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February 11, 2018

The complaint — filed against not only Weinstein, but also his brother Robert and the Weinstein Company — could potentially hold up ongoing negotiations for the company's sale.

Where do you keep your Aldi quarter?

Do you whip it good?

*Gets on the phone to the environment minister*

"Alrightt fine you're knot beautiful."

One of Minecraft's most notorious YouTube personalities resurfaced last month and admitted to using both platforms to sexually groom a young fan. But the kind of abuse he's now publicly admitting to is more insidious and more difficult an issue than law enforcement or platforms like YouTube are able to deal with.

What goes better together than childhood classics and cheesy ways to hit on people?

A dream is a wish your heart makes.

"I would love to meet the baby."

Get ready for a new adventure!

Will you accept this cupcake?

Everybody talks about Paris, London, New York...try something different.

BFF goals.

Being single doesn't mean you don't deserve a quality meal.


Does your morning routine involve waking up next to someone?

You win either way...

Is Ed Sheeran overrated?

Xoxo -- Gossip Girl

"None of you dirty little trolls can take that away from him or me!"

Everyone wants to be an Elizabeth, but you might be more of an Elinor.

You're something SWEET!

"Yes, I wear maternity pants. No, I'm not pregnant — they're just really comfy."

When you were put in charge of kids for the first time and you learned the true meaning of chaos.

Let the games begin!

Name a more iconic duo. I'll wait.

Tiveram a ousadia de falar que eles são caídos.

We hope you [verb] a [noun] this Valentine’s Day.

Oh, so you drink your coffee black? Interesting...

Beckham family goals.

As explained by Olympic figure skaters.

You're always the top of your class.

Pls don't deny yourself this pleasure.

The "Wolves" singer has been very open about her mental health in the past.

Let me pour you a glass of water first...

Get your "zoodles" OUT 👏 OF 👏 MY 👏 FACE.👏

Exclusive: The Andrews government has committed $400,000 to extend its trial by an additional three months to June 30, 2018, so patients can transition to accessing the pill through their regular GP.

Spoiler alert: There's a cowbell involved.

Um, what.

"I have an openness to any impulses."

There are so many funny stand-up shows available to stream right 👏 now 👏

We're not kidding around here. This is serious stuff. Only take this quiz if you are emotionally prepared for it.

Pretending to uncover the truth, while striving to conceal actual facts, is the only way Republicans can distract attention from the Russia investigation.


The mini Polly Pocket compacts will be sold in stores this summer.

It's time to live like a minimalist.

Get healthy with this anything-but-boring salad!

Do you know a lot about a little? Or a little about a lot?

Andrew Ziegler • 12 hours ago

For all those country queers out there.


Make weeknights easier with these simple and yummy recipes.

A "ya saben quién" no le gusta esto.

Written by a broke person for a broke person.

How did it get THERE?!?!

We're just confirming what you already know.

“Be the Jay to my Bey?”


Feel the burn.

The truth is in the toast.

"Everyday when you're walking down the street..."

From pasta to coffee to meatballs.

Turkey is cracking down on opponents of its war in northwest Syria.

If it's hot, it's the hormones.

Your movie choices will reveal your true inner-self.


Mehr Fake als Fakt.

"It's important to me that little girls and little boys see someone that looks like them."

No #ad-s, no #spon-s.

Behold, the mighty ~gorgi~.

School rules!

I press play and I am back to where it all started.

Jahangir had a cardiac arrest in Lahore and died this morning.

O cantor fez cara de poucos amigos ao tirar fotos com o prefeito João Doria no carnaval de São Paulo.

This is not an overstatement. I'm serious. Your life will be changed.

"Is Elon Musk not a fragrance?"

"Oh my goooooodness!" —You, after reading this post


Love you like a love song.

Saratov Airlines Flight 6W703 went off the radar around 3:30 p.m. local time on Sunday after leaving Moscow Domodedovo Airport, Russian news agency TASS reported.

It's time for something new.

Time to put your friendship to the test.

Around the world we go.

"Before I knew it puke was spilling out of my mouth right onto the table."


①没頭できる ②落ち着く ③趣味にちょうどよさそう

It's a piece of cake!

"I want to go to the Grammys one day." —Khalid

“I was that messed up that I was like, ‘If people don’t think I should be here, that means I look thin, so that’s good, so I need to keep coming.’”


En el Día de la niña y la mujer en la Ciencia debemos preguntarnos, ¿por qué todavía no son visibles las mejores científicas de nuestro país?

Three Britons were confirmed dead, with difficult terrain and wind gusts of 50 mph stalling attempts to rescue four survivors.

Food can say a lot about a person.

You watched these movies when you were a kid, but how well do you remember them?




Pues claro que no te has leído los dichos Términos y condiciones.


Daniel Kawczynski, a strong defender of Saudi Arabia, took the money from the organisers of a Qatari opposition conference, which he also spoke at. He told the audience he was only attending to learn more from the individuals taking part.

It's the wedding of the Marvel universe!

Are you more of a Nathan Chen or Bradie Tennell?

*Watches the Olympics and pretends she's my bestie.*

Fifty Shades started out as a Twilight fanfic, so the main characters share a lot of similarities.

Tips for your next ménage à trois.

The United States won 23 medals and came in fourth overall in the medal count.




Chocolate lovers while love this quiz!

Aussies are really into teen shows and historical dramas, apparently.

We won't worry about the ~lofty~ price tag.



Spoilers (and moments that'll make you sob) ahead!

En quelques clics, il est facile de voir quel-le ministre parle le plus du président de la République sur Twitter. Nous l'avons fait, et voici les résultats.

No one is allowed to speak until a camera is rolling.

Shaun isn't the only redhead tearing up the Winter Olympics.

Are you more Stranger Things or Black Mirror?

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