when relatives and neighbours ask, "Beta shaadi kab karoge?"

¿Con qué signo del Zodíaco eres más compatible?

¿Con qué signo eres más compatible?

21 leicht ärgerliche Dinge, die uns alle ernsthaft anpissen

Nichts gleicht dem Gefühl, vom Laden nach Hause zu kommen – und zwar ohne den einen Artikel, für den du hingegangen bist!



The FBI Was Warned About A School Shooting Threat From A YouTube User Named Nikolas Cruz In September

In September, a YouTube user named Nikolas Cruz left a comment on a video stating, "I'm going to be a professional school shooter." The video's creator alerted both the FBI and YouTube.

買えるなら絶対買って! セブン-イレブンで「エモいパン」が発見される

①地元のパン屋さんを思い出させる ②温かみのあるパン ③小学生に戻っちゃう





結構大人びた? 平昌オリンピックの選手たちを初出場の頃と比べてみた


「オタク川柳」渾身の20句 今年も傑作ばかりで草生える

前回の大賞は“「君の名は」 聞いてくれたの ポリスだけ”。

8 Times EIC Gave Us A Dose Of Laughter

"The most racist of all sound effects is whenever there's a Sardaarji, there's always a 'Bolo, Bolo, Bolo, Bolo, Bolo'."

Students Sent Heartbreaking Texts During The Florida High School Shooting

"If I don't make it I love you and I appreciated everything you did for me."

We Spoke To Black Market Medical Cannabis Patients Who Don't Access The Drug Legally. Here's What They Said.

Australian patients using medicinal cannabis illegally say their only worry about being arrested would be having their medicine taken from them.

Here’s How EPA Penalties For Polluters Dropped In Trump’s First Year

“The facts speak for themselves,” said an expert. “There’s certainly a drop.”

アイスホッケー女子の南北合同チーム オリンピック会場外の人々の思い


Are You In Love Based On The Chocolate You Make?

Are you in love with someone or with chocolate?

Twitter's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Livestream Was Part Of A New Initiative

As Facebook deemphasizes news in its core experience, Twitter does the opposite.

Flash Briefing For February 15, 2018

Yet another school shooting, police audio captures Andrew Kearse’s last moments, YouTube TV adds more programming, and Weight Watchers…for teens?

「いま教室に閉じ込められてる」 フロリダの高校で銃乱射、生徒らが校内からツイート


32 Things You're Definitely Going To Want On Your Next Bad Day

When even singing a sad song just to turn it around doesn't work.

32 TV Deaths That Nearly Made You Call In Sick The Next Day

Using up more Kleenex than a teenage boy over here.

How Well Do You Remember "The O.C." Characters?

Does Ryan's white tank count as a character?

Un adolescente disparó en una preparatoria de Florida y dejó 17 muertos

Las autoridades confirmaron que el agresor, de 18 años, ya fue detenido.

These Pro-Black Sweatshirts Are The V-Day Day Gifts You'll Wish You Got Your Woke Bae

"Valentine's Day coincides with Black History Month, the blackest time of the year."

31 Hilarious Moments From "The Good Place," And Man, Do You Need To Laugh

"You humans have so many emotions! You only need two: anger and confusion!"

Barnaby Joyce Says He Offered To Pay Rent On His Armidale Love Shack

The deputy prime minister claims a long-time Nationals donor and friend approached him with the offer of free accommodation while he wasn't an MP.

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