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    I Tested These 16 Life Hacks For New Parents To See If They Really Work

    Parents don't have time for bullshit.

    Hi, I'm Anna and seven months ago I gave birth to my baby, Luisa. Since then I've been scouring the internet for life hacks to make life with a baby a little easier.

    There's a lot of really useful stuff out there, but also a lot of complete nonsense. I decided to test out some of my favorite parenting life hacks so that you don't have to.

    Because as parents, we don't have any time for bullshit. So here goes...

    1. Gently stroke your baby's face with a paper towel and they'll fall asleep within 40 seconds.

    2. Attach an adhesive hook to the back of your baby chair, so that you always have a bib nearby.

    3. Cut pancakes (and other food) into bite-sized pieces faster and easier with a pizza cutter.

    4. Wash toys thoroughly and efficiently in the dishwasher.

    5. Cut your baby's nails while they're sleeping.

    6. Remove stains from baby clothing with a mix of dishwashing liquid, hydrogen peroxide, and baking powder.

    7. Write a weekly schedule with check boxes on your child's medication so that they never miss a dose.

    8. Use the little cups that come with delivery food as containers for pacifiers.

    9. Use two plates and a knife to very quickly cut grapes in two.

    Frank Thermann / Via

    Does it work?

    Yes! Here's how to do it. Some of the grapes won't be cut evenly in two, but as long as that's not a big deal, this one is easy and saves a lot of time.


    Well, you can always cut the grapes individually. It's not that hard.


    When offering your child solid foods for the first time, it's important to cut round foods (blueberries, cherry tomatoes, grapes) into 2–4 pieces. That way, if your child does accidentally get the food stuck in their trachea, there's still room for air to pass around it, reducing the risk of choking.

    10. Protect your baby from falling out of bed with a pool noodle and a fitted bed sheet.

    11. Use a hanging shoe rack to save space in your pantry and to store more baby food, bottles, etc.

    12. Widen the neckline on your baby's onesies with an overlapping collar, so that you can take them off easier.

    13. If your child is always trying to take their diaper off, just put their pajamas on backwards.

    14. Put socks over footie pajamas to prevent the feet from moving around.

    15. Attach a toy to your baby carrier with a pacifier keeper.

    16. Help your baby to get rid of gas by gently pushing their knees toward their stomach.

    CONCLUSION: I'm surprised how many of these parenting life hacks actually seemed to work!

    Of course, my impressions were strictly personal. Some of these things worked well for me, but may not do anything for you (or vice-versa). But in general, thank you, internet! You're making this parent's life a whole lot easier.

    This post was translated from German.