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    18 Tips And Hacks About New Babies From Real Parents Who Have Been Through It

    When you're THIS tired, every little tip helps.

    Nicole Ench / Via BuzzFeed

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share the hack or tip new parents absolutely need to know, and the results were filled with some pretty, pretty good advice:

    1. "For teething babies, fill the nipple of a pacifier with water and freeze it. Then, when your baby starts crying, give them the pacifier β€” it will soothe their gums. I did this for all of my children and it was a lifesaver. Refill as needed and freeze!"

    2. "Park by the cart return when you go grocery shopping instead of the closest spot by the door. Makes way more sense!"

    pjperkins1683 / Via

    3. "Get some scrubs! The extra pockets will make it easier to carry things that you or your baby need, and they're usually treated with something to keep fluids from leaking through."

    pijamascirurgicospe / Via


    Get some from Amazon for $17.99.

    4. "Avoid onesies with button snaps. Instead, get the ones with zippers." / Via Creative Commons

    "Button snaps will be the death of you. The baby will need to be changed at 3 am, and trying to button the snaps in low light is hard. Then you'll do the snaps wrong a bunch of times and have to turn the light on β€” and that will wake the baby fully and you'll both cry for like an hour." β€”katlady122193

    5. If your baby can only fall asleep to your voice (of you singing or talking), record your voice onto a CD or your phone and connect to a speaker!

    mommiesandnannies / Via

    "This helps so much when you have to sing the same song over and over and your voice gets tired." β€”kristytish

    6. "Have a diaper genie for poopy diapers and a separate garbage can for wet ones. Babies have way more wet diapers than poopy ones, and the diaper genie will get full real quick if you're using it for both."

    Flickr: abardwell / Via Creative Commons


    Get it from Amazon for $37.44.

    7. "Overnight, put your baby in a diaper that is one size up."

    laura.bouh / Via

    "That way the baby will be less likely to wake up from a full wet diaper (it will at least buy you 1-3 more hours of sleep)." β€”jenniferc4f92d4c91

    8. "When transitioning to a sippy cup, go for one with a straw. The act of sucking is familiar to them, so it'll be easier for them to grasp."

    Phillips Avent / Via


    Get it on Amazon for $8.99.

    9. "Get one of those battery-powered push lights and a command strip for your changing table. It'll make those middle of the night changes a breeze without a lot of light to wake up your baby or partner."


    Get it on Amazon for $15.85.

    10. "Don't buy patterned socks. You will spend the rest of your life trying to find matching tiny socks. Buy the same brand and same color."

    boodybabyau / Via


    11. "Use white noise to get your baby to sleep! We found a playlist on Spotify that goes for hours."

    12. "Make a pacifier board so you're never stuck desperately searching your house for one."

    "Those silver skinny command strips work in the back." β€”amesboom

    13. "BABY WIPES ARE A GIFT FROM GOD. Use them to wipe down your kid, yourself, throw-up, dropped pacifiers, dirty hands, and to get those pesky boogers."

    westsidebabysea / Via

    14. "If baby needs medication, take a nipple off of a bottle, add the medication into the nipple, and put it in the baby's mouth. The baby will suck the nipple and get the meds mess free. Way better than squirting a syringe in their mouth."


    15. "Hang a musical mobile over the changing table β€” it will keep your baby entertained during diaper changes and minimize squirming."

    hootdesignz / Via

    16. "Make sure you buy some rubber guards for your fireplace/window sill. It will help your baby/toddler have less bruises and marks from falling."

    17. "Put Aquaphor on your baby's bum after each diaper change! That way, if they have an acidy poop, there's a barrier between the skin and the poo β€” decreasing the likelihood that your baby gets diaper rash."

    ahra_gonzales / Via

    "It also helps you clean off the bum with a wipe β€” just a few quick swipes and you're done." β€”meierjordan123

    Get it on Amazon for $9.89.

    18. "Trust your instincts. You probably know a lot more than you realize."


    "I didn't always listen to myself β€” often second guessing if what I was doing was right β€” and I probably drove myself even further into the postpartum depression I was already dealing with. Do not google everything. If it seems right to you, and your baby is happy and healthy, you're probably doing OK." β€”jodis4d616cdd9

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    Some answers have been condensed for length and clarity.

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