I Asked People To Share Their High School Scandals, And They're Way, WAY Worse Than I Expected

    "My science teacher was arrested for murdering someone in a church parking lot!"

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share the juiciest scandal from their high school, and when I say they delivered, these stories have me taken ABACK:

    1. "I grew up in a rural area, and when I was in ninth grade, the school hired a new handsome, young, cool English teacher. Half the girls in my class had a crush on him, and all the boys wanted to be him. Everyone loved his class, and students even tried to hang out with him between classes. Well, halfway through the year, we showed up to his class, and there was a substitute there. Then the sub was there the next day, and the next, until finally telling us that our teacher was out sick indefinitely. We were all devastated and so worried for him, until someone I knew asked their grandma — who was on the school board — about him and got the story. Apparently, he had been teaching in the district's night school for teen moms, kids kicked out of regular school, etc., and he ran away with one of the students the day after she turned 18! And it was the superintendent's daughter!"

    —BuzzFeed User

    2. "I went to an all-girls Catholic high school, and our principal — a nun — ran off with the principal of our local all-boys Catholic school, who was a priest! It was kept hush-hush, though we all knew, and we were forbidden to talk about it. In fact, if we ever mentioned it, we had to do a 'Justice Under God' as punishment — weeding the quad, cleaning out storage closets, and erasing marks left in textbooks."


    3. "All of the guys in the top 10% of the grade above me used the library printer to make counterfeit bills and used them in the cafeteria — even the valedictorian, who got kicked out and lost his scholarships!"

    —BuzzFeed User

    4. "There was a female student basketball player in our school who was emancipated from her family in high school and adopted by her coach's family. There were some whispers about it, but nothing anything could truly verify. Well, later on, the coach and his wife got divorced, and the athlete continued living with him. Then she officially graduated from high school, and she and the coach got married two months later. He went from her coach to her dad to her husband all within a school year!"

    —BuzzFeed User

    5. "During my freshman year, the senior science teacher was arrested for killing someone in a church parking lot!"


    6. "Shortly after she turned 18, it was discovered that a classmate of mine was pregnant. It wasn't super scandalous for a rural, small-town high school...until it came out that the father was her best friend's dad."


    7. "One of my high school English teachers faked a high-risk pregnancy specifically so she could take off one day a week for 'doctor's appointments,' and so the principals and security guards would drive her around campus on a golf cart. The administrators started to get suspicious when she wasn't showing after four and a half months and refused to submit any documentation from a doctor. When the principal finally told her she'd have to submit some kind of documentation or they wouldn't be able to approve additional days off or maternity leave, she submitted a one-sentence letter. The handwriting looked suspiciously similar to her own, so the school followed up with the doctor listed. Turns out, the only doctor in our state with that name was a podiatrist! And they'd never heard of her!"

    "The worst part is that the principal was undergoing cancer treatment at the time, so she was scamming someone who was ACTUALLY sick."


    8. "A kid at our school put weed in the Rice Crispies treats for the school bake sale. He didn't know what he was doing, so he literally put the buds in the treats, and kids bought them and got sick. He got caught pretty quick since it was so obvious!"


    9. "We had a teacher who was arrested for flashing in a Walmart!"


    10. "Nearly a decade after I graduated from my Catholic high school, our school's chaplain was accused of sexual assault. I was shocked, as I never thought a priest I knew would be charged with that. He was found guilty, but he committed suicide before he could be sentenced."


    11. "One of our middle school social studies teachers was fired after he embezzled money from the school — he collected permission slips and money for a field trip, and he never gave the money back."


    12. "There were stepsiblings at my school who had been dating since before their parents got married. Apparently, the parents told them they could continue to date, but they couldn't hook up at home. Well, unfortunately, other students found out about them, accused them of incest, and mercilessly bullied them. Their parents were forced to withdraw them from school for their own safety. I only found out about this because there was an article about it in Seventeen Magazine!"


