18 Things All Extroverted Introverts Know To Be True

    "I feel like going out." - Me, five minutes after saying I'm staying in.

    1. You love people watching because it combines both your introvert and extrovert tendencies.

    2. Your bank account often fluctuates because you're either spending a ton of money going out, or it piles up because you're staying in.

    3. You go from going days without talking to your friends...

    4. ...to spending an entire week together.

    5. And it's not a surprise when you cancel plans at the last minute.

    6. You easily develop new friendships, but struggle with maintaining them.

    7. You've often thought, "I should've stayed home" while you're out.

    8. And you've also thought, "Man, I should've gone out" when you stayed in.

    9. You love your alone time as much as you love spending time with your friends.

    10. And when you're out doing said socializing, you prefer your close friends instead of random groups of people.

    11. But when the night is over, you need a few hours of alone time.

    12. You despise small talk because you prefer to have long conversations or not talk at all.

    13. Your friends never know when they're going to get a response from you, because you're just not good at text messaging.

    14. You're referred to as the "quiet one" in your friend group.

    15. And people who don't know you think you're a complete extrovert.

    16. You love being the center of attention just as much as you hate it.

    17. You rarely, if ever, initiate a plan to hang out.

    18. But in the end, you find joy in mixing the perfect balance of staying in and going out.