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18 Pictures That'll Make You Want To Get Every Part Of Your Ears Pierced

The pain and the salt water soaks are a small price to pay for looks this good.

1. This perfectly curated selection:

Instagram: @jlanijewels

2. This combination, which gives a different meaning to "cufflink":

Instagram: @ravvebeauty

5. This super simple, but super effective, combination:

Instagram: @maria_tash

6. These three super cool piercings:

Instagram: @emmahill

12. These simple silver decorations:

Instagram: @moonloft

13. These piercings, that prove there are no age restrictions to looking cool:

Instagram: @maria_tash

15. These amazing drop chain studs:

Instagram: @luvaj

17. This flat ear piercing that takes center stage:

Instagram: @bentauber

18. And finally, this perfect, simple, minimalist look:

Instagram: @bentauber
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