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    Posted on 3 Feb 2018

    Desis Are Pissed At This Gourmet "Scallion Bubble Pancake" Because It's Actually A Goddamn Bhatura

    Drizzle some curried chhole on this "pancake". Maple syrup is SHAKING.

    Popular Facebook food page Tastemade posted this video yesterday, documenting a totally cool new kind of "pancake" that can be found at a restaurant in the US. 🤔 🤔 🤔

    Tastemade / Via Facebook: tastemade

    The REVOLUTIONARY new kind of savoury fried dough is round, and called a "scallion bubble pancake". It is served with a curry dip. 🤔 🤔 🤔

    Tastemade / Via Facebook: tastemade

    Another super special thing about it is that IT'S A FRIKKIN REBRANDED BHATURA/POORI, NOT A PANCAKE LMAO.

    WildFilmsIndia / Via

    This is some cool footage of bhaturas being fried in India (mmmmm).

    Unsurprisingly, the video has desis everywhere mad as heck.

    Tastemade / Via Facebook: tastemade

    Because seriously, desi or not, anyone who has ever been to a South Asian restaurant knows that "scallion bubble pancake" is a bhatura.

    Pathé Distribution

    The "buttery, savoury starter" is served at Maryland-based restaurant Q by Peter Chang, run by Chinese chef Peter Chang.

    Most people are just furious at what's obviously a poori/bhatura being called a pancake, but it may have been some lost-in-translation business, as a Chinese commenter explains here.

    Tastemade / Via Facebook: tastemade

    But some very scathing, gaali-ridden reviews have been left on the restaurant's page. Pretty y i k e s. Some chill is recommended.

    At least this "pancake pillow" wasn't some white people business. Just a weird Cuisines Of Asia crossover episode. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Tastemade / Via Facebook: tastemade

    (^Me when I take a fire selfie.)