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A Fort Worth Cop Killed A Black Woman Inside Her Home After Her Neighbor Called Police Because Her Door Was Open

“Put your hands up, show me your hands,” the officer said before firing a shot — all in less than four seconds.

Ryan Mac • 2 days ago

These Photos Show The Destruction Of Typhoon Hagibis In Japan

Estimated to be Japan's largest storm in decades, Typhoon Hagibis slammed the country with torrential rain and heavy winds.

Ryan Mac • 2 days ago

At Least Two People Are Dead After A New Orleans Hotel Collapsed

Video of the incident shows portions of the Hard Rock Hotel New Orleans crashing down, forcing construction workers and others in the area to flee the scene amid a cloud of dust and debris.

Ryan Mac • 2 days ago

Disgraced Google Exec Andy Rubin Quietly Left His Venture Firm Earlier This Year

Android creator Andy Rubin left Google with a $90 million exit package after investigations into sexual misconduct. Now he's out at Playground Global, the venture firm he founded, allegedly with another multimillion-dollar payout.

Ryan Mac • 3 days ago
Ryan Mac • 7 days ago

The US Just Blacklisted China’s Most Valuable Facial Recognition Startups Over Human Rights Abuses

“These entities have been implicated in human rights violations and abuses ... against Uighurs, Kazakhs, and other members of Muslim minority groups."

Ryan Mac • 7 days ago

Elon Musk Hired A Convicted Felon To Investigate The Cave Rescuer Who Is Now Suing Him

The Tesla CEO paid James Howard-Higgins more than $50,000 to look into a man he thought was a pedophile. Musk, however, failed to examine Howard-Higgins’ past.

Ryan Mac • 11 days ago

Attorney General Bill Barr Will Ask Zuckerberg To Halt Plans For End-To-End Encryption Across Facebook's Apps

"We are writing to request that Facebook does not proceed with its plan to implement end-to-end encryption across its messaging services without ensuring that there is no reduction to user safety."

Ryan Mac • 11 days ago

Elon Musk Paid A Private Investigator $50,000 To Dig Up Dirt On A British Cave Rescuer He Called A "Pedo Guy"

“When I said ‘pedo guy,’ I didn’t mean that he was literally a pedophile; it was just an insult.”

Ryan Mac • 28 days ago

Private Instagram Posts Aren’t Exactly Private

A shockingly simple work-around allows your followers to share private photos and videos posted to both Facebook and Instagram.

Ryan Broderick • One month ago

In 2011, Jeffrey Epstein Was A Known Sex Offender. The Leaders Of Amazon, Google, And Tesla Dined With Him Anyway.

After pleading guilty to charges of soliciting prostitution from an underage girl, Jeffrey Epstein spent part of 2011 reintroducing himself to elite society. A March 2011 dinner with the most powerful figures in tech showed just how connected he was.

Peter Aldhous • One month ago

Apple Has Confirmed Uighurs Were Targeted In Wide-Ranging Phone Hacking Scheme

In a blog post, Apple also pushed back on claims made by Google researchers and claimed the attack was more limited than first thought.

Ryan Mac • One month ago

Google Is Promoting Climate Change Denialism On Its Apps And Mobile Homepage

“Google is aiding and abetting the promulgation of climate science misinformation.”

Ryan Mac • One month ago

Hackers Tweeted Racial Slurs From Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Account

Jack Dorsey's Twitter account was compromised on Friday afternoon and tweeted the n-word and anti-Semitic remarks. A source confirmed he had his mobile device "SIM swapped."

Nicole Nguyen • One month ago

Ring Says It Doesn't Use Facial Recognition, But It Has “A Head Of Face Recognition Research”

More than 10 million Ring doorbells have been installed worldwide, and BuzzFeed News found evidence that the company is working to develop facial recognition technology for its devices in Ukraine.

Nicole Nguyen • One month ago
Ryan Mac • One month ago

A Former Uber Executive Was Charged With Stealing Google’s Self-Driving Car Secrets

If convicted, Anthony Levandowski faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.

Ryan Mac • One month ago

Federal Agencies Have Been Sending Employees Articles From White Nationalist And Conspiracy Websites For Months

A BuzzFeed News investigation found that an arm of the Justice Department and the Department of Labor have shared stories from VDare, a white nationalist publication, with federal employees on multiple occasions over the last two years.

Hamed Aleaziz • One month ago

These New Facebook Ads From Chinese State Media Want You To Believe Xinjiang’s Muslim Internment Camps Are Just Great

BuzzFeed News found two ads placed in the last three days casting doubt on human rights violations in Xinjiang, where the Chinese government has detained more than a million people.

Ryan Mac • One month ago

You Can Finally See All Of The Info Facebook Collected About You From Other Websites

Users will now be able to see the reach of Facebook’s tracking outside of the social network through a new tool called “Off-Facebook Activity,” which Mark Zuckerberg announced as "Clear History" more than a year ago.

Nicole Nguyen • One month ago