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February 3, 2018

「この社会で生きることは苦しい。だから…」 絶望を描き続けた小説家が物語に込めたリアルな<希望>

「ディストピア」をリアルに描く小説で高い評価を確立している小説家・星野智幸さん。そんな星野さんが最新小説 でなぜ希望を描いたのか?

As (boas) chances de Lula no STF

Habeas Corpus do petista pode livrá-lo da prisão após segunda instância e ainda jogar grande pressão para que Cármen Lúcia faça o que disse que não iria fazer: levar a plenário processos que mudarão, outra vez, a posição da corte sobre o tema.

How One Mother Took On The System For Her Disabled Son And Won

Adam Payne, 12, has profound physical and developmental disabilities and major work was needed on his social housing home if he was to continue living there. After nine years of fighting, and after having to be separated from his family, he will finally be given the money. This is the full story.

Welche Accounts Twitter in welchen Ländern blockiert hat

BuzzFeed News hat mehr als 1.700 Twitter-Konten gefunden, die in mindestens einem Land gesperrt wurden. Die Liste gibt einen bislang beispiellosen Einblick in die Zusammenarbeit von Twitter mit Regierungen – demokratischen wie autoritären. Und sie zeigt: Die Zahl blockierter Konten steigt vor allem in Deutschland, Frankreich und der Türkei.

「志があれば負けはない」 久しぶりに再会した恩師が教えてくれたこと


Devin Nunes Is No Alex Jones

Congressman Devin Nunes used the pro-Trump media playbook but veered away from a key tenet: The tease and build-up aren’t just the appetizer, they're the entire meal.

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