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February 22, 2018

Which Sequel Do You Like More?

"The original is always best" is no longer an excuse...

Arma una casa de lujo y te diremos qué reggaetonero te representa

¿Eres sencillo como Daddy Yankee o extravagante como Ozuna?

Why Can Everyone Spot Fake News But YouTube, Facebook, And Google?

And beyond that, why is it — after multiple national tragedies politicized by hoaxes and misinformation — that such a question even needs to be asked?

This New Winky Lux Collection Is A Must-Have For Coffee Lovers

Break out the almond milk, people, because this coffee-scented makeup looks good enough to drink.

Trump Linked Violent Video Games And Movies To The Florida School Shooting

"I'm hearing more and more people say the level of violence on video games is really shaping young people's thoughts," the president said.

Which High-Fashion Brand Are You?

Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang.

People Are Sharing Side Profile Selfies To Prove That All Noses Are Beautiful

The #SideProfileSelfie campaign wants to destroy the notion that "you can’t be beautiful unless you have a snub little ski-slope of a nose."

The Armed Florida School Officer Didn't Go Into The Building During The Mass Shooting

An armed school resource officer at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High stood outside the building while the shooter opened fire on students and teachers, Sheriff Scott Israel said.

The Governor Of Missouri Has Been Arrested And Charged For Invasion Of Privacy

A grand jury indicted Gov. Eric Greitens on Thursday for photographing a woman "in a state of full or partial nudity" without her consent.

Plan A Cozy Morning In Seven Steps And We'll Give You A Fluffy Dog Breed To Adopt

Everything that gives you the fuzzy, warm feeling in your stomach.

Black Panther Is Triggering Trypophobia And The Internet Has Thoughts

Warning: This post contains images that may make people with trypophobia incredibly uncomfortable.

25 Catholic Tweets That'll Have You Saying, "Wow, This Is So Real!"

"Is that dirt on your forehead?" —every non-Catholic on Ash Wednesday

Walmart Is Starting To Look A Lot Like West Elm

Walmart is overhauling its website starting with a new "shopping experience" in its home department, and it looks a whole lot like West Elm.

França tenta descobrir o que fazer com crianças cujos pais se filiaram ao Estado Islâmico

Quarenta e quatro crianças estão em um programa do governo que oferece abrigo e educação – além de monitoramento de traumas e crenças extremistas. Porém, membros do governo dizem que o programa ainda é inadequado.

Here’s Why I’ll Never Go Low Carb, And I’m A Personal Trainer

Plenty of people try low-carb diets, but here's why I've found they're not right for me.

23 Memes de 'How I Met Your Mother' que te van a hacer reír sin importar cuánto tiempo pase

Porque podrán pasar los años, pero la serie nunca dejará de sacarte una carcajada... y muchas lágrimas.

絵本は誰のためにある? のぶみ氏炎上を見て考えたこと


20 Awesome Clothing Brands That'll Change Your Closet Forever

These amazing black-owned and black-founded clothing brands are setting fashion trends worldwide.

The Bigger The Nose, The More Sex These Monkeys Have, According To Science

A new study of the endangered proboscis monkey proves that size DOES matter.

Poland Expected To Vote On Banning Kosher Slaughter Amid Holocaust Uproar

Israel’s feud with Poland over a recent law on the Holocaust could soon be made worse with a vote on a bill restricting the kosher and halal slaughter of meat.

Saoirse Ronan Has A New Movie Coming Out From The Same Writer As "Atonement" And OMG

Let's just give Saoirse Ronan all of the awards forever, okay?

A New Indictment Charges Paul Manafort And Rick Gates With Filing False Tax Returns And Bank Fraud

A federal jury in Virginia returned a 32-count indictment that accuses Manafort and Gates of committing a string of financial crimes.

16 Food Facts That Will Make You Feel Better About Eating Healthy

If you eat spicy food, you'll live longer.

Teachers Are Standing Up For What They Need To Be "Armed With" In The Classroom Instead Of Guns

"Teachers are outraged. We want more. We need more. We demand more for our students."

