In savageness and in health.

Asia McLain • 23 hours ago

They never said we had to be good at everything.

Asia McLain • One day ago

"Me: I'm just having a blonde moment. My mom: Your whole life has been a blonde moment."

Asia McLain • 2 days ago

They try, they really try.

Asia McLain • 5 days ago

“We played crying baby videos from YouTube for our dog so he’d get used to the sound."

Asia McLain • 6 days ago

"Taking applications for friends because I literally have NO ONE to hang out with these days."

Asia McLain • 6 days ago

"If you are wondering how pregnant I am, I'm 7 different kinds of ice cream in the freezer pregnant."

Asia McLain • 7 days ago

"Show me one or two photos of the kids. Not the whole album."

Asia McLain • 8 days ago

"Currently trying to convince myself that the NICU is like a fun sleep-away camp for babies."

Asia McLain • 14 days ago

"My son asked me, 'Who's that at the window?' We were on the second floor."

Asia McLain • 15 days ago

"I have some in my purse." — Moms about everything, ever.

Asia McLain • 23 days ago

Here's your chance to get it off your chest.

Asia McLain • 25 days ago

Because bras suck.

Krista Torres • 16 days ago

"I'm walking through the Christmas section at Target. I feel like I'm cheating on you."

Asia McLain • 29 days ago

"My doctor said I couldn't have a vaginal delivery because I am 'too fluffy on the inside.'"

Asia McLain • One month ago

Fur baby, meet new baby.

Asia McLain • One month ago

"When your kid won't stop talking about the 'white lady.'"

Asia McLain • One month ago

"Today I was compared to a stuffed turkey."

Asia McLain • One month ago

"Please don't stay longer than two hours. Unless you're here to clean."

Asia McLain • One month ago

"Hey honey, I thought you'd like to know I'm not feeling so homicidal today."

Asia McLain • One month ago