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    Jenna Dewan Shared Her "Step Up" Audition Tape And The Chemistry Between Her And Channing Tatum Is Adorable

    So. much. giggling.

    Here is Jenna Dewan Tatum. She was in the film Step Up, alongside hubby Channing Tatum. She's a badass dancer, actor, and mom.

    Anyways, Jenna recently posted this cute throwback video of her audition for the film on YouTube.

    View this video on YouTube

    Jenna was sharing the video in honor of the Step Up: Highwater YouTube series that came out this week.

    Jenna – not surprisingly – shows off some killer dance moves during the audition.

    And when Channing comes in, well, let's just say he followed her lead.

    Channing claimed he couldn't dance in the video, and, TBH, it's so cute.

    And just look how far they've come since then.

    ❤️ TRUE LOVE ❤️