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    15 Kids Who Deserve The Big Piece Of Chicken For Making Their Parents Laugh Like Hell

    They caught their parents WAY off guard with their hilarity.

    1. This kid, who set up this elaborate "dolls doing a yoga class" scene:

    Dolls in yoga poses

    2. This kid, who drew this hilarious response to their parent buying 100-calorie ice cream sandwiches, and left it in the freezer:

    A kid's drawing

    3. This kid, whose parent found their hilariously wholesome secret search history:

    A screenshot of corgis on a computer

    4. This kid, whose parent found their hysterically less-than-wholesome search history:

    "fortnite booty"

    5. This kid, whose school assignment was to disguise a turkey to keep it from being eaten, and they did this:

    A turkey dressed as a human

    6. This kid, who got hilariously clever on the whiteboard in her sister's hospital room:

    Physician: Dr. Butts
    Screenshot of a whiteboard with a kid's writing

    7. This kid, who was trying to make finger puppets with their Barbie dolls, and made these hilariously creepy things:

    Barbies with heads on their legs

    8. And this kid, whose doll's hair fell off, and they continued to carry it around looking like a balding, middle-aged friend:

    A doll without hair

    9. This kid, who played this hilarious practical joke on their parent:

    "You can't escape"

    10. This kid, who was prompted to get the deer to the bus via this maze, and they did this:

    a line from the deer to the bus

    11. This kid, who wrote this hilariously simple diary entry:

    "Dear diary, nothing happened today so"

    12. This kid, who drew this photo of Santa with an, er, interestingly shaped hat:

    Santa with a penis hat

    13. This kid, who tasted every apple in the bag, then put them all back:

    A bag of apples with a bite out of each one

    14. This kid, who put Grandpa's TV watching habits on blast in their homework:

    "he only watches TV"

    15. And finally, these kids, who managed to lock their parent's iPod until the end of time:

    "iPod is disabled"