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    15 Animal Tweets That'll Make You Laugh And Then Probably Sob A Little

    Who doesn't love a good cat nap?

    1. This face-swapping cat

    2. This sentimental dog

    3. This dog that refuses to move

    Dogs are so ridiculously dramatic at life lmao.

    4. This friendly lizard

    Cant believe this happened to me lmao

    5. This cat who found the perfect spot for a nap

    6. This overexcited dog

    yeah so my dog was really excited to see me today 😂😂 (wait for it)

    7. These cuddle buddies

    8. This dog enjoying a weekend relaxing in bed

    9. This ambitious entrepreneur

    Welcome, weary traveler, to my SHOP. How may I assist you? > BUY > SELL

    10. This dog that's just going through a phase

    My dog is going through an emo phase.

    11. This hamster that just likes doing everything with her owner

    i bought my hamster a lil bed and now we do everything together

    12. This seal that was in no rush to end a sunbathing session

    Bask, bitch! Elegance. Make these hoes wait.

    13. This cat that's easily amused

    14. This talented dog

    15. And this cat couple in love

    they've been dating for more than a year now

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