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13 Memory Tricks That'll Make You Feel Like Less Of A Scatterbrain

If you forget someone's name, ask for their email address.

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2. If there's a task or a date you really want to remember, write yourself a note about it on your phone. Screenshot the note, and then set the screenshot as your phone's lock screen.


3. Can't remember if you locked the door on your way out of the house? Keep a rubber band on your wrist.


Once you've locked the door, wrap the rubber band around your keys. When you see the rubber band on your keys, you'll know you locked the door! When you need to unlock the door again, put the band back on your wrist.

4. Paint your keys with different colors of nail polish to help remember which key works for which lock.

6. If you have a power strip with several things plugged into it, put labels on each of the cords.


At some point, you'll need to unplug something, and the labels will remind you which cords belongs to which objects.


8. Take a photo of the inside of your fridge before you go grocery shopping.


If you're at the store and can't remember if you've already bought a product, check the photo to see what's still in the fridge!

10. If your hands are full when you're trying to get into your car, temporarily place extra items on the HOOD of the car — not the roof.


If you forget it, you'll see it on the hood once you get in your car. No more leaving your coffee on the roof as you drive away!

13. And if you and your significant other can NEVER decide where to eat, try the 5-2-1 game.


One partner gives five restaurants as options. The other person picks two of those restaurants, and the first person then chooses which one of those restaurants to go to.