17 Everyday Tasks You Didn't Know You Were Doing Wrong

    Finally, a use for that staple remover you inexplicably still have.

    1. You dunk Oreo cookies with your fingers.

    2. You always pry open your key ring with your fingernails.

    3. You always crack open pistachios with your fingernails too.

    4. You struggle to open jars or resort to using a towel, which rarely ever works.

    5. You peel kiwi fruit with a knife.

    6. When you're using a drill, you either worry about cleaning up the dust later or you use a vacuum attachment to suck it up.

    7. You use scissors to open blister packs.

    8. You peel oranges with your fingers.

    9. You squeeze lemons with your hands.

    10. You remove cheap stickers just with your hand.

    11. You just wrap a Band-Aid around your finger.

    12. You carelessly hang your shirts from the collar.

    13. You hold your wine glass from the bowl.

    14. You adjust your side mirrors in too far, creating blind spots.

    15. You cut cherry tomatoes one by one.

    16. You hang your toilet paper hanging towards the back.

    17. You peel your banana from the stem.

    This post was translated from German.