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17 People Share The Worst Thing Their Parents Caught Them Doing As A Kid And I'm Laughing So Hard

"I stole some mail which had someone's credit card number on it...and used it to buy a coffin."

Asia McLain One day ago

Eat Your Way Through A Disney Park And We'll Guess Your Exact Age With Surprising Accuracy

But every Disney Parks fan is a kid at heart, no matter their age.

Asia McLain One day ago

15 Moms Who Outsmarted Their Kids So Good It's Really Satisfying

They make no apologies for their sneakiness.

Asia McLain 2 days ago

14 Moms Who Took A Problem And Ran With It In A Hilarious Direction

This is some expert-level momming right here.

Asia McLain 3 days ago
Asia McLain 9 days ago
Asia McLain 13 days ago
Asia McLain 15 days ago
Asia McLain 17 days ago

21 Parents Share The Time Their Kid Saw A Ghost, And Yeah, You're Not Sleeping Tonight

"I was awakened by a bald man crouching in the corner, mumbling about 'killing them all.'"

Asia McLain 19 days ago

21 Tweets About Halloween That Parents Will Want To Frame

"Halloween is the best because it's the one day my kids go around demanding snacks from everyone else."

Asia McLain 19 days ago
Asia McLain 21 days ago

100 Parenting Tweets That Are Honestly Making Me Laugh So Hard

"My toddler won't wear a shoe with a tiny grain of sand in it, but he can walk around all day with a turd in his pants."

Asia McLain 21 days ago

17 Totally Cringeworthy — And Seriously Hilarious — Breakup Stories I Wasn't Prepared For

"The officer dragged him away crying and screaming Weezer lyrics."

Asia McLain 24 days ago
Asia McLain 25 days ago

19 People Share Their Weirdest Sexual Experiences, And Honestly, I May Never Recover

"Then she pulled out a cat hand puppet and finished me with it."

Asia McLain 25 days ago

15 Husbands We Should Maybe Be A Little Worried About

I have some serious questions for these husbands.

Asia McLain 26 days ago

21 Painfully Awkward — And Totally Hilarious — Moments People Realized They Were Old

"The time I asked one guy if he knew who Paul McCartney was, and he asked me if that's Jesse McCartney's dad."

Asia McLain 29 days ago

21 Hilariously Honest Parents Who Tweeted To Keep From Crying

"When my 10-year-old asks for something and I just give a huge sigh, she says, 'Yay!' because she knows she's already won."

Asia McLain 29 days ago

15 Kids Who Will Leave You Scratching Your Head Pretty Hard

I have some questions for these kids.

Asia McLain One month ago

Babysitters Are Sharing The Secrets They Found Out About The Parents They Work For, And Y'all Are Not Ready

"The 7-year-old said, 'Don't open that drawer! Mommy said it has bags of sugar in it!"

Asia McLain One month ago