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18 Husbands Who Are Really, Really Lucky To Still Be Married

But their hearts were in the right place...I think.

1. This husband, who was sent out for tampons and was a tad confused:

wheretheeffismyhandbook / Via

2. This husband, who tried to do the laundry:

billminton / Via

3. This husband, who accidentally texted friends about his wife's waxing appointment:

reddhot88 / Via

4. This husband, who offered a helping hand:

Michaelanne / Via Twitter: @MichaelanneMc

5. This husband, who did the dishes...oh, did he:

joshbelt / Via

6. And this husband, who tried to wash his wife's memory foam pillow:

naylorpro / Via

7. This husband, whose sweet message to his wife took a hilarious turn:

daneashavis / Via

8. This husband, who took a bite out of every freakin' donut in the bag:

karameows / Via

9. This husband, who was caught using his wife's flat iron for his own purposes:

shopgrayandcompany / Via

10. This husband, who misunderstood his wife in a really big way:

Daniel Eslinger / Via Twitter: @RDODanielE

11. This husband, who had one job, just one:

paowow / Via

12. This husband, who isn't exactly Julia Child:

ericarenee2088 / Via

13. And this husband, who is pretty much as far from it as possible:

Jack Palmer-White / Via Twitter: @jackpalmerwhite

14. This husband, who tried to get out of his own commitment:

mahnameiskayla / Via

15. This husband, who might have gotten dressed in the dark:

threedogs0123 / Via

Is that a bowling shoe?

16. This husband, who was so close and yet so far:

17. This husband who — like so many others — just couldn't be bothered:

burnedoutmoms / Via

18. And this husband, whose mistake left his wife with a question we pretty much all have at this point:

notakatphish / Via

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