16 Lugares embrujados de la CDMX que te van a hacer llorar de miedo

Las calles por las que siempre pasas no son lo que parecen.

In 46 States, People Of Color Deal With More Air Pollution Than White People Do, Study Finds

The study adds to years of research suggesting that people of color encounter the most air pollution in the US, increasing their risk of asthma, heart disease, and other illnesses.

How Pie Keeps Me Steady

I've loved baking pie since I was a kid. In recent years, while writing a book about schizophrenia, I began to think more about why.

The Pentagon Had A Wednesday Deadline For Its Transgender Military Proposal. So Where Is It?

The Pentagon said the White House would make an announcement. The White House said to ask the National Security Council. The NSC said to talk to the Pentagon. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Estas coisas estão fazendo muita falta na vida das pessoas

Tudo começou com o vídeo da Jout Jout, mas já estamos pensando em comida, sim.

18 Life-Changing Tips For Keeping A Journal

Maybe you should write these your journal!

Gracias a estas mujeres muchas personas en la Ciudad de México tienen agua en sus hogares

En algunos zonas, los grifos han estado secos durante más de un año. La gente baña a sus hijos con agua embotellada. Un grupo de mujeres se hizo cargo de la distribución de agua de las autoridades de la ciudad. El futuro temido por millones de personas en todo el mundo ya ha llegado a la Ciudad de México.

Fried Chicken Pot Pie Filling

Fried Chicken Pot Pie Filling

Republicans Are Praising Trump To Try And Get What They Want. It Doesn’t Always Work.

With a president so receptive to praise, Republican senators see a chance to wield significant power — but it doesn’t always work.

23 Things Only People With A Life-Threatening Nut Allergy Will Understand

We're not just being picky, your snack LITERALLY might kill us...

Arthur Virgílio deve desistir de prévias do PSDB, liberando o caminho para Alckmin

Candidatura presidencial de Alckmin, que já era favorita no ninho tucano, caminha para ser homologada sem a necessidade de bater chapa.

38 fatos para você que quer procrastinar

"Tomar Paracetamol demais pode levar à falência do fígado e até a morte."

Por que o cabelo de uma é motivo de chacota e o da outra não?

Yasmin Stevam e Camila Queiroz utilizam o cabelo comprido, mas apenas Yasmin foi discriminada por isso.

Here Are Some Job Ads For The Russian Troll Factory

Archived postings from 2014 and 2015 show what the Internet Research Agency was looking for in its hires.

Meade, quien presume ser un ciudadano sin partido, sumó a Beltrones, Chong y Paredes a su campaña

El candidato presidencial ha sumado a políticos tradicionales del PRI, a pesar de que presume su independencia.

How Do You Fix A Bullet-Shattered Heart?

In cities across the United States, surgeons and first responders are becoming experts in a kind of medicine typically learned in war zones.

Estos jóvenes poblanos no tenían preparatoria en su comunidad, así que decidieron construir una por su cuenta

Los chicos de Tepetzintán, Puebla están tomando su educación en sus propias manos.

Kylie Jenner’s Tweet Isn't Snapchat's Only Problem

“sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore?”

These Women Are The Only Reason Some People In Mexico City Get Any Water

In some places, taps have been dry for over a year. People bathe their children with bottled water. A group of women has taken over water distribution from the city authorities. The future feared by millions of people across the world has already arrived in Mexico City.

Scientists Have Discovered Cave Paintings With Sophisticated Symbolism Made By Neanderthals

“The wider significance of our research is to finally put to bed the sense that Neanderthals were very different from us,” one of the researchers said.

Oprah Didn't Recognize One Of The Most Famous Actors In The World At Ellen's Birthday Party

And YOU get an awkward interaction, and YOU get an awkward interaction!

There's Going To Be An Independent Review Of The Death Toll In Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria

George Washington University's school of public health will lead the study and publish a report in a year.

Robert Mueller Knows How To Keep A Secret

Dutch lawyer Alex van der Zwaan’s guilty plea this week was the latest case kept under wraps by the special counsel’s office until a public announcement.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on dry shampoo, vintage stamps, end tables, commuter mugs, and more!

