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Zendaya Just Graduated From K.C. Undercover...Fly Beautiful Butterfly, Fly

No longer keeping it under cover. :sniff:

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You know Zendaya. Fashion Icon. Actual goddess. One of the greatest TV spies since Alias. (Don't @ me, olds.)

Instagram: @zendaya

Well, it's a very bittersweet day today, because Zendaya has officially graduated from the Disney Channel.

Instagram: @zendaya

Like, forever.

Tonight is the last episode of KC, and therefore my last episode on Disney channel....


K.C. Undercover was a really good show, you guys.

Same, Marisa, same.


All that family togetherness.

Oh, hai Kadeem Hardison killin' it every week as K.C.'s dad.

What? Jasmine Guy, too?!

Ah, and yes, yeah, that's Family Matters' Tammy Townsend on the left, who is never not roundhouse kickin' it as K.C.'s mom.

But alas, our butterfly is ready to soar.

Instagram: @zendaya

We'll miss you, Coopers.

Thanks for the memories #KCUndercover! You will be missed. #GoodbyeKCUndercover