19 Brutally Hilarious Coworkers Who Make The Workplace A WAY Funnier Place To Spend An 8-Hour Day

    They have no business making the workplace this funny.

    1. This coworker, who labeled the office bathroom door lock in a brutally hilarious way:

    poop with friends or poop alone

    2. This coworker, who said there was a "walk-in" fridge in the break room:

    christopher walken photo

    3. This coworker, who saw a moved tile in the ceiling, so they added this:

    a scary mask

    4. This coworker, who labeled the hand sanitizer in a hilariously helpful way:

    bottle with the words "paper cut finder" written for the label

    5. This coworker, who brought their office mates fresh, homegrown veggies, and left them on their desks like this:

    veggies left to make a penis

    6. This coworker, who poked fun at their coworker regularly spilling cereal by making an exhibit out of it:

    sign next to the crumbs with the artist name and title "cereal killer"

    7. These coworkers, who put a hysterically ironic sign in the bathroom:

    "no dumping" sign on top of toilet

    8. This coworker, who pranked their coworkers in a hilariously cruel way:

    looks like a $20 bill is under the keyboard but it's a prank

    9. This coworker, who got hilariously petty with his Halloween costume:

    "my ugly ex girlfriend' written on a large paper bag

    10. These coworkers, who got revenge on a prankster coworker by covering every thing in his office with foil — like, everything:

    entire office in foil

    11. This coworker, who clearly has a dog at home who likes drinking from the toilet:

    "keep lid to giant dog dish down"

    12. This coworker, whose wife labeled his lunch with their private nickname, and left their coworkers hilariously grossed out when he put it in the work fridge:

    lunch bag labeled "my poop" with hearts drawn around

    13. This coworker, who put this inspirational message to themselves above their computer screen:

    post its with different drawings and messages not to quit work
    "don't quit today" and "you have debts"
    "no body for only fans"

    14. This coworker, who rearranged their coworker's Rubix cubes, and left a hilarious message for them to find:

    rubiks cube undone and a drawing of a middle finger

    15. This American coworker, who gave this to their Australian coworker:

    vegemite behind a glass frame that says to break in an emergency

    16. This coworker, who — after getting hit by a forklift a few times — came to work with extra protection:

    person with bubble wrap all over them

    17. This coworker, who knows their office mate doesn't like bananas or puns, so they got them a gift which doubled up on both:

    a stuffed banana toy with a sign that reads, help, i can peel it in my arms

    18. This coworker, a bartender, whose coworkers could tell she was hitting the sauce by her declining handwriting on the bottle usage form:

    writing getting very sloppy

    19. And these coworkers, whose farewell cake message got straight to the point:

    cake that just says bye in frosting