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February 3, 2018

They're keeping "mum" about these.

Ende Gelände. Aus die Maus. Das Dschungelcamp ist over.

¿Por qué no hemos confiado en Paquita desde el principio si a su lado siempre hay éxito?

Find out which dad will inevitably embarrass you in some way!

You need one thing above all else: thick skin.

"It almost went to actual blows over John tickets."

Es war uns ein Fest IBES 2018!

Your middle school self is celebrating.

Hemos sentido la llamada.

Todos los premiados de la noche.

Catch some Z's with ease.

Ha sido larguita.

Spoiler alert: They're mostly crappy.

I don't wanna look creepy.

「ディストピア」をリアルに描く小説で高い評価を確立している小説家・星野智幸さん。そんな星野さんが最新小説 でなぜ希望を描いたのか?

Let's get this party started right now.

You've got a lot of reading to do.

Smart shortcuts.

These gifts are iconic.

One political strategist said: "It may just be that Facebook's way around all this is just 'pay us cash'."

Livin' on the dance floor!

En serio, el rap era mucho mejor.

Don't get knocked out!


Today, it's monkeys. Tomorrow, it could be Meryl.

We'll be here for you.

The One Where We've Got Receipts.

"Let me fat in peace."

No longer keeping it under cover. :sniff:

Bon voyage!

Guys, have you ever seen a snub-nosed monkey?!

Who doesn't love a good cat nap?

We're all going to the Bad Place.

"Juzgamos a las actrices de Hollywood por envejecer, la prensa las escruta, se burla de ellas... luego se hacen un desastre en la cara con el bisturí y cínicamente nos llevamos las manos a la cabeza escandalizados".

*bookmarks this post for whenever I'm bored*


El cine español necesita más representación femenina.

I'm sorry if you were offended but...

This should make you feel pretty good about yourself.

Be quiet, I'm trying to record my new ringtone.

¡El cine español se pone de punta en blanco!

Two strangers go on a blind date to test their limits in love and intimacy.

Time to find out if you're a bathroom asshole or not.

Fried chicken or chocolate brownies?

Just curious. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Turns out the whole movie was a deal with the Devil.

Happy Feb 14th!

When you're THIS tired, every little tip helps.

Stuck at home with the flu?

"He pushed me down. He tried to shove himself on me. He tried to expose himself. He did all kinds of unpleasant things."

The ~untold~ story.

From LA to Tokyo.

Take me instead.

"Send her 'you hungry?' at 1:17 a.m. instead of 'wyd?' and u might get a reply."


Crafts on crafts on crafts!

I didn't put my name in that cup, I just took this quiz!

Hindsight is always 20/20.

How sweet are you?

Let's save some $$$.

Are you an immovable object?

Wait...why, what?!

People in a drought-stricken region of Madagascar are struggling with failing crops and child malnutrition, but their cries for help have been met with little action from the international community.

Snuggle up.

Drizzle some curried chhole on this "pancake". Maple syrup is SHAKING.

The once-secret memo was released by the House Intelligence Committee on Friday.

If you forget someone's name, ask for their email address.

Time to confirm what you already know.

The pain and the salt water soaks are a small price to pay for looks this good.

Do you like the edges nice and crispy, or soft and white?


Six black foreign nationals were shot in Macerata on Saturday morning.


Please, it's already too late for me.

Habeas Corpus do petista pode livrá-lo da prisão após segunda instância e ainda jogar grande pressão para que Cármen Lúcia faça o que disse que não iria fazer: levar a plenário processos que mudarão, outra vez, a posição da corte sobre o tema.



What, like it's hard?

"All I know is that if I don't do this, I am not standing by the words or meaning of my music."



Chidera Eggerue, 23, used to resent her drooping breasts and dreamed of the day she could get a boob job. Now she is encouraging women to love their bosom buddies – no matter the size or sag.

Despite all the gains LGBT people have made, a drinking problem remains within the community. BuzzFeed News visits the UK's first bar hoping to provide an alternative.

Grab your makeup bag!

Adam Payne, 12, has profound physical and developmental disabilities and major work was needed on his social housing home if he was to continue living there. After nine years of fighting, and after having to be separated from his family, he will finally be given the money. This is the full story.

I only start functioning from about 2pm.

Lo odio todo, pero no puedo apartar la vista...


Interpreta a un Ser en Juego de Tronos pero debería ser un Príncipe (encantador).



BuzzFeed News hat mehr als 1.700 Twitter-Konten gefunden, die in mindestens einem Land gesperrt wurden. Die Liste gibt einen bislang beispiellosen Einblick in die Zusammenarbeit von Twitter mit Regierungen – demokratischen wie autoritären. Und sie zeigt: Die Zahl blockierter Konten steigt vor allem in Deutschland, Frankreich und der Türkei.

Yummy, yummy!

It's the weekend. Go live your life.

So. much. giggling.

Spring Break is almost here!

From extra-dry to oily AF, we've got you **covered**.


From the classics (chocolate and flowers) to the unexpected (rollerblades and hangover kits).

Republican lawmakers from the Keystone State asked the US Supreme Court to halt enforcement of a Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling that would mean new congressional maps — likely to the benefit of Democrats — would be used for the 2018 elections for Congress. Justice Samuel Alito denied the request.

The billionaire venture capitalist and Donald Trump backer also said that the Washington Post is “an arm of the Democratic Party.”






Money makes the world go crazy.

This quiz might make you a little hungry, tbh.

Where all my Type As at??


"I'm really not to blame in this. It was a system failure," the former Hawaii Emergency Management Agency employee told NBC News.

The Anti-Sorting Hat!

Miguel Ángel Mancera, jefe de Gobierno de la CDMX, confirmó que no existen procesos legales abiertos en contra del exmandatario.

That's a lot of surgeries for one tiny kiddo.

There goes my bank account.

A Pitch Perfect reunion, Jared Leto ponders the end of his beard, and Miley's glam photo shoot with a literal fan.

Pass the pasta, please.

Sus defensores consideran que no se ha entregado información completa sobre su estado de salud.

Congressman Devin Nunes used the pro-Trump media playbook but veered away from a key tenet: The tease and build-up aren’t just the appetizer, they're the entire meal.

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