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    The Cast Of "Friends" Can't Agree On Whether To Do A Reboot And It's Wild

    The One Where We've Got Receipts.

    It's been 14 years since Friends went off the air — and in that time, some fans have grown DESPERATE for a reunion.

    So desperate, in fact, that any time one of the cast members does an interview now, they're bound to get asked about a possible reboot.

    And here's where things get ~interesting~: It seems like the Friends cast is completely split about whether or not they want to do a reunion show. Here's proof.

    We'll start with the most recent interview: Ellen DeGeneres had Jennifer Aniston on her show this week, and sure enough, she popped The Question.

    "Y'all should do a Friends reunion," Ellen said. "I know people keep asking that... Is it even in the realm of possibility?"

    "Anything is a possibility, Ellen," Jennifer replied. "Anything. Right?"

    Also worth noting: When Jennifer (mistakenly) thought she heard someone in the audience groaning about a reunion, Jennifer wanted to know why.

    Jennifer joked that if George Clooney could get married, a Friends reunion was certainly possible.

    But Rachel might want to talk to Ross about this one, because he apparently disagrees.

    David Schwimmer had an interview of his own this week, with Megyn Kelly. She also asked The Question: "Is there any chance that Friends is coming back?"

    "Oh man," David said, looking like he was slightly dreading the question. "I just don't know if I want to see all of us with crutches and, y'know, walkers."

    "I doubt it. I really doubt it," he said. "But thank you for asking, and um...moving on."

    So let's move on Phoebe! Because Lisa Kudrow was asked The Question by Conan O'Brien just last week, and she doesn't seem to agree with David Schwimmer.

    "I mean, something should be done," Lisa said. "I don't know what. I don't know what!"

    "They're rebooting everything," she said.

    Although Lisa does acknowledge one issue with a possible reboot:

    [The show] was about people in their 20s, 30s. Well...the show isn't about people in their 40s, 50s. And if we have the same problems then that's just sad.

    As for the other three cast members? Well, they haven't been asked in the last few weeks, but here's what they've said in the past...

    Matt LeBlanc told the Daily Beast this summer that he doesn't want a reunion. He also said that — brace yourselves — he thinks the characters have gone their "separate ways" since the show ended.

    Matthew Perry told Variety this summer that the prospect of a reunion gives him actual nightmares, and that he'd definitely say no to the project if asked.

    As for Courteney Cox? Well, in 2014 she told David Letterman a reunion was not in the cards.

    ...But then she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel's partial Friends reunion...

    ...And according to Lisa Kudrow, that fake Friends trailer that went viral has Courteney at least intrigued.

    Conan O'Brien asked Kudrow if the trailer had made any of them want to do an actual movie.

    "Courteney, actually, is the one who said, 'Did you see that trailer? Oh my God. What do we do?'"

    Well, there ya have it: It seems like the women of Friends are in the "maybe" camp, while the men are still firmly "no freaking way."

    Anyway. Here's Rachel and Phoebe trying to convince the rest of the cast: