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Here's What 40 Readers Who've Encountered Harassment Wish Bystanders Would Do

"Get involved and help me. Don't remain indifferent."

Beatriz Serrano One year ago
Phil Jahner One year ago

12 Secrets That Someone With A Balloon Fetish Won't Tell You

"Feeling the way the balloon is expanding and how the pressure is building and getting more intense makes me almost ache with pleasure."

Maximilian Zender One year ago

17 Truths About What It's Actually Like To Be A Stripper

You need one thing above all else: thick skin.

Saba MBoundza One year ago

Germany's First Black African MP Responded To Racist Facebook Comments And People Are Here For It

The Social Democrat MP said he will not allow racist commenters to intimidate him.

Marcus Engert 2 years ago

German Vice-Chancellor Was Shocked Trump Did Not Condemn Charlottesville Racists

"We can never trivialize those people. You have to call things by their names and that was right-wing terrorism."

Saba MBoundza 2 years ago

Children In Germany Are Not Being Forced To Recite Muslim Prayers

A prayer was read by two Muslim students, explained the school, in the context of a religious service led by a priest and a pastor.

Jules Darmanin 2 years ago

Melde Dich zu BuzzFeeds zweiwöchiger Morning-Person-Challenge an!

Es wird Zeit, das Meiste aus Deinen Morgenstunden rauszuholen.

Saba MBoundza 2 years ago