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This "Groundhog Day" Fan Theory Is So Freakin' Dark

Turns out the whole movie was a deal with the Devil.

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It's February 2018, which means that the cult hit Groundhog Day hit theaters 25 years ago.

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So what better time than now to tell you about the MOST HORRIFYING FAN THEORY I've ever heard about this movie?


So, what if Ned Ryerson is actually the Devil in disguise, and the life insurance contract is just a ruse to try to get Phil to sell his soul?


Think about it: Ned traps Phil in the time loop, making him think that he has to improve himself in order to escape. He would anticipate that Phil would eventually do every possible good deed he could in that one day, including buying insurance from Ned...and wouldn't it be easy to slip in some fine print about the sale of one's eternal soul into a long insurance contract?

Other supporting evidence includes the fact that Ned tells Phil to "watch out for that first step," which could mean his first step into the time loop.

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After all, if Ned is responsible for the loop, Phil's "first step" into the loop would've happened right after their encounter. Ned ominously says that it's "a doozy," and Phil steps right into an icy puddle...perhaps a reference to hell freezing over?

Oh, and there's also the fact that Ned uses the term "heckfire" in their conversation. Nobody says "heckfire." Except maybe the devil.

So there you have it. Is Ned Ryerson actually Satan? Did Phil accidentally damn himself to a true eternity in hell in order to escape the not-quite-so-hellish Groundhog Day loop?