14 motoristas do Uber que só podiam existir no Brasil mesmo

"Ana, desculpe, vou ter que cancelar, tô tomando caldo de cana."

These Writers Are Launching A New Wave Of Native American Literature

With two highly anticipated books, Terese Marie Mailhot and Tommy Orange are part of a new generation of indigenous writers, trained in a program that rejects the standards of white academia.

HFPA Is Investigating Brendan Fraser's Claim That He Was Groped By Its Former President

“I felt ill. I felt like a little kid. I felt like there was a ball in my throat. I thought I was going to cry," Fraser said.

Students Are Split On Whether They Should Support Uni Lecturers Going On Strike

University lecturers have walked out over changes to their pensions – and there are further strikes planned in March. Some students say that supporting them is an investment in their education.

Net Neutrality Rules Will Start To Die On April 23

With the Federal Communication Commission’s order gutting net neutrality rules officially entering the Federal Register today, people and groups in favor of the rules are gearing up for a fight.

Get Ready For More Amazon Go Stores

The automated convenience stores are likely to open in Seattle and Los Angeles, according to Recode.

21 choses que les gynécologues veulent que vous sachiez à propos de vos règles

On vous explique pourquoi le sang est plus foncé à la fin de vos règles, par exemple.

A Convicted Murderer Built Billy Graham's Simple Casket

"America's Pastor" will lie in state in the US Capitol in a plywood casket made by inmates at Louisiana State Penitentiary.

Everyone Is Obsessed With Curling And No One Knows Why

Enter these videos in the Olympics.

27 Things From Overstock That'll Make It Look Like You Hired An Interior Designer

Why spend your hard earned money on a designer when you can hit up Overstock?!

So Avocado Proposals Are A Thing Now

What have we done, you guys?

Este é um pequeno guia para classificar dates através da questão camisinha

(Já pressupondo que deu certo o suficiente para chegar nos finalmentes.)

My Friends Won't Stop Texting Me For This Outrageously Good Hummus Recipe

If you have the energy to learn how to make just one food over the course of your lifetime, let it be this one.

11 hommes qui ne font même pas semblant d'essayer de faire correctement des tâches ménagères

Mettre son t-shirt au micro-onde pour qu'il sèche plus vite... Comment dire ?

18 Tweets And Tumblr Posts About Sex That Are So Funny You'll Pee A Little

"I'm afraid sex will sound the same as when you stir potato salad and that’s why i’m staying a virgin."

He Became A Celebrity For Putting Science Before God. Now Lawrence Krauss Faces Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct.

Lawrence Krauss is a famous atheist and liberal crusader — and, in certain whisper networks, a well-known problem. With women coming forward alleging sexual harassment, will his “skeptic” fanbase believe the evidence?

Você consegue gastar 1 bilhão de dólares?

Este teste é mais difícil do que você pensa.

Gucci Put Turbans On Their Models And People Are Not Happy

The show also featured models wearing items that looked like hijabs and pagodas.

Até aluguel de iate foi usado como propina no Paraná, diz Lava Jato

Operação Integração, 48ª fase da Lava Jato, suspeita que uma empresa com contratos no Paraná pagava despesas pessoais e itens de luxo como propina a um dirigente.

Pick Out An Outfit And We'll Guess Your Favorite Ariana Grande Song

Something 'bout you makes me feel like a dangerous woman.

Você sabe dizer o que está faltando nestas famosas cenas de filmes?

Este teste é para quem presta atenção aos detalhes!

Uber Will “Invest Aggressively” In India And Southeast Asia, CEO Says

“We expect to lose money in Southeast Asia and expect to invest aggressively,” said CEO Dara Khosrowshahi.

No hay nada más difícil que este ¿qué prefieres? de lácteos

Si amas la leche, la crema o el queso, neta no hagas este quiz.

31 Hilarious Things Winter Olympian Athletes Look Just Like

I'm seeing gold and I'm seeing double.