    13. "We had a girl at our school steal chemicals that amounted to a laxative from the chemistry class and put them in a teacher's coffee. The teacher got violently ill, and the girl got arrested. She fought the cops who were arresting her, kicking and spitting on them, and she even bit them! So she ended up arrested for poisoning the teacher and resisting arrest!"


    14. "When I was a junior, our A/V teacher — who was married at the time — had an affair with one of his students, who was the babysitter for his three kids. His wife was also pregnant with their fourth child at the time, and she was skeptical about his relationship with the student, so she hired a private investigator and found out about the affair that way. She then kicked him out of the house, and while word did get around, most of us thought it was just a rumor. Until he chaperoned our prom and rented a hotel room there for he and the student to share! This time, the school investigated, and as they prepared to arrest him for his illegal relationship with a minor, he RAN! No one — not even his wife — could find him until a few days later. He was arrested, bailed out, and never allowed to teach again. But he divorced his wife and married the student, and they now have a child together."

    —BuzzFeed User

    15. "A girl died of hypothermia in our school parking lot one night, and since the drama kids were known for pranking the school with a mannequin, everyone assumed that's what it was, and they walked right past her dead body! It wasn't until the janitor went to collect the 'mannequin' that she was discovered..."

    "Apparently, the night before, she had gotten drunk and tried to drive home, but she crashed into a lamp pole. She managed to get out of the car and go to the back door of the gymnasium for shelter, but because it got so cold at night there, she succumbed to hypothermia."

    —BuzzFeed User

    16. "When I was a junior at my Catholic school, we were all called into the auditorium one day. Apparently, a pair of sophomores had decided to make their own porn — or at the very least, someone filmed two sophomores having sex. It was a huge deal since minors were involved, and the FBI got involved to figure out who made the tape. As far as I know they never did!"


    17. "At my school, one of the deans physically assaulted a student, and the student fought back. The dean ended up losing an eye and never came back to school!"


    18. "Our school hired a new French teacher a month into the school year. He really knew his stuff, and some of the immature boys — who were used to having free rein over the class and very homophobic toward him — weren't happy about it. So they made a fake Grindr profile, catfished him, got him to send nudes, and airdropped them to the whole school. Naturally, he was let go after this."

    "I felt so bad for him, but a quick Instagram search revealed that he's now a successful realtor."


    19. "During my senior year of high school, some guys in my class created a 'trading card app' that they used to trade nudes they'd gotten other girls at school to send them. Some of those guys were 18 at the time, while the girls were underaged. The whole thing broke on the news, and while the school district and police got involved, the ringleader's mom had some friends in high places, so nothing ever came of it."

    —BuzzFed User

    20. "The rabbi at my Hebrew school — who had been married for over 30 years and had three kids — had an affair with the school principal. The temple found out that not only were they sleeping together, but they had been using the tuition money to go on secret rendezvous in tropical locations. As a result, the temple couldn't pay its bills, and it had to shut down. Both the rabbi and his girlfriend were arrested, and all the kids who were supposed to get bar mitzvahed had to find new temples!"

    —BuzzFed User

    21. "Our student class president hacked the system and gave all the popular kids straight As. He got caught."

    22. "During my junior year of high school, we found out that the vice principal was having an affair with the guidance counselor's wife, and the guidance counselor was having an affair with the vice principal's wife. They all ended up getting divorced and marrying the people they were having affairs with!"


    And lastly, a scandal more innocent to boot:

    23. "I went to a small Catholic school, and my teachers were predominantly nuns. We had a small sweet shop on the grounds where students could buy treats, and we all mourned the fact that you couldn't buy peanut M&Ms, which we were told weren't stocked due to students having peanut allergies. Well, in my final year at the school, our beloved vice principal, an incredibly kindhearted and elderly nun, passed away suddenly. After her passing, it was revealed that the shop had been buying peanut M&Ms, but she had them all delivered to her office for only her because she loved peanut M&Ms that much! It was literally a bittersweet scandal."


    What about you — did your high school have a scandal that no one will forget anytime soon? If so, you know we want to hear about it! Tell us in the comments section, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.