"Get involved and help me. Don't remain indifferent."

Beatriz Serrano • 7 months ago

So real. So red.

Phil Jahner • 9 months ago

"Feeling the way the balloon is expanding and how the pressure is building and getting more intense makes me almost ache with pleasure."

Maximilian Zender • 10 months ago

You need one thing above all else: thick skin.

Saba MBoundza • One year ago

The Social Democrat MP said he will not allow racist commenters to intimidate him.

Marcus Engert • One year ago

"We can never trivialize those people. You have to call things by their names and that was right-wing terrorism."

Saba MBoundza • One year ago

A prayer was read by two Muslim students, explained the school, in the context of a religious service led by a priest and a pastor.

Jules Darmanin • 2 years ago

Es wird Zeit, das Meiste aus Deinen Morgenstunden rauszuholen.

Saba MBoundza • 2 years ago