16 anecdotes sur Ikea plus savoureuses que leurs boulettes de renne

Ses étagères Billy viennent toutes d'un petit village suédois de 250 habitants.

Warum ihr jetzt auf Instagram Menschen mit zugeklebten Mündern seht – alles zu #wegmit219a

Menschen in ganz Deutschland machen Selfies von sich mit zugeklebten Mündern: Unter dem Hashtag #wegmit219a protestieren sie gegen den Paragrafen 219a, der "Werbung für den Abbruch einer Schwangerschaft" verbietet.

A dona Joana é a digital influencer que vale a pena seguir

Live de uma vovó fazendo massa de bolinhos, é isso o que a gente quer!

Can You Tell Which Of These Fancy Food Words Is Fake?

Time to put your culinary knowledge to the test.

Allison Janney Met The Duchess Of Cambridge While Barefoot And Called Her "Honey," So She's Our New Hero

"I called her honey, and that might not have been royal etiquette."

21 Incredibly Comfy Pieces Of Clothing You'll Want To Wear Every Day

The softest and coziest tees, leggings, sweats, jackets, and more that you honestly need in your life.

O Bill Gates não tem IDEIA de qual é o preço das coisas no supermercado

O bilionário dono da Microsoft foi no programa da Ellen DeGeneres e teve que adivinhar o preço de alguns produtos.

27 Ways To Make Your Sad Desk Lunch Happier

Saving money doesn't have to be an excruciating nightmare filled with limp lettuce and soggy PB&Js.

Kylie Jenner Just Revealed An Adorable Detail About Stormi

Sounds like she's completely smitten.

Um vídeo do governo confirma que homens não limpam a bunda

"Deus do céu até bicicleta passou por aqui", afirma Valentina.

28 hacks de IKEA para que tu casa parezca mucho más original

¡Ya no la confundirás con las casas de tus amigos!

31 coisas que aconteceriam se os universos de "Friends" e "How I Met Your Mother" se cruzassem

Ted com certeza acabaria namorando com Janice em algum momento.

Boris Johnson Let A Pro-Brexit Think Tank Launch At The Foreign Office Without Paying A Hire Fee

Exclusive: Emails reveal how the civil service ethics chief Sue Gray raised objections to a pro-Brexit think tank getting the free arrangement with the Foreign Office.

Harvey Weinstein Apologized To Meryl Streep And Jennifer Lawrence For Using Their Words In His Defense

"Mr. Weinstein acknowledges the valuable input both Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lawrence have contributed to this conversation and apologizes."

Ministro polonês declara apoio à criação de museu do "Polocausto"

Na semana passada, a Polônia aprovou lei que torna crime dizer que o país colaborou com o Holocausto.

"Parks And Rec" Stars Slammed The NRA For Using A Leslie Knope GIF

"I would prefer you not use a GIF from a show I worked on to promote your pro-slaughter agenda."

22 Reasons Why Melbourne Is London’s Cooler Little Sister

Sorry London, your cool game is slipping.

Trump Tweeted He Never Said "Give Teachers Guns" — Then He Said Teachers Should Have Guns

The president originally made the "concealed carry" proposal Wednesday at a town hall with the families of victims of the Parkland, Florida shooting, before going into detail Thursday morning.

15 photos d'accouchement, de grossesse et d'allaitement qui vont vous laisser sans voix

Des photos d'accouchement, d'allaitement, de premières rencontres émouvantes et sans faux-semblants.

This Country's Leader Literally Threatened To Beat Up Protesters When He Visits Australia

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen really, really does not want demonstrators to burn effigies of him when he visits Australia next month.

Les Sud-Coréens ont découvert une nouvelle façon de faire du curling avec un robot-aspirateur et je n'ai besoin de rien de plus

La Corée du Sud est devenue fan de curling pendant les Jeux olympiques d'hiver, ce qui a donné lieu a beaucoup de vidéos hilarantes.

Stormzy Called Out Theresa May And The Daily Mail At The Brits And Here's Why It's Significant

Shortly after winning his second award of the night, the musician performed a politically charged rap in which he criticised the PM over Grenfell, cussed the Daily Mail, called out media bias and inequality, and then saluted a new generation of British talent.

15 Things You'll Only Understand If You Hate Clubbing

Too loud and too crowded. I'd rather just Netflix and chill.

Police Say They're Treating The Hoax Anthrax Package Sent To Meghan Markle As A Racist Hate Crime

A parcel containing a substance purporting to be the deadly poison anthrax – which turned out to be harmless white powder – was sent to Kensington Palace, addressed to Meghan Markle.

Si vous êtes végétarien ou végétalien et que vous habitez à Paris, voici le guide qu'il vous faut

Nettement mieux que «l'assiette végétarienne» avec trois tomates et un concombre.

What It Is Like To Live With Mental Illness In India

There is so much about mental illness that is not just unseen, but hopelessly misunderstood by the law, people, and Indian society.

Downing Street Has Said Theresa May Is "Absolutely Committed" To Grenfell After Stormzy Called Her Out

Stormzy rapped: "Theresa May, where's the money for Grenfell? What, you thought we just forgot about Grenfell?" at the Brit Awards last night.

Queremos bolsillos grandes y útiles en la ropa para mujeres y los queremos AHORA

La mayor innovación que podría tener la moda ya existe y llevamos literalmente siglos pidiéndola.

Potato Roses

The only flowers I want.

Ellen Degeneres Asked Bill Gates What It's Like To Be A Billionaire And Now I Feel Poor AF

"We have a trampoline room in our house; I highly recommend it."

25 Tweets You'll Crack Up At If You Wish You Were A Winter Olympian But Aren't

"Every day I need more and more olympic ice dancing in order to get high."

17 Dinge, die dich Paare in offenen Beziehungen wissen lassen wollen

"Offene Beziehung heißt nicht, dass wir niemals eifersüchtig sind."

Bundesverwaltungsgericht: Fahrverbote für Diesel sind zulässig

Das Bundesverwaltungsgericht hat Fahrverbote für Diesel für zulässig erklärt. Damit stehen die Besitzer von 13 Millionen Fahrzeugen vor der Frage, ob sie demnächst in Städten noch fahren dürfen. Sieben Fragen und Antworten dazu.

In welche unterschätzte Stadt solltest du als nächstes reisen?

Alle Welt spricht von Paris, London, New York... probier mal was anderes.

The Woman Who Produced "The Girl With All The Gifts" Left The UK Because Of Brexit

130,000 EU citizens left Britain last year, the highest recorded level since 2008, official figures released today show.

19 Struggles Only The Youngest Sibling Will Get

"My brother duct taped me to a treadmill and turned it to the highest setting once."

Neues „Racial Profiling“-Urteil: Kontrollen der Bundespolizei seit 2006 illegal

Über Jahre hinweg hat die Bundespolizei Menschen in Zügen und auf Bahnhöfen ohne rechtliche Grundlage kontrolliert. Der Verwaltungsgerichtshof in Mannheim hat diese Praxis nun für illegal erklärt. Es ist nicht das erste Gericht, das so urteilt.

Ex-Priester wegen Kindesmissbrauch in 108 Fällen zu achteinhalb Jahren Haft verurteilt

Der Mann hatte sich unter falschem Namen das Vertrauen strenggläubiger Familien erschlichen und war bereits einschlägig vorbestraft.

This Major Finance Company Told A Gay Customer It Can't Recognise His Marriage

Pensions provider Scottish Widows revealed to a customer that it could only send out letters assuming customers were in heterosexual marriages. "It doesn't just affect me," he told BuzzFeed News.

Can We Actually Guess Your Height Based On The Sandwich You Make?

This is *very* scientific and 100% accurate.





18 cosas extrañamente interesantes que no sabías de Ikea

¿Sabías que "Ikea" es un acrónimo?

24 Grossly Satisfying Cleaning Products You Need In Your Arsenal ASAP

Anyone else curse loudly when a cleaning product works way better than you expected? No? Maybe it's just me.

8 graphiques pour en savoir un peu plus sur les huiles essentielles

Vous allez sûrement devenir accro à l'aromathérapie.



This Former Health Minister Says The Government Is Breaking Its Promises On Mental Health

"It’s hugely disappointing and deeply frustrating," Norman Lamb told BuzzFeed News.

17 tareas cotidianas que no sabías que estabas haciendo mal

Por fin encuentras uso para el quitagrapas que inexplicablemente sigues teniendo.









Just 18 LOLworthy Jokes About Justin Trudeau's Already Eventful And Overdressed Trip To India

"Justin Trudeau has more Indian outfits than all the male members of my family combined."

How Selena Gomez’s Public Battle With Illness Helped Me Fight Mine

I was diagnosed with a life-altering autoimmune disease at 18. Every single day has been a struggle since. But whenever Selena drops a catchy new single, looking like the million bucks that she does, I find hope.

Which Snowboarding Tricks Are Real And Which Did We Just Make Up?

You can't make this shit up... or can you?

This Florida Sheriff Just Called Out The NRA For Failing Students By Not Supporting Gun Control

“I think what we need in America is less guns on our streets, not more guns.”

A Police Officer Was Caught Trolling Former Colleagues Using A Fake Name On Facebook

He's the head of professional standards, and says it's his right to use a fake name for public commentary.

24 Music Festivals To Attend In 2018

Which ones will you grab tickets for?







「日清」と社名につく食品会社3社 無関係だって知ってた?

「日清グループ」なんてなかった! 日清製粉と日清食品、日清オイリオの3社は全く関係のない違う会社だって知っていましたか? 同じ会社やグループ会社だと思われがちですが、実は全く別の会社が似た名前になっただけ。日清製粉と日清オイリオの担当者に話を聞き、なぜ違う会社が一緒の「日清」を冠する社名になったのか聞きました。それぞれの会社の名前の由来も調べたところ、驚きのことがわかりました。

Go On A Summer Road Trip And We'll Reveal Which Car You Should Drive

It's never to early to start planning your summer.

大杉漣さん死去 訃報から一夜、芸能界から悲しみの声が相次ぐ


イースターの季節に♪ マシュマロうさぎのドーナッツ


Here's A List Of The Absolute Creepiest Horror Movies Coming Out In 2018

Because every day is Halloween if you believe hard enough.

Seven Teens Have Been Hospitalised After Taking A "Powdered Drug" At School

The students, aged between 14 and 15, reported to their school's health centre around 2:30pm on Wednesday afternoon.

If You Know All 10 Of These 90s Tori Amos Facts, You're A True Stan

If I do it fast, I hear that's an act of kindness.

Aussie Teens Are Watching A Lot Of Porn. Here's What's "Concerning" About It.

Men were less likely to perceive the porn they watched as nonconsensual or violent.

ビットコイン2千兆円男がZaifに苦言 「怒りというより呆れています」


Florida Sheriff Orders Officers At School Campuses To Be Armed With AR-15 Rifles

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel described schools Wednesday as "soft targets," and said qualified officers would begin carrying AR-15 assault rifles on campus.

A Director For The Women's March LA Put In A Permit For The Florida Students' "March For Our Lives" Rally

A representative for the students didn't immediately return a request for comment, and it is unclear if this is the permit they have officially submitted for the rally.

Trump Wrote A Reminder To Himself To Say "I Hear You" To Speakers On School Gun Violence

At a White House listening session with people affected by school mass shootings, a photographer snapped a picture of the president's written reminder to say "I hear you."

Father Who Lost Daughter In Florida Shooting Confronts Trump During Listening Session: "I’m Pissed"

"I don't understand why I can still go into a store and buy a weapon of war," one survivor of the Florida school shooting told President Trump inside the White House.

Only A True Bookworm Can Score 10/13 On This Quiz

Literally the best literary quiz you'll take today.

What Is Your Best Toddler Tornado?

We know you've been there when your toddler has made complete mess and we'd like to see it!

This Is What The Pyeongchang Olympic Village Looks Like From The Inside

A peek into the best of the best's off-hours digs